Nike Epic React Flyknit Men’s Running Shoe Review

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Introducing Nike Epic React Flyknit Men’s Running Shoe


Are you a runner? Are you looking for a perfect running pair of shoes? If yes then worry not since Nike Epic React Flyknit Men’s Running Shoe is a perfect option for you. The shoe features an excellent performance with extra comfort that everyone needs. On that note in the following discussion, we are going to look at Nike Epic React Flyknit Men’s Running Shoe Review.

The Nike Epic React is the cushiest technology on running footwear by Nike. Comfort by chemistry and designed for running even though with the recent response from customers most of them do not intend to wear them for that purpose. Anyone who loves sneakers appreciates the comfort and even in any other shoe type. The Epic React Flyknit gives this added cushy and bouncy feeling underfoot. Comfort is now a necessity and this is what Nike has brought in. Even though there are many comfortable sneakers in the market, it offers a difference that makes it unique for people to opt for it instead in the competitive market. This difference comes in from the React since most of the midsoles today are not made from rubber rather foam EVA-ethylene vinyl acetate. React is something new, rubber based formulation and this gives the extra cushioning, more durability and energy return. There is a lot of competition to provide the most bouncy midsole which solely depends on the chemical formulation of material used. With Adidas being on the top list, with the success of the popular Boost soles for a few years Nike will be pushing that away with these new sneakers. Nike did an in-house with chemical engineers and developers to create React and did not use an outside source partner which is an advantage as they had a lot of time to put into it and get the formula right.

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On the topic of whether people will buy this new sneaker, Nike says that with React technology, it will take over its previous Lunarlon technology. It targets casual runners and racers to take into consideration that casual runners are the bigger market, Nike has in place to provide the much needed React. Currently, most of the US consumers are in preference of much more casual and fashionable sneakers. Therefore Nike comes in handy to address this issue in the industry to cover even for the modern runner. Nike is up to creating new innovation and better performance than the previous technologies which is exactly what the React technology is. Nike is aware of the customers shift and preferences to much more fashionable running shoes whether for actual running or for running errands. The idea of the Nike Epic React Flyknit was to give the customer sneakers that you can comfortably run in as well as one that looks stylish and fashionable with a pair of jeans. It’s totally up to how the consumer chooses to use the sneaker in the end but the main goal is to improve performance and give them a better running experience. Nike is always on the move to create and develop new and better technologies and React was a big project for Nike. With React, Nike has big expectations and soon as the goal is achieved there will definitely be more new cushioning technologies following up the Nike Epic React Flyknit.



Taking it back to our ancestors especially the nomads if they were to be dated to know the one thing they would really appreciate is our footwear. Back in human history, for the most part of it, we lived on bare feet from nomads to walking long distances. Human feet are not the best shape for such harsh conditions as they are prone to hurt, pain and injury. If they were to be dated back to know they would really be filled with joy to experience the diverse and many options of comfortable footwear available. The very latest in now by Nike unveiled on January 23, 2018, the Epic React FlyKnit. The very first sneaker from Nike to fully utilize the new React foam cushioning platform. It is firm and springs back once you take the weight off it. It perfectly merges with Nikes lightweight Flyknit upper. It took Nike more than three years together with the designers, engineers and chemists experts to develop and bring React to its final form. Comparing Nike Epic React Flyknit to the past generations of other shoes, Nike says this shoe is more durable, lightweight and brings back more energy. For a running shoe, it compresses and returns that energy back when you step down on the sole and lift your foot. It acts more like a spring to boost your foot during your run. The shoe was released on February 22, 2018, to selected retail partners and Nikes channels and Nike received a strong response.

Ever since the 19th century when rubber was vulcanized making rubber-soled shoes available, it has been one of the reasons why comfortable athletic footwear has been the most sought-after category. Going back to the co-founder Bill Bowerman, Nike was one of the first companies to take on sneaker cushioning in 1970 to create a springy outsole. The waffle iron was one of the things that inspired the Epic React Flyknit.



