10 Best Tennis Shoes 2020 for Mens & Womens


For any tennis player, finding the best tennis shoes is always a plus. Tennis is a physically demanding game. It involves movements and maneuvers within the court. You can only move safely if you have the right footwear.

While there are numerous types of shoes in the market, not all shoes fit every use in the world of tennis.

Manufacturers have specialized in creating different kinds of tennis shoes. That implies, there are shoes with different characteristics, including durable shoes, lightweight, and court specific shoes. While getting all these features in one shoe can be impressive, such an incident is almost impossible.

The primary thing a tennis player must understand is that tennis is a fast-paced game, and therefore support and stability are paramount for a faster, harder, and stronger play.

Getting a cheap flimsy shoe won’t support you in your gaming. It may lead to injuries.


The Top Ten Best Tennis Shoes for 2020

We’ve put together ten best tennis shoes for both men and women you can buy in 2020.

1. New Balance Men’s mc806 Tennis Shoe

1. New Balance Men's mc806 Tennis Shoe

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The new balance MC806 is one of the best shoes for playing tennis. It puts into consideration balance, traction, weight, and comfort. That means regardless of your level of play; you can get a shoe that you’ll appreciate – ultimate protection.

The new balance MC806 is a lace-up shoe that can cushion your feet against the pressures of the game. Because the tore is usually exposed to numerous abuses, this shoe will protect them well, thanks to the reinforced and perforated toe box. Additionally, the side panel protects the toes when you are sliding into a shot, turning or stopping.

Other notable features are the ABZORB cushioning and C-Cap midsole of the shoe that gives you excellent support and comfort.

The rubber sole gives you maximum traction to enable you to get around the court effortlessly. The leather and synthetic material are durable and comfortable. Besides, it looks great.



  • Have excellent traction
  • He upper is made of leather and synthetic material
  • Perfect design for tennis players
  • The shoes feel reliable and stable


  • Not suitable for people with wide feet


2. Adidas Men’s Barricade 2018 Tennis Shoe

Adidas Men's Barricade 2018 Tennis Shoe

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The Adidas men’s barricade is a shoe that can withstand numerous court sessions without giving in while at the same time, offering you stability and durability. The upper is a combination of textile and synthetic for proper foot support and comfort. On the lower side, the outsole is rubber, which offers not only durability but also comfort.

The tongue of this Adidas shoe is seamless, flexible, and soft. This enhances the comfort level of the shoes. For added stability, the shoes feature a Barricade chassis in the midfoot area. This feature allows you to comfortably play in any kind of tennis court. We count this as one of the best tennis shoes in the market for its reliability.



  • Highly durable
  • Very comfortable with seamless mesh
  • Can do well for all types of courts
  • Offers both support and performance



  • Lightly heavier


3. ASICS Gel-Resolution 6 Women’s Tennis Shoes

ASICS Gel-Resolution 6 Women's Tennis Shoes

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Asics is one of the best shoe brands in the market. The ASICS gel resolution 6 are women tennis shoes that help them get around quickly. Keep in mind that women’s feet are a little fragile than those of men. As such, they tend to get more punishment from the vigorous runs, turns, and to break within the court. This calls for shoes that can protect their feet.

The gel resolution 6 sports a rubber sole which offers incredible traction on hard, clay as well as grass courts. For comfort and support, the shoes utilize FlexionFit technology – has an external heel counter for midfoot support, and helps to maintain stability.

A shaft measuring about 2.75 inches from the arch provides extra support to the whole foot preventing some kind of unnecessary injuries. While playing tennis, injuries are common, and one such injury is the toe injuries. With this in mind, this gel resolution six is packed with a Pguard toe protector that protects your toe from sharp turns, stops, and lunges when playing. Still, the shoe comes with both forefoot and rearfoot gel cushioning system that offers shock protection and additional comfort.

Moreover, the tongue and the collar are generously padded to offer more protection, comfort, and support. Keep in mind that the shoe construction (FluidRide construction) alongside AHAR+ high-abrasion, the non-marking outsole offers not only foot protection but confers durability too. The uppers give the shoes an exemplary look.



