Yoga Wheels: Essential Guide for Beginners

Yoga Wheels: Essential Guide for Beginners

What are Yoga Wheels?

Yoga Wheels are essential yoga equipment used to help you execute a number of different asanas and flexible yoga-inspired exercises. The first types of yoga wheels which are known as the Dharma Yoga Wheels were made by Sri Dharma Mittra and his son, Yoga Varuna. Nowadays very similar to the yoga wheels available.

Yoga wheels have been a trend in the past few years because they can be used for meditating, relaxing, stretching and releasing the muscles in the neck and shoulders, and also in the deep hip flexors. They can also be used for a bit difficult balance postures.


What are the Benefits of Yoga Wheels?

There are so many uses of yoga wheels that your body posture could benefit. It corrects posture and body alignment when you do yoga poses with it. The opposite force pushing your muscles can press the pressure points in your body which can help you to relax and feel relieved as you breath positivity in and breath the negativity out.

Relaxing Back Massage

Who doesn’t want a back massage? I sometimes catch myself placing my back at the edge of the door frames to give myself a slight back massage. You don’t have to do that anymore. With yoga wheels, it’s easier to do different positions supporting your back or giving your back a lift, stretch or massage.

Just place the wheel on the ground while engaging the middle of you back directly on top of it. Begin slowly at first, slide your spine back and forth across the surface of the wheel, making sure to keep your feet planted firmly on the ground and your arms stretched above you.

This back massage is the first of many wonderful features this accessory has to offer while using this technique will also help you to better understand how the wheel works.

To expand on your back massage, I highly suggest that you try tracksuits Yoga Wheels with its unique grip to provide some much-needed reflexology on your back.

You will also benefit from a decrease in back tension that can sometimes build up in our bodies; this is especially helpful for those who spend long periods of time sitting at a desk.


Better Balance

Although balancing poses on the ground can be tricky by themselves, if you have lost the excitement in your balancing practice lately, perhaps you are ready to elevate your Asanas. The next time you want to try plank, squat, awkward pose, crane, tree, or even toe stand, try completing this pose on a yoga wheel.

If you want even more benefits from the yoga wheel, the Grippz Acupressure model will provide your feet and hands with the full advantage of hitting key pressure points. It will also absorb the burden that your sensitive body parts can sometimes feel when trying to complete balancing poses.


Deeper Asanas

A yoga wheel is a great prop to allow you to move even deeper into your asanas, particularly those that require backbends and your chest to be open. Poses such as camel, wheel, and king cobra will now seem more attainable to you when you try them out with this handy prop. Simply place it under your back and allow your spine to curl over the wheel.


More Flexibility

As the wheel can be used to help you go deeper in your asanas, as well as help open up your chest and spine, the result is, you will naturally increase your flexibility. Try adding the wheel when you are doing a simple seated forward bend and place the wheel at your feet. Once you are capable of reaching your feet, go a step further and hold onto the edge of the wheel.


Added Security with Yoga Inversions

Consider how nervous we can sometimes feel when attempting a more advanced inversion pose. Using a yoga wheel can help add some extra support where you need it, plus, give you a boost of confidence in order to reach your ultimate goal. Try using a yoga wheel as an extra arm when attempting forearm balance, or even scorpion, by holding onto the wheel while you attempt the inversion pose.


Strengthens Your Core

Plank is an all-body encompassing pose that requires your torso to be properly aligned and balanced throughout. But this pose can sometimes become tedious and in need of a little variation. Next time, try supporting your upper torso as you normally would with your forearms, but place a yoga wheel beneath your feet.

With a Grippz Yoga Wheel, your feet can feel the benefits of a much-needed massaging pressure on the balls of your feet as well as on the top parts of the feet. You can also massage the front of your thighs and legs by rolling the wheel along them and gliding your body up and along for a deeper core-body workout.


Shake Up Your Yoga Practice

Sometimes our yoga practice can seem, well, a little stale and repetitive. Adding a yoga wheel can give your routine that little bit of a shakeup its been lacking lately. Poses that we once set as goals on our yoga-bucket-list may now seem ordinary and have lost the luster they used to have. Adding a yoga wheel to your yoga routine can take your practice to newer places and provide new experiences, all while giving your body the benefits of increased flexibility, strength, and balance.

