The Best Non-Toxic Pregnancy Pillows Review [2021 Updated]

You can't take any risk in pregnancy. Non-toxic pillows are safe for the baby and expecting mothers. Here are some of the best non-toxic pregnancy pillows to buy in 2021
Best Non-Toxic Pregnancy Pillow

A non-toxic pregnancy pillow is hard to find. Pregnancy pillows are available in so many shapes and colors, but when your primary concern is safety and comfort, then you have to dig deep.

Especially for mothers who suffer from different allergies or respiratory issues, they need to be specifically careful while choosing the pregnancy pillow.


The TOP 7 Best Non-Toxic Pregnancy Pillows Compared:

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How to Choose the Best Non-Toxic Pregnancy Pillows:

Here are a few things you should consider while selecting the best non-toxic pillows.


Those who are conscious about toxins and other chemicals should pay special attention to the material with which the pregnancy pillow is made.

The common material used for pillows is polyester and cotton filling or memory foam filling.

Both materials are safe as long as they are carefully chosen. Make sure the memory foam material is not chemically treated.

Also, you need to pay special attention to the outer cover material. It should be soft and soothing. Cotton is the best material that is safe and breathable. So make sure the outer cover is a 100% cotton or a cotton mix fabric.



Although the filling inside does not come directly in contact with the body, still it can cause some serious health complications if it carries dust or other chemicals.

Make sure you choose a pillow with certified filling to prevent any toxins from coming along. A common problem with filling is its odor. The chemically-treated filling may have a strong smell that can make you uncomfortable, especially when you are pregnant.


Organic Pillow

A very safe option for all those who have concerns about health and the environment is an organic pillow. Not only the inner lining but outer cover should be organic. An organic pillow means that no part of it has been chemically treated. So that makes it a 100% toxin-free pillow.


Certified pillow

They claim to be toxin-free. So make sure you check whether the pillow has been tested by any independent source or not.  A certified pillow means can be chosen without a second thought.

Price: when you are choosing a non-toxic pillow, the price can go up. The organic and certified pillow is a bit expensive to buy. But the security and safety they provide are priceless. So don’t hesitate to spend a few extra bucks for the health of your baby.

In this article, we will look at some of the best non-toxic pregnancy pillows. We have chosen the seven best options for your convenience.


7 Best Non-Toxic Pregnancy Pillows for 2021

Let’s review some of the best non-toxic pillows and see how you can benefit from them.


1. Milliard U Shaped Body Pillow

Milliard U Shaped Body Pillow


Milliard U-shaped Pregnancy pillow promises full-body the support that you need in pregnancy. It’s a long pillow that covers your body both from the front and back and also from sides.

The non-toxic material makes this pregnancy pillow a safe option for some of us who don’t want to take any risk when it’s about their baby.

The body pillow has a filling of memory foam that is free of any toxins or other harmful material. The memory foam provides firm support that your body needs in pregnancy.

The standard cotton filling can bend with time and flatten, making it of no use. The memory foam filling keeps it firm and soft.

The inner memory foam filling is wrapped in a breathable and organic outer cover. The cover further protects the foam inside from dust or microbes. All you need to do is to remove the cover and wash it with mild detergent from time to time. The breathable material also provides plenty of air circulation inside the pillow that keeps it odor-free.

Overall, it’s a bit pricy option, but when it comes to non-toxic and organic material, you have to pay a little extra for the added value.

  • Non-toxic memory foam filling.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Full body support.
  • Breathable cover.
  • Multiple uses.
  • A bit short in height.
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2. SJJSP Non-Toxic Pregnancy Maternity Pillow


SJJSP Non-Toxic Pregnancy Maternity Pillow

Here is another safe and non-toxic pregnancy pillow that can be later upgraded as a maternity pillow.

The pillow provides full support while lounging, sitting, or sleeping. It helps you sleep in the right posture to ensure the maximum supply of blood to your baby.

Poor posture in both sitting and sleeping positions not only makes you more tired, but it can trigger pain in different parts of the body that are bearing the pressure.

The body pillow has a natural curve to fit the body perfectly. You can only feel the support when a pillow is touching the body softly and allowing you to share the bodyweight with the pillow.

The pillow is not very huge that it can be a huge plus point for many couples. It won’t cover your bed. Instead, you have plenty of room for your partner as well.  The pillow only covers from the side. You can fit it in front or back as per your choice and comfort.

The pillow is made and filled with high-quality material. Both the outer cover and inner lining can be washed and won’t fade with frequent wash.

  • Non-toxic material.
  • Space-saving pillow.
  • Fits the body curves.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Available in different colors.
  • It provides only one-side support to the body.
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3. PharMeDoc Organic Pregnancy Pillow


PharMeDoc Organic Pregnancy Pillow


Here is another organic pillow that is free of any chemicals or toxin material. The safe pillow frees you from setting too many pillows behind the back, between legs, and around the abdomen.

It’s a U-shaped pillow that provides full support to your body from all sides. The flexible material of the pillow allows you to customize settings as you feel comfortable. You can set the ends behind your back for supporting your waist and sides in sitting position.

While sleeping, its one leg can be placed between legs so that it supports hips, thigh, spine, and upper back.

The pillow features 100% recycled polyester that is certified for being environmentally safe. The zipped cover is also easy to wash so you can always keep your pillow fresh and clean.