  • Excellent toe protection
  • High amounts of cushioning for comfort and support
  • Durable tennis shoes
  • Padded tongue and collar
  • Excellent traction



  • The front is too tight, thus not suitable for wide feet


4. K-Swiss Women’s Hypercourt Express Tennis Shoe

K-Swiss Women's Hypercourt Express Tennis Shoe

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Women need shoes that can last them extended periods in the tennis court. The K-Swiss s one of such shoes/ actually, the shoes work perfectly okay with women whose tennis career is on the rise. Typically, this brand is not much known, but trust us, it offers excellent quality tennis shoes.

Women who have slightly wider feet will fit into these shoes perfectly. The seamfree technology offers comfort to the feet regardless of turns, breaks, or side-ways movements. Typically, the hyper court express ensures that your foot is in perfect position whenever you step in that court.

The upper is built of textiles, which contributes to its lightweight and breathability. Still, the textile makes the shoe more flexible as it can adapt to your feet with every movement you make. In turn, this guarantees you easy mobility in all directions.

This shoe tends to slide too much for women with slimmer feet.



  • Highly breathable
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Durable
  • Wide toe box and narrow heel
  • Non-staining
  • Good support



  • Not suitable for people with narrow feet


5. Adidas Men’s Barricade Club Tennis Shoe

Adidas Men's Barricade Club Tennis Shoe

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Considering the fast-paced nature of tennis, a payer needs to have a pair of footwear that will be kind of their feet as well a stable and comfortable. Such shoes offer you a chance to move effortlessly and quickly across the court. Similarly, you need protection from the pressure that the ground and shoes subject your feet to.

The Adidas Barricade Club comes with features meant for tennis play right from the sole to upper of the shoes. It features a rubber sole that provides much-needed traction when you stop or turn instantly while playing. On the other hand, the upper is built of 100 % textile, which is lightweight but offers real support to your foot.

The advantage of having fabric is that it makes the shoe breathable, a feature that is important for intense and prolonged gaming. Moreover, the shoes have the Torsion system that provides support and comfort in the middle zone of the foot when lunging for the ball. At the heels is the Adiprene that cushions both the heels and the toes when you move in the court.

The shoe sports a removable insole. This is important in case you want to replace them with other kinds such as orthopedic sole, which offers extreme comfort. The rubber sole adds to the durability of the shoes.

Generally, the shoe is stylish.



  • Affordable
  • Its supports the ankle making it suitable for people with ankle injuries
  • Offers enough stability even for intense gaming
  • Excellent heel cushioning
  • The insole is replaceable
  • provides excellent traction on the court



  • Eyelets rip off quickly


6. Nike Air Zoom Vapor X (Men & Women) tennis shoes

Nike Air Zoom Vapor X (Men & Women) tennis shoes

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The Nike Air Zoom Vapor X is one of the lightweight tennis shoes. At its weight, you can easily maneuverer within the court efficiently. Notably, accomplished tennis players like Roger Federer actually use these shoes.

This shoe doesn’t compromise on your comfort and stability. The upper’s dynamic Fit system wraps around your feet to give you more comfort. Remember, this part also combines lightweight breathable textiles that create little to no distractions while the padded collar provides added comfort.  Interestingly, this breathable fabric still keeps your foot warm enough

Besides, the zoom technology on the heels offers extra cushioning that is responsive. You also get TPU midfoot shank for lateral support and stability without sacrificing on mobility.

The outsole s create of rubber. On top of the rubber, the sole features a herringbone pattern that is important in offering impressive traction on hard courts. Besides, the shoe packs a generative design that provides added traction on the perimeter of the outsole for providing a much-needed explosive directional change in the court.

Product from Nike is, undoubtedly, high in quality. The priority of any tennis shoe is lightweight and versatility without compromising on quality. However, to get lightweight, the shoe sacrifices on the sole. The sole isn’t very durable. For people moving a lot in the court or drag their feet, this shoe may not last long.

But if you are just looking for something flexibility, this the best tennis shoe.



