Jordan Super.Fly 2017 N7 Men’s Basketball Shoes Review

Super.Fly 2017 N7 Men’s Basketball Shoes

Get hold of this Jordan Super.Fly 2017 N7 Men’s Basketball Shoes if you want a shoe cat carries the Nike Reacting Cushioning that will give you a plusher feel on the court.
This is the best basketball shoe that will deliver to you a 360 degrees comfort and perfectly wrap around your foot for responsive support. The upper that comes from suede with a targeted cushioning gives the shoe a high-end look. Also, the outsole is thoroughly mapped out to receive pressure and to provide targeted traction.


This Jordan Super.Fly 2017 N7 Men’s Basketball Shoes emergence dates back to 2009 as a million dollar supportive program for Aboriginal and Native American youths. This sports program’s objective is to help both boys and girls to experience leadership and teamwork. The driving factor of this program is the Seven Generations wisdom of the Native Americans. The impact of this Seven Generation is always put into considerations in all things. That is why; the end goal of the Super.Fly 2017 N7 is to check out the impact of this wisdom. Also to allow the Aboriginal youths and Native Americans to realize their valiant history, improve on it to create a successful future.

Features and benefits

Elastic straps that are four in number accompanied by loops and hook closures for a customized, secure fit. There are a breathable mesh and foam that will comfortably wrap your foot to provide durable comfort. It also carries the Zoom air lightweight cushioning from Nike for the perfect responsiveness for an explosive drive and gentle landings.
For exceptional comfort, this shoe is provided with soft foam that melds around your ankle. The lightweight foam for the midsole construction delivers a stable and soft cushioning. There are notches on this shoe’s collar to enable easy wear. This shoe offers multiple surface traction thanks to the durable Rubber sole.

Pros and cons of Super.Fly 2017 N7 Men’s Basketball Shoes

Many reviewers went into the research for this particular shoe and came out with the following results;


  • The reviewers find out that this shoe can offer the wearer an exceptionally smooth ride due to the react technology from Nike.
  • They also notice the upper that comes from premium suede for comfort and durability.
  • People that are wearing this shoe says that it has a stabilizing lockdown feel thanks to the web lacing section that is mainly for flight.
  • The reviewers say that tongue of this shoe integrates to the forefoot to deliver a seamless, comfortable feel.
  • This shoe provides a targeted grip through the pressure mapping and traction pattern.
  • They also notice the modular design which drew the react technology from Nike closer to IP carrier to provide the targeted support that delivers stable rides.


  • • The reviewers could not find any cons about this particular shoe.


The retail price for this basketball shoe is at $111.97 each


The Super.Fly 2017 N7 colorways were designed to be suitable to the Native American and Aboriginal youths. They are team orange, black, atmosphere grey and white respectively.


The designing of this particular shoe carries a technology upgraded support system for maximum comfort and plusher feel while on the court.

Sizing and fit

There are four straps from elastic that produces a secure loop and hook closure to provide you with a customized fit. The numerous sizes available enable you to get your specific size.


A breathable mesh and foam material produce adequate ventilation for this shoe.


Set under the heels of this shoe is a lightweight zoom air cushioning from that provides a responsive cushioning.


There are notches on the collar and soft foam which melds around the ankle to provide exceptional comfort.


The material used in this shoe’s construction is elastic, foam and mesh materials respectively.


This particular basketball shoe is the best one to buy if you want to recreate history on the courts. It will provide you with the cushioning responsiveness that you need for soft landings and explosive drives. You can put this shoe on easily, it wraps conveniently on your foot, and you will have a stable cushioning comfortable feel.

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