The organic pillow comes in an organic bag that you can carry around easily. It makes storage very convenient. The pillow is stitched carefully and has double seams to prevent ripping. It’s an excellent option for health-conscious pregnant women.  You may call it one of the best non-toxic pregnancy pillows due to its high quality.

  • Organic pillow.
  • Certified filling.
  • Comes in easy to carry bag.
  • Double seams prevent ripping.
  • Machine-washable cover.
  • Bit thin pillow.
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4. Moonlight Slumber – Body Support Pillow

Moonlight Slumber - Body Support Pillow


Here is another safe and healthy U-shaped pillow for pregnancy support. The pillow is independently tested for being safe and non-toxic for both mother and the baby. The rigorous testing made this product a very safe option for careful mothers.

The pillow is stretchable so you can stretch it, mold it, or fold it easily to suit your needs. It is firm but still very soft and comforting. The pillow is not stone hard at all.

The pillow has polyester fiber filling. The material is extremely heat resistant. So you don’t have to worry about this pillow making you overheated at all. It stays cool in touch. The breathable cotton cover makes it more comfortable as it soothes the skin and does not irritate it at all.

The pillow provides support that you need in pregnancy. It can be pressed between legs, or you can easily fold it behind for sitting support.

Overall, it’s a very quality option for those who are looking for the best non-toxic pregnancy pillows.

  • It has gone through rigorous testing.
  • Heat resistant fiber filling.
  • Supports all positions.
  • Comfortable and flexible.
  • Help to relieve pain from the body.
  • May flatten with use.
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5. Leachco Back ‘N Belly Pregnancy Body Pillow

Leachco Back 'N Belly Pregnancy Body Pillow


This body pillow by Leachco is another back and belly pillow that you need.

The pillow is structured to fit in your body curves and ease off the pressure from your body. It supports the back, belly, and hips area, helping you get a better night’s sleep.

The firm pillow won’t move behind your back. You don’t need to get up for readjusting, which can be frustrating when you are heading towards delivery.

The weight of the body makes you even tired when if you are changing sides. So it stays where you adjust it and won’t bend or flatten with time.

Even when you are turning sides, you don’t have to move it much. The pillow will fit around your curves conveniently taking off the pressure from your back and the belly.

It’s a nicely wrapped pillow that stays in good condition for a long. It comes with a Sham-style removable cover that is very skin-friendly.

  • Fits to body curves.
  • Firm and supportive.
  • Polyester filled pillow.
  • The cotton cover is breathable.
  • Don’t need frequent adjustments.
  • Takes up almost 60% of space on a queen-size bed.
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6. Cozy Comfort Non-toxic Pregnancy Pillow

Cozy Comfort Non-toxic Pregnancy Pillow

This one is a premium quality pillow that is designed to caress the natural curves of pregnancy.

It’s an oversized pillow that is huge that provides the ultimate cushion you need. The pillow not only covers your back and sides, but it also gives lumbar support and keeps your shoulders and neck rest.

The pillow has a curved shape, and all sides and edges are smooth and comforting. Even if your body is touching the edges, it won’t irritate or dig in your body at all.

It features a curve for supporting your bulging belly. Another great feature is the headrest area. The pillow is very thoughtfully designed and has a large and square area for the head. It ensures the comfort that we all need in pregnancy.

The inside filling is wrapped in a zipped cover that is easy to wash. The cover is a mixed polyester and cotton material. You may call these the best pregnancy non-toxic pregnancy pillows.

  • Carefully designed pillow.
  • Features belly rest and headrest.
  • Huge pillow.
  • It provides lumbar support.
  • Zipped cover.
  • Very huge and bulky.
Cozy Comfort Pregnancy Pillow - Sky Blue
  • Designed to caress the natural curves of the body
  • Belly support improvement allows belly to rest right on...
  • 200 Thread count percale
  • Machine washable cover
  • Made in the USA!

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7. Joyourbaby 59” Full Body Non-toxic Pregnancy Pillow


Joyourbaby 59'' Full Body Non-toxic Pregnancy Pillow


It’s a new generation pillow that is designed for the changing body shape of pregnancy.

The pillow is useful for those who are suffering severe back and hip pain. It also helps women who have leg swellings due to water retention.

A full-size pillow covers your body from sides, front and back. It reaches your toes and helps your legs get some support as well. The flexible pillow can be put between legs for easing pain.

The right posture is not only helpful for the mother, but it ensures the healthy growth of the baby inside. The baby receives a better flow of blood.

The pillow is made of hypoallergenic material that is very helpful for mothers with very sensitive skin. The breathable material ensures good air circulation, so you don’t feel sweaty at all.

The pillow is filled with elastic spiral hollow fiber that is firm, soft, and breathable. It is a very resilient material that offers better durability.

It’s a great option for those who are looking for the best non-toxic pregnancy pillows.

  • Stretchy and comfortable.
  • Breathable material.
  • Firm and soft.
  • Adjustable filling.
  • Durable pillow.
  • Too easy to bend.
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Final Words

Choosing a pregnancy pillow for pregnancy is not easy. You have to consider the health and safety of both the new mother and the baby. No doubt,  you should look for a non-toxic and organic material that poses no threat to the safety of your baby.

All options in our list of the best non-toxic pregnancy pillows are carefully selected. Make sure you choose a pillow that provides maximum comfort and safety.

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