Remington MicroFlex R450 Rotary Shaver Review

The Remington R450 is an electric rotary shaver which has a massaging effect and is easy on the skin. Features: The shaver comes with two titanium coated blades which give strength and durability to it. It has got a trimmer which can lock down in its designed position. It has the unique design of three independent floating heads, like in ...
Remington MicroFlex R450


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Remington MicroFlex R450 Rotary Shaver gives a faster, clean, smooth and close shave. Its three independently floating heads enables the razor to glide smoothly on the facial, chin and neck contours for a comfortable shave. With its more than 50% cutting slots, be sure this shaver will give you a quick shave. Ideally speaking, this shaver includes three shavers in one. The titanium coated twin blades are designed to give a cleaner and efficient shave. The blades are also known to be very strong and durable.

Generally speaking, the shave is of good quality, sturdy and gives exceptional performance. The shaving experience with this shaver is impressive. This shaver is also fairly priced making it very pocket-friendly for almost everyone. The shaver is powered by a fairly powerful motor making it fast in its shaving.

This shaver also features a locking pop-up trimmer. This allows for trimming the sideburns and the mustaches. Also included in the shaver is a battery indicator that helps you to determine whether the battery is fully charged or needs charging. The shaver boasts of up to 30 minutes of continuous use before recharging. The good thing about this shaver is that you can decide to use it with a cord or go cordless by just charging the battery.

The shaver is also very easy and simple to clean. It includes a cleaning brush that can help you in keeping the shaver. This will not only help in giving you a clean shave but is also very healthy to be used on you. You will be able to remove the cut hair from the shaver freely. Yet still, you can clean it by just removing the blades then knock it gently on your sink to free the stuck hair. Of course, this may destroy the shaver, so cleaning it using the cleaning brush is recommended.

Unlike some shavers, this shaver is known to be quiet in its and also very light. Of course, the noise from shaving machine can be very annoying. This provides a quiet shaving environment. You will love it. It’s lightweight together with its ergonomic handle gives you a good grip when using it making its use simple and easy.

Again, you may be asking whether or not this shaver can give both dry and wet shave. Definitely yes, the shaver is waterproof thus can give both dry shave and wet shave. Of course, the dry shave is for your convenience, but wet shave may aide in your skin protection. Just to add, this shaver can comfortably be used even in the most sensitive skin.

Do you need to travel with this shaver, if yes then you need not worry? It includes a travel pouch that allows you to comfortably carry the shaver with you with ease. Additionally, the shaver also boasts of up to two years of warranty coverage. Of course, this will cover repairs and replacement. So you will be free from related expenses.

Special Features of the Remington MicroFlex R450 Rotary Shaver:

  • Locking pop-up trimmer
  • Titanium coated twin blades
  • Battery indicator
  • Cleaning brush
  • Three independently floating heads
  • Travel Pouch.
  • 2-year warranty cover


  • The shaver is simple and very easy to clean
  • Includes a two-year warranty cover
  • Includes a pop-up trimmer
  • Very affordable
  • Can be used while still charging
  • Boasts quiet operation
  • Gives a close shave


  • Weak battery performance
  • The blades blunt easily

With this exceptional features of this shaver, to you who needs a clean, smooth and close shave, I would highly recommend this shaver for you. It is worth your penny, you will love its impressive performance.

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