Wahl Flex Shave Foil Shaver 7367-400 Review

Wahl Flex Shave Foil Shaver

Why Wahl Flex Shave Rechargeable Foil Shaver?

Why Wahl Flex Shave Rechargeable Foil Shaver?

As a matter of fact, many people agree that having the best electric shaver it’s a plus, either at home or if you are a barber.

Whichever the case, one always tends to deserve the best. Wahl Flex 7367 is among the best shavers in the market that offers value for your money and guarantees quality service.

The rechargeable electric shaver comes to provide excellent shaving experience, and you can use it for commercial or domestic purposes.

The design is comfortable for shaving as it fits your hand grip without any problem and being light means you won’t get tired of shaving your clients.

The shaver is both corded and cordless that means you can use it while directly connected to the socket or charge and use it later.

Wahl Flex 7367 can be best for shaving or be trimming your beard or even shaving any other part of the body with no irritation.


This electric shaving machine features several amazing specifications that aim at providing the best service for you, and they are as follows;

  • Wahl Flex 7367 comes with three different shaving head to provide you with three shaving options so that to meet your desires and shaving styles. The three include comfort close, sensitive and ultra-clean which you can only use one at a time and shift to the other depending on your choice of shaving style.
  • The Ultraclean shaving option offers quality smoothening of your skin when you decide to look great especially when trimming your beard. You can also use the option to smoothen your head depending on the style you wish to shave.
  • The Wahl rechargeable foil shaver 7367-400 has wide blades that offer easy and quick shaving by cutting a good chunk of hair at once. The blades’ ability to provide quality shaving is impressive, and when trimming your beard or sideburns, it works perfectly.
  • Wahl Flex 7367-400 only weighs 1.0 pounds meaning its light enough for use without straining, and it’s ideal for the professional barbers.
  • The sensitive shaving option works best for people with sensitive skin and reduces any irritability one may have after shaving.


  • Wahl Flex 7367-400 comes with a long-lasting battery that can make several shaves thus no worries when traveling since you can charge then use it later while on your journey. At home also when the electricity goes off when shaving you are sure of completing the shaving comfortably.
  • The shaving blades that the shaver contains are ideal for any hairstyle hence as a barber the Wahl Flex 7367-400 assures you of quality service delivery, and your clients will love your work. At home trimming your beard will be a great experience as the blades are perfect for that job.
  • This electric shaver comes with a small and comfortable storage bag that keeps it safe after use, and you can also park the shaver easily when traveling to save the space in your bag.
  • It gives you two usage options you can connect directly to the socket or charge first then use later. When shaving while connected to the plug, you shave as you charge the device.



  • It is not ideal for wet shaves, and thus before shaving, you first need to keep your hair dry.


Our Verdict

Conclusively, the excellent customer ratings the Wahl Flex 7367-400 enjoys, is a clear indicator of its superb ability to satisfy customers; thus when looking for a quality rechargeable electric shaver, have no doubt settling on this product. In short, the shaver is worth the last penny!


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