Wahl Close Cut Pro Full Body Hair Clippers Review

Wahl Close Cut Pro

Introducing The Wahl Close Cut Pro Full Body Hair Clippers

The Wahl Close Cut Pro haircutting kit contains a single clipper that can do wonders. They can cut any type of hair from head to toe. It can cut really long, thick, or thin, short hair.

The clipper has a soft touch grip that is used for a comfortable handle so you can have a flexible maneuver for fine, thin cuts. It has blades that overlap with the power drive and heavy-duty motor to provide a powerful cut.

The ultrafine precise teeth can provide a close cut without snagging your hair out. This is an amazing took because the blades contain a thinly, fine-tooth that can give you that smooth finishing look that you are craving for.

The product also contains a self-sharpening precise blade for a professional hair trim. The blade is very durable and will last for years. The state of the art, the high-quality material has made this hair cutting kit one of the best around the market.



Wahl Close Cut Pro Full Body Hair Clippers

Powerful heavy-duty motor, self-sharpening blade, grooming guide, clipper guide, cleaning brush, blade oil, Barbara guard, blade guard, instruction manual, and storage case.



  • Flexible grip for maximum maneuver and flexibility.
  • Able to work on all types of hair (thick, thin, long, short, you name it, they will trim it)
  • high-quality material for a smooth finishing touch
  • very quiet Motor so it wouldn’t wake the kid up.

Cons (What I Didn’t Like)

  • Short battery life
  • not very durable.


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When I first took the kit home to try it out, I felt it was very light and comfortable. I held the device in my hand to try it out. I was making all sorts of twists and turn motion, and I feel comfortable that it was able to get through all the difficult areas.

Unfortunately, the battery life is not very good. It will stop in the middle of some of my cuts, which I have to stop just to recharge. The motor is very quiet and peaceful so I was able to do cuts at any hours of the day without waking up my family. I decide to give the blade a try; I felt that it does provide some close cut which is good to get to the nub. Unfortunately, I cannot trim too fast or else my hair will get tango and yanked out.

I decided to check out other assessors that they have, and I am very impressed. They have all sorts of the comb, which I know I might not be using the majority of them, but it is impressive to have it there.

They also have a combing or stylish guide that is very helpful to show various types of cuts that are out there. The instruction manual is very easy to follow, and overall the product is straightforward and easy to put together.

I truly recommend this product to anyone who wants a sleek cut minus the trouble of buying separate tools when in fact this whole kit can do the work and replace a barber.


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