  • The Nike Epic React is a comfortable easy to wear a shoe for your daily training and can take you through all your workouts from simple speed walks to long runs. The Nike Epic React with a fitting form upper that soothes the foot even with having a long run it is perfectly fashioned to last you up to more than 500 miles.
  • The first Nike Epic React impressions are a Flyknit upper with a 28 mm height (heel) to about 18 mm (forefoot) for the brand new Nikes Epic React going for $ 150.
  • It is well designed to last well over 500 miles and it underwent a series of trials to come up with this perfect underfoot foam.
  • With this Epic React Shoe, Nike is definitely taking up on brands like Adidas on competitions levels and set the bar high.
  • The Nike Epic React Sole Unit foam is an amazing combination of a responsive propulsion light weighted shoe.
  • Even though the high stack height seems a little more it is actually a great trainer for fast running and the firm reaction is very minimal or not felt at all.
  • The odd feature on the Nike Epic React Flyknit Upper which at first seems like a design flaw and feels rigid when you put on the shoe at first actually adds a touch of the extra needed structure to the heel. The tightness felt disappears once you start running and isn’t a bother.
  • Another benefit of the Flyknit upper on the Nike Epic React is that it lasts longer and more durable than any other running shoe.


Pros and Cons



  • Nike Epic React is the shoe to have it’s not like the lifestyle shoes like gimmicky. This is the shoe for real runners it’s the real deal.
  • In situations of sharp turns and support the Flyknit upper is very form fitting and it’s never sloppy.
  • This shoe perfectly serves the purpose of an all-around shoe; very responsive, soft and comfortable doesn’t slide.
  • The Epic React provides a wide market for all men’s sizes; it’s not easy to find a shoe with good cushioning compared to weight ratio.
  • The marshmallow feel of the upper lunar foam is very comfortable.
  • Nike Epic React nailed it with the tight and added width of the Flyknit which accommodates people with rather wider toes comfortably.



  • This shoe has a very hard heel which is not really noticeable while running but once you stop running it’s quite restricting.
  • For runners with weight and high volume or wider feet, this upper Flyknit will be quite constraining to them.
  • From customer feedbacks, some were not pleased by Nike Epic React and said they are too much hype but once you get the product, the underfoot feels too rigid than expected hence not up to performance expected.
  • Even though the Nike Epic React might be made to last as long as the midsole, there is fear of when the temperatures heat up



The Epic React foam feels firm but surprisingly soft and cushy. It gives such amazing comfort underfoot; the kind that lasts you under all paces from heel to toe and any transitioning is not sloppy. The Nike Epic React being a neutral shoe it doesn’t make your feet feel like they are been tracked into a specific foot strike.

The outsole is more durable and a has a clear rubber and is placed on the hee and front of the toe box added for more traction



The Nike Epic React is designed well and doesn’t make the midsole feel like it’s over cushioned or under cushioned. Most of the other shoes will usually suffer in the forefoot and most strikers will prefer a little bit more cushioning in this area. In a mid striker, opinion placing a firm material underfoot in under the forefoot would work okay.



Nike Epic React Flyknit MaterialNike claiming the Nike Epic React is a game changer especially because of the materials used to design it. The midsole cushioning is everything which forms the React. All midsole materials have two things in common; they are made from non-proprietary materials which are designed to their specifications and a form of foam compound. React is a rubber-based compound developed by Nike which the company says it will work for better consistency in manufacturing. React is lightweight, resilient, cushion able, soft, durable and responsive. Foam provides cushioning or energy return. On a normal basis, materials are soft to absorb energy but on the other side, hard materials give the most energy return. From Nike, they say React is lighter than the Adidas Ultra Boost foam and lasts longer than other comparable midsole materials. It also gives more energy return than the Lunar that was used on the other Nike shoes. Even after a shoe has been compressed it quickly returns to foam and helