How to replace the battery in a braun shaver

How to replace the battery in a Braun shaver

How to replace the battery in a Braun shaver

Today, there is so many Braun shaver variation in the market. People can even choose whether to buy it from a retailer or somewhere else.

Most of this product also includes manual cleaning instruction and a battery charger. You can easily find the battery in the product base which you can replace if it begins to lose normal capacity.

This may happen after you have this product for 12 months or later.

Follow these steps to replace your shaver batteries one by one for safety precaution:

1. Have the cord removed from the shaver base

2. Press the panel down and slide it off.

3. Find the batteries plated by nickel. Use them to guide you in purchasing other batteries. Perform batteries recycling using special stations.

4. Take newer batteries and put them inside the product by popping them nicely.

5. Take the front panel and have it placed back on the product. Then have the cord plugged again to the product. Then finally have the product connected to the electrical outlet before having the shaver start working.


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