Nike Epic React Flyknit Women’s Running Shoe Review

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Introduction Nike Epic React Flyknit Women’s Running Shoe


Nike Epic React Flyknit Women’s Running ShoeThe Nike Epic React Flyknit Women’s Running Shoe is a new release by Nike which was announced in late February and it features Nike React foam cushioning technology. As per the company, the incorporation of the technology was responding to the requests by runners of greater durability, lighter weight, increased energy return and better cushioning. It’s a shoe which incorporates various technology so as to meet the three important shades or runners, functionality, comfort, and durability.


History of Nike Epic React Flyknit Women’s Running Shoe

Nike React foam was introduced originally in 2017 June and its base of introduction was basketball. The mechanical engineers and in-house Nike chemists collaborated to find out which ingredients would come up with an optimal outcome. After 400 plus combinations of processing and chemistry and also 2000 testing hours, the framework foam was finalized then integrated. Generally, Nike React’s one of a kind composition is made of soft material to enhance lightweight cushioning and also hard material for durability and provision of energy return as stated by the company.

As per the company, the technology discovered met basketball needs, through the provision of stability and cushioning, which involves moving in different directions, jumping and switching speed.

Nike then introduced that technology to running shoes after determining that running needs are similar to needs of basketballers. After going back for lab testing, it gave 13% more energy return as compared to the latest generation, Nike Lunarlon, of the same brand.

For the foam to be fused into running shoes, data collected on athlete’s movement stemmed designs. Through visualization of pressure maps which show specifically, the need for support area for athletes supported full maximization of traction and cushioning. Nike React technology then was put to test using 17,000 miles plus of running by every day and elite runners. Finally, the technology got included into the new running shoe, Nike Epic React Flyknit Women’s Running Shoe.


 Features and Benefits



Nike Epic React Flyknit Women’s Running ShoeThe shoe’s traction is positioned only where it’s needed so as to maintain the shoe light. As per data, rubber sections placed on the heel and toe aid in gripping the ground as well as pushing off.


The outsole of the foam shows wears and hard work of running many miles but keeps the shape and resists compression. The cushioning of the shoe at those miles still feels like 300 miles. Nike React features Nike React foam cushioning which is very responsive but light in weight and durable but soft. The attraction of the opposite features creates a sensation which enhances the feel to move forward as well as makes running fun.


The primary material used in designing Nike React foam is synthetic rubber. The shoe’s midsole was made via computational design. The method which makes use of the idea of driven data allows the midsole surface to be designed in such a way it offers support in situations that it is needed and eliminates material which is necessarily keeping the shoe light.


Sizing & Fit

The flyknit material used to make the shoe conforms to the user’s shape of feet be it wide, narrow or medium-sized creating a hug-like feel. An upper running shoe composed of a single piece Nike Flyknit bootie consisting of arch, toe, and forefoot. The shoe is near the foot and minimal but it offers breathability, flexibility, and support when needed by runners. It has a minimal upper with exaggerated tooling. It has a taller midsole for the avoidance of bottoming-out and it’s wider for offering greater base support.


Support and Stability

The midsole is extended around the shoe’s heel and beyond the perimeter of the upper side so as to boost stability and cushion.


Nike Epic React Flyknit Women’s Running Shoe Colorways

The shoe is available in different colors which you can choose from such as white, wolf grey, dark grey and black.


Nike Epic React Flyknit Women’s Running Shoe is an artful shoe classic in both aesthetic and design. The shoe incorporates durability, comfort, and functionality which makes it meet requirements of high mileage athletes as well as weekly runners and also basketballers. Anyone can use this shoe be if you have a narrow, wide or medium-sized feet. It comes in various colors which you can choose from. Its light weight enables such players to perform best in the games which involve constant movement and speed changes.


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