  • Lightweight shoes for all player types
  • ​Great on any surface
  • Super comfortable with Dynamic Fit technology
  • Low profile for extra mobility & versatility



  • The sole is not durable
  • Little toe protection


7. Adidas Men’s Gamecourt

Adidas Men's Gamecourt

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Any tennis player will count these shoes as one of the best tennis playing shoes. It offers excellent traction for any kind of court, and for its price, this Adidas shoe is undoubtedly one of the cheapest in the market.

The upper of the shoe is built of textile and synthetic material. These materials are strong enough to withstand frictions and tension that any tennis game might offer. Still, the upper is a breathable mesh that comes with TPU reinforcements for enhanced support.  Playing tennis involves moving back and forth or sudden sideways movements. This may subject your toes to abrasion. The Adidas Men’s Gamecourt features an Adituff to offer abrasion resistance in the toe area.

The fundamental reason why you need to buy these shoes is its quality. The shoe stands tall among other tennis shoes due to the ingenious design patterns, specifically at the bottom that makes it easier to maneuverer within the court. This shoe will allow you to perform all the swift motions without a feeling of carrying a flat piece of timber beneath your feet.

The rubber sole will give the right bounce while you play; the Cloudfoam midsole offers comfort and superior cushioning while the Adiwear outsole offers unrivaled in high-wear durability.



  • Affordable
  • The herringbone pattern works exceptionally well on a clay court
  • Excellently padded offering much comfort
  • The shoe offers a solid footing and a wide base to avoid ankle rolling



  • A little hard to wear and remove


8. Babolat Men’s Jet Mach II All Court Tennis Shoes

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If you practice for longer periods or you play intense games, the Babolat Men’s Jet Mach II is the shoes to buy. Typically, these shoes were created with the feet of the tennis player in mind. These perfect tennis shoes are meant for clay court.

The most outstanding feature of these shoes is the exceptional sturdy frame and durability, courtesy of the Kevlar Fiber upper. The upper is incredibly lightweight, contributing to the overall low weight of the shoes. Still, it features power straps mid-foot, providing the much-needed support during the side to side movement on the court.

The lightweight allows you to move quicker and with much ease as the shoes adapt to the movement and posture of your foot. Experience players can use these shoes without any problems.

The shoes are durable, thanks to the matrix technology that consists of high-tenacity polyamide fiber. This fiber adds high abrasion resistance to the shoe.

By contrast, the outsole of this tennis shoe moves with your foot (side two side EVA technology); thus keeps and provides stability as well as offers support for aggressive players.

Additionally, the active Flexion sole technology alongside Tri-Fit that comes with shock-absorbing Kompressor System will make you rock in the court.



  • Exceptionally comfortable and lightweight
  • Offers excellent supportive comforts to players of all levels
  • High durability thanks of the High-tenacity polyamide fiber
  • Synthetic and the mesh upper makes the shoe more breathable



  • No arch support
  • The sole is tough


9. ASICS Gel-Resolution 7 Tennis Shoe (Men and women)

ASICS Gel-Resolution 7 Tennis Shoe (Men and women)

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Asics is a big name when it comes to sports shoes. Typically, they make both men’s and women’s tennis shoes. This particular type is men’s type; however, it has a female counterpart.

Players like Novak Djokovic and Gael Monfils, actually use the Asics brand tennis shoes.

We put this shoe on the list because of its quality that translates into comfortable and durable shoes of people who want to spend below 100 bucks.

The whole shoe is created to handle abuses of the most intense tennis game.

Right from the toe to the heel, the Gel-Resolution 7 uses the latest shoe technology that guarantees responsiveness, and comfort.

There is a generous layer of cushioning all around the shoe, including the tongue.

The tongues are creatively built to prevent debris from getting into the shoes, a feature that makes the shoe a better choice for clay court tennis players.

The sole is made of rubber, which, apart from just being comfortable it reduces the chances of accidents occurring.

Still, the rubber sole wraps around the toe as well as the sides of the shoe, offering additional durability. Best of all, the manufacturer provides a 6-month outsole warranty. This is a warranty against excessive outsole wear for up to 6 months.

The upper part of this tennis shoe is synthetic. However, it features a flexion fit upper that provides form-fitting comfort without sacrificing the ability of the shoe to offer support.

What is more interesting is that it’s upper combines stability, comfort, and flexibility, thanks to its unique design.

You’ll notice that this shoe is one of the most stable and supportive shoes you can buy on any market. However, when you wear it at first, it might snug, but within no time, you will benefit from its supporting mechanism.

Asics carters for both men and women; The ASICS Women’s Gel-Resolution 7 packs the same excellent features, but it features a top layer in the midsole that is lower in density than that of men. This feature allows female athletes to get the benefit of the midsole compression.

The downside of these shoes is that it isn’t breathable and it is mot excellent for people with wide feet.



  • Aesthetically compelling shoes
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Good at offering support and stability
  • Sturdy construction
  • The sole is wide to prevent ankle roll
  • Six-month outsole warranty



  • The wide sole makes it almost impossible for side-to-side court transitions
  • Slightly heavier


10. K-SWISS Men’s Bigshot Light Tennis Shoe

K-SWISS Men's Bigshot Light Tennis Shoe

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This is another excellent tennis shoe for men from K-Swiss that comes with excellent support and stability. The best part is that it comes at a slightly lower price than its competitors.

This shoe is made up of 100% Leather making it one of the most durable sports shoes you can buy. It features a supportive upper that stabilizes your foot.

People with previous injuries in the ankles or legs can find this very helpful. Its inners sole wraps around the foot, right from the toes to the heel, offering a high level of comfort.

Its sole is entirely made of rubber, which not only offers a longer lifespan but also offers excellent defense against elements such as salts, water, ice, etc. besides, the rubber sole distributes even wear and tear in people who have uneven gait.

Considering the make of the shoe, it is quite heavy. Thus, it is not the best tennis shoe for people who want to move faster around the court. It makes is optimized for people needing stability and support rather than flexibility.

The shoe comes in 3 colors



  • Offers high levels of support
  • Excellent stability for people with injuries
  • Very comfortable
  • Excellent traction



  • Advanced players may not find the shoes to be flexible enough
  • Not breathable


Buyer’s Guides: How to Choose the Best Tennis Shoes 

Tennis is about 70 percent footwork. Getting anything less than the best tennis shoes is tantamount to failure. Your toes are the most affected part, followed by the sole of the feet. So you need to look for a shoe that will be kind on your feet.

The needs of men and women lightly differ when it comes to buying shoes for tennis due to the difference in style of play.

While men want something that can absorb the impact of hard movements as well as a lot of netplay, women require something that can make them get around the court rather quickly.

Nevertheless, both men women need something supportive, comfortable and have enough traction

Parts of a tennis shoe

  • The sole: this is the bottom part of the shoes. It is typically spongy and provides the extra support and, in some cases, the bounce factor. In most cases, it is made of rubber. Insole shoes, the sole is covered by an outer sole, which a harder layer that will be in contact with the floor.
  • Inner sole: this is the entire lining in the interior of the tennis shoe. In the best tennis shoes, this part is usually cushioned and padded to offer extra support. Some designers give it a different shade of color from the upper to add a flash of color around the ankle.
  • Upper – the top part of the sneaker that covers the foot. It is also padded to offer support and comfort to the foot. It is made of textile and synthetic material.
  • Heel counter: this is part that lines and reinforces the inside of the heels of the shoe. It is essential to keep them steady and support your feet.
  • Tongue – this I a part located under the upper that goes over the top of the foot.
  • Foxing: a material strip running around the outside of the sneaker and covers the line where the upper meets the sole.it is essential in slowing down the degradation of the glue that holds the upper and the sole together.
  • Lace guard: this part reinforces the lace holes. It is either sewn or glued on top of the lace area.


How We Chose Our Best Tennis Shoes for Men and Women on This List

We understand that whether you are in for a casual play or a competitive play, the best tennis shoe is the ultimate deal, and finding a shoe that meets your ambition is the right way to success. We considered:

  • Brand: when it comes to sneakers, there are big names. As much as we love big brands, it is also important to consider their current reputation and quality of the material they use. All the products are from reputable brands that deliver high-quality shoes that will handle the heat of the court.
  • Reviews: reviews are firsthand information from users. Therefore, they validate the true quality and efficiency of the product. All these products have an immense number of positive reviews, which make the shoes worth the try.
  • Price: it is good to work with a budget. The list of our products has a variety of prices to carter to everyone looking for tennis shoes.


