The proper use and care of your electric blanket is vital for your safety and the electric blanket’s longevity. Often, accidental misuse of an electric blanket can cause it to become unusable or dangerous very quickly.

Before using the electric blanket, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the manufacturer’s manual. Though it may look straight forward, each electric blanket may have particulars about how to store and/or set up the wiring, where and how to handle the control panel and how to safely put away your blanket when you no longer need to use it.

If you have opted to purchase an electric blanket, here are some tips on how to use your new blanket and what to watch out for and avoid.

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The Steps to Using an Electric Blanket:


#1 Always buy new

When selecting your electric blanket, always buy it brand new and from reputable manufacturers, in the U.S. A second-hand electric blanket can be more trouble than it is worth, especially due to wear and tear that may have occurred or wiring faults that may not be immediately visible.

Faulty electric blankets can be a fire hazard or cause burns and other injuries, so always buy new.


#2 Buy only safety-approved products

Your electric blanket should always carry the UL stamp as this denotes that the product is adhering to the highest safety standards.

Making sure that you buy the UL stamped product will not only offer you peace of mind, but a knowledge that the blanket you are bringing into your home has passed some of the strictest requirements of an electric product.

Most, if not all, electric blankets currently on the market are already UL stamped, however, it is always a good idea to double-check.

If you find that the electric blanket does not have the UL stamp, it is better to pass it up and opt for the one that has passed the UL requirements.


#3 Heed the manual

Though most electric blankets have standard warnings and instructions, certain blankets may have extra requirements for safety and durability.

It is always imperative that you read the manual correctly, as any misuse, even accidental, may cause the electric blanket to stop working as well as void your warranty.

Certain manufacturers will also have suggestions, as well as warnings, on how to make your electric blanket last longer as well as give you valuable information on what to do should there be a spill or an accident on your electric blanket. For this reason, it is best to read the manual before using the blanket, as should there be faults, it will not void your warranty or become a hazard.


#4 Store properly

When you no longer require your electric blanket, it is important to store it properly until its next use. Most storing instructions address the proper folding of the blanket in such a way that the wires do not become damaged.

Balling up of the blanket or improper storage may cause irreparable damage to the electric blanket, the panel or the wiring inside.

It is important to note that each manufacturer may have different storing instructions – some may be ridged but some may be a bit more relaxed, depending on the make.

If you did not get a re-usable storage bag from the manufacturer, consider investing in one, especially if you keep your electric blanket stored for months at the time.

Things such as moisture accumulation if not stored properly may damage your electric blanket or make it unsafe for use.


#5 Keep away from the pets

Though pets love the comfort of the electric blanket as much as humans, it is best not to leave pets unattended or through the night with an electric blanket.

Certain pets, such as cats and dogs, tend to scratch and chew and may end up damaging the wires in the blanket.

In addition, if your pet has an accident on the electric blanket or a heated mattress pad, it may lead to an electric shock or other accidents.


#6 Check for damage regularly

Sometimes, certain tears or minor damages to the blanket can easily go unnoticed, especially if they are not very obvious. If you notice any type of tear or exposed wire on your electric blanket, do not use it.

Even if it seems fine in terms of temperature control, the wires in the electric blanket should not be exposed as this can be a safety hazard.

By checking for damage regularly, you can catch any potential hazard and resolve it before it turns into an accident.

Here are the top 10 best electric blanks for 2021