But for those who want a little bit extra from this wonderful yoga accessory, I highly suggest you try the new Tracksuits Yoga Wheel. It has the added benefit of a unique, ergonomically designed surface, which contains thousands of nodules that act as acupressure on all parts of your body. Take your practice to new heights with this standout yoga prop and all-encompassing body changer.



5 Poses to Do with a Yoga Wheel

Yoga wheels are very useful to make intense and deeper stretches. They are used to make difficult fore-arm balances or backbends more accessible. The key benefits of incorporating yoga wheels in yoga sessions are said to be in releasing the tension and building body’s flexibility. They can also improve balance, proportion and strengthening core strength.

There are 5 basic examples of Asana that may be practiced with the support of a yoga wheel.


Hanumanasana (monkey pose), with the wheel under the front ankle.

First thing to try and do is kneel on the ground. Step your right foot forward a couple of foot before of your left knee, and rotate your right thigh externally. try this by lifting the inner sole removed from the ground and resting the foot on the outer heel.

Breath out and lean your body forward, pressing your fingertips to the ground. Gently slide your left knee back, straightening the knee and at constant time downward-sloping the correct thigh toward the ground. Stop straightening the rear knee simply before you reach the limit of your stretch.

Now begin to push the right heel away from your torso. Because we started with a strong external rotation of the front leg, gradually turn the leg inward as it straightens to bring the kneecap toward the ceiling.

As the front leg straightens, resume pressing the left knee back, and thoroughly descend the front of the left thigh and also the back of the right leg (and the bottom of the pelvis) to the ground. confirm the middle of the right knee points directly up toward the ceiling.

Place the wheel below the gliding joint of the front leg (the back leg stretched as during a split) and slowly shift your weight back over the pelvis. modify the wheel consequently to induce into a deeper stretch.

Stay during this pose for thirty seconds to a minute. to return out, press your hands to the ground, flip the front leg out slightly, and slowly come back the front heel and therefore the back knee to their beginning positions. Then reverse the legs and repeat for constant length of your time.


Kapotasana (pigeon pose), by reclining back over the wheel.

Build up your body to Kapotasana position by creating a flow of circular energy in your spine.

Start the practice by assuming the Ustrasana:

Inhale and raise the lower a part of your belly up. however make sure you pull it in before you raise it. while you are doing this, move your tailbone downward to stabilize the lower back. Gently exhale.

Inhale, and pull up each your arms, such that they’re on your ears. you may bring your palms along if attainable. Exhale then move backward, ensuring your lower back is long however stable. make certain there’s no pain or strain. Inhale then go any, breastbone 1st.

Gently carry your shoulders and squeeze your elbows towards one another. Move your head back, and hold the pose for a minimum of 5 breaths.

Inhale once more, and let your arms reach the ground. Press your feet into the ground, and so bend the knees solely the maximum amount as it is critical to succeed in the palms of the hands, reaching outside every foot. Keep moving backward as you talk over with your lower back from time to time.

Walk your hands backward towards your knees so the fingers meet the heels. Once they are doing, clutch them tightly.

Now as you hold each your feet, squeeze the elbows towards one another, and push the hip forward whereas keeping the house and length of your lower back intact.

As you exhale, bend your elbows and fix them on the ground. Hold the position for regarding thirty seconds to 1 minute, or as long as you’re snug.

Now you’ll insert the yoga wheel by reclining your back on the wheel and plant your feet firmly. Gently stretch out your body. Let your head, neck and shoulders relax.

Gently start up from the posture whereas keeping your breath normal. Roll on your spine and assume the Balasana or the child’s cause before you return to normal.


Salamba sarvangasana (supported shoulder stand), with the wheel under the lower back.

A variation of shoulder stand to plow can be through with a Yoga Wheel. simply rest your higher back onto the wheel as you grab from the side whereas raising the legs up while not a worry that you just can lose your balance. in an exceedingly normal shoulder stand scenario, you’re supposed to gently press into the elbow and support the inverted position along with your palms flat on the rear. With a wheel, you’ll be able to elevate the concern.

You can begin by lying flat on your back, keeping your legs along and your arms by your facet.

With one fast movement, elevate your legs, buttocks, and back, specified your elbows support your lower body, and you stand high on your shoulders. Use your hands to support your back.

As you settle down within the create, confirm you progress your elbows nearer to every alternative. Straighten your spine and legs. Your weight ought to lie on your shoulders and higher arms. don’t support your body on your neck or head.

Firm up your legs and purpose your toes out. Hold the posture for concerning thirty to sixty seconds. Breathe deeply while you are doing so. If you’re feeling any strain on your neck, unleash in real time.

To release, lower your knees, and convey your hands to the ground. Then, lie flat and relax.


Halasana (plow pose), by holding the wheel under the lower back.

Lie flat on your back, along with your arms placed beside your body and your palms facing down.

Inhale, and carry your feet off the bottom using your abdominal muscles. Your legs ought to be at a 90-degree angle.

Use your hands to support your hips and carry them off the ground.

Bring your feet during a 180-degree angle, such that your toes are placed over and on the far side your head.

Make sure your back is perpendicular to the bottom.

Hold the position for a second whereas specializing in your respiration. Exhale, and gently bring down your legs. Avoid moving your legs while releasing the pose.

You can conjointly use the yoga wheel as you carry them off the ground. By using yoga wheel, it’s a lot of easier to try and do the Halasana position you may simply gently roll, hold the yoga wheel and do the Halasana cause.

I found a decent video to obviously see a way to do the Halasana with a yoga wheel.


Pincha mayurasana (feathered peacock pose), by holding the wheel between the hands.

The Asana- Pinch Mayurasana that is known as the feathered peacock pose may be a difficult pose where one stands on hands, leveling the whole body thereon. This pose is additionally seen as a figure of what the practice of yoga is meant to try and do.

You can begin with the downward dog position on the mat. Position your hands on the ground by putting your forearms, palms down, parallel to every other and at your shoulder’s breadth from one another. this can be the step wherever you’ll be able to incorporate the yoga wheel. rather than simply putting your hands on the mat, hold the yoga wheels between your hands.

Firm your shoulders and back to urge ready to do the inversion.

Bend one foot at the knee and slowly raise it. Extend the opposite foot to the heel and stretch it in order that the load is balanced.

The next step is to lift your second leg. at the start it would appear to be you’re simply hopping to do to lift your leg. however the hopping could be a precursor and is required.

As time goes by, once you’ve got gained additional strength you may be ready to raise the second leg. which may conjointly take many additional tries.

Once you reached into that position, you’ll be able to let your left foot reach the highest of the yoga wheel you’re holding. simply let the toes touch the highest base.

Stay in your pose for fifteen to twenty seconds and slowly increase it to about one minute. after you come to the beginning position, don’t simply let go. First, return to lifting each legs straight, then bring down one leg at a time and are available back to the beginning position.

It’s terribly troublesome to realize this sort of yoga pose however with guided practice, correct executions and also the help of yoga wheel- you’ll be able to accomplish this perfectly.


10 Best Yoga Wheels You Can Buy

Shut up and get my money! You might be thrilled to incorporate yoga wheels the next time you have your yoga sessions. So we have here the 10 best yoga wheels that you can buy. These are made in a high quality material at an affordable price.


TPE Two-color Pilates Yoga Wheel

Price: US $70.00 & FREE Shipping
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These trendy, basic, colorful yoga wheels have gained a lot of attraction for its sturdy built, light weighted and durable material. The more you perform in your yoga class with it the more you will find its maximum comfort. The 33cm diameter and 13 cm width size can totally support even up to 500 lbs of weight. The TPE cushion padding endows extra comfort while performing the difficult yoga poses. This convenient simple design and easy to use yoga wheel make it one of the best among many other yoga wheels nowadays.


Natural Cork Pilates Yoga Wheel

Price: US $70.00 & FREE Shipping
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If you are looking for yoga wheels that are indeed great and affordable to purchase- you are already here! For Yogis who have already used this just like me (this is my favorite yoga wheel), they considered it as the best back opener as it really provides full stretching with maximum ease. This yoga wheel provides maximum comfort while performing yoga. The thick padding makes the yoga wheel sweat resistant and because it is made from natural materials Natural Cork Pilates Yoga Wheel provides an environment free of musky perspiration scents which are usual while performing yoga.


Black Printed Cork Pilates Yoga Wheel

Price: US $77.48 & FREE Shipping
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The yoga wheels from Tracksuits has got cork exterior and thick black padding interior making them one of the most excellent product for the Yogis. The TPE foam padding do not just provide extra comfort to the user but it also make it eco-friendly. Almost every yoga pose can be performed with ease with the yoga wheels from Tracksuits and this is one of the many reasons why it has gained so much popularity in no time.


Black Wood Grain Pilates Yoga Wheel

Price: US $70.16 & FREE Shipping
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The perfect yoga wheel for people looking for the strongest wheel available in tracksuits store! This wheel can withstand up to 1000 lbs or 435 kilograms because of the ABS tubes in it. It is also composed of TPE foam which provides an eco-friendly grip. It is one of the most comfortable wheel to roll around among all the yoga wheels listed in this article.


Pink Flower Prints Pilates Yoga Wheel

Price: US $55.11 & FREE Shipping
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One of the pretiest and best selling yoga wheels in Tracksuits is this flower-printed designed one which have the ability to support 1000 lbs making them perfect for people with heavyweight. You can definitely use them without any fear of wear and tear for a long period of time. Some yoga wheels won’t last and withstand abuse.

The inner ABS tube makes the wheel sturdy and durable which provides enough safety for the person performing yoga through it. It maximizes the flexibility and the body strength as it helps in stretching and performing almost every kind of yoga postures with it.


Purple Pilates Yoga Wheel Set

Price: US $82.04 & FREE Shipping
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If you are looking for a yoga wheel that is soft but offers a secure grip, look no further! This Yoga Wheel can help you achieve the perfect postures due to their high-quality TPE padding. It also ensures utmost safety and protection while performing in your yoga sessions. This is a classic type of yoga wheel available in many colors.

Whether you are just a beginner or you are already in an advanced level, Tracksuits Yoga Wheels could be your one-stop online shop for searching a perfect yoga wheel for yourself. It can hold up to 400 lbs of weight. The perfect feature for this yoga wheel is that- it is sweat resistant and eco-friendly and it also  comes with 1 year of warranty.


Blue-White Porcelain Pilates Yoga Wheel

Price: US $59.48 & FREE Shipping
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Look how stylish this yoga wheel is! When attending yoga sessions, you can definitely enjoy being fashionable or being trendy while performing your yoga positions. It actually motivates you to do more each day. Aside from the design, these yoga wheels are a great help to correct your posture or body alignment. There are yoga postures that requires us to stretch our back to achieve the desired relaxation. This yoga wheel is sturdy enough to help you stretch out. Incorporating yoga wheels in your routine will tone your body, build core strength, increase flexibility. Release muscle tension and improve blood circulation.


Black Mini Pilates Yoga Roller

Price: US $17.80 & FREE Shipping
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These unique yoga wheels are your next yoga buddy! Looking at this mini yoga roller, I can already imagine the feeling of relief when I roll my back on them or do some positions in yoga where I put them in my spine for support or for stretching my muscles. Some yoga enthusiasts are looking for yoga wheels that are smaller but offers great relief and can target hard-to-reach areas that most yoga wheels cannot help you with. It also provides durable core and can help you recover from injuries. By using tracksuits yoga wheels, you help improve circulation, balance, flexibility and mobility in your body.


Purple Pink Pilates Yoga Wheel

Price: US $69.48 & FREE Shipping
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This chic yoga wheel from Tracksuits is super convenient for your Yoga Sessions. It is super easy to bring with its colorful bag that comes along with it. Each is designed to help release the tight and stressed muscles, target pressure points in your body- to improve the overall flexibility of your body.

You will never worry while performing your backbend position and other challenging moves because the yoga wheels’ great comfort is sturdy enough and this is the reason why most yoga enthusiast recommends this yoga wheel. The cushioning provides maximum comfortable support while doing yoga ‘asanas’. The durable interior gives the Yoga Wheel extra durability and sturdiness. These yoga wheels come with a lifetime warranty, so one can have them without any dilemma.


Purple Foam Roller Pilates Yoga Wheel

Price: US $62.60 & FREE Shipping
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Tracksuits Yoga Wheels provide goes well with many yoga postures. These yoga wheels also give you a stylish look among your yoga accessories. It is perfect for your chic personality even at hardcore yoga sessions.

It has the perfect sizing and portable design which provide maximum comfort while doing even the hardcore yoga asanas or postures. The smooth and soft texture matting along with PVC pipe framework gives ease while performing in your daily yoga sessions. They offer 100% money back guarantee so it is definitely a product worth having if are into yoga for maintaining your fitness regimen.


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