Features To Consider In a Tennis Shoe:


This factor is essential as it makes the shoe to last longer. This factor is vital for tennis players who are on the court frequently, and they may not want to buy other shoes more often. Keep in mind that it is costly to keep on changing the shoe all the time. So finding a durable pair of tennis shoes can save you money as well as give you unmatched support.

Durable tennis shoes are comfortable and offer more support because of the additional material. This addition usually increases the weight of the footwear. Nonetheless, with improving shoe technologies, lightweight tennis shoes can be made.



if you are a tennis player, you probably understand the amount of abuse you can subject your shoe too – friction, tension, scrapping, etc. you need a pair of tennis shoe that is made of sturdy material to withstand such abuses and constant high stress during playtime.



The shoe must have adequate padding along the interior to get you through a routine of practice and competition without injuries.

Moving around the court with shoes that have a mean layer of cushioning will make you feel uncomfortable and may result in blisters.

So ensure that you get the best tennis shoe for standing all day. Padding should, therefore, be on insoles, tongue, and sides.



While most people would love having the best lightweight tennis shoes, such shoes always come with some sacrifice on comfort and stability.

To make them lightweight, some layers of padding must be removed. However, technology is improving, and we expect lightweight shoes that are comfortable in the near future.


Court surface

The type of court has a significant bearing on the kind of shoes you buy. Typically, you can play your tennis on hard court, clay court, or grass court.

You need to find shoes that match these conditions.

  • Hardcourt, e.g., concrete: the outer sole should be resilient while the interior should have sufficient cushioning to protect your foot.
  • Clay court: these grounds are a bit slower. The tennis shoes for this ground should offer both traction and lateral support. The sole should grip without leaving marks
  • Grass court: you need nothing less of a good grip considering that grass is slippery.


Playing style

The tennis shoe you choose should keep up with your pay style – aggressive baseliner, all-court player, or server.

Baseline players need durability and stability; for servers, they need a durable toecap as well as a perfect fitting insole for protecting your toes.


Shoe flexibility

Flexibility is a factor that allows the tennis shoe to mold your feet as you move around the tennis court.

Essentially, more flexible shoes will help you run around easily – the material in the shoes will adjust to your movement. Advanced players find these shoes as their best option.

The downside of thee shoes is that they offer little support.



Tennis shoes that offer support usually may come with a higher profile around the ankle for extra support. Besides, the shoes have more cushioning in the sole and upper.

This keeps the foot stable, thus helping with pain and preventing injury, but it sacrifices flexibility and mobility. These shoes, however, are good for people with previous tennis injuries.



Is there a difference between sneakers and tennis shoes?

Sneakers cover a wide range of shoes that can be worn both in the court and as regular dressing shoes. However, tennis shoes are specifically created for playing tennis in various tennis courts.


How should tennis shoes fit?

Any tennis shoes should give comfort and support during gaming. Keep in mind that tennis is an intense game.

The shoe should leave at least 3/8 to a half-inch between your big toe and the end of the tennis shoe for it to be appropriately sized. The heel should fit tightly, and the shoe must not let your foot slip up and down while walking.


How long should the shoes last?

Like any other athletic shoes, tennis shoes should last for between 3 to 6 months or 500 miles, but this depends on how often you use them.

Still, your types of play or court you play determines how long your shoe lasts.


How do you stop tennis shoes from squeaking?

Squeaking is a common problem with sports shoes. You can apply strategies like applying baby powder under the insole, and you should fix the loose soles and heels.

Besides, ensure that you clean and dry your shoes after every use, and if you have leather shoes, oil them regularly and ensure they remain clean.


Must you wear tennis shoes while playing tennis?

Absolutely. Tennis shoes provide cushioning and traction needed or proper playing in the tennis field.



As much as your racket and balls may help you achieve your best in tennis play, taking your footwork seriously can elevate your gaming to a whole new level.

With proper research, you’ll get the best shoe for tennis. Keep in mind that flexibility, support, comfort, and stability are crucial to finding the right shoe. Still, you should not sacrifices on durability, the breathability of the material, and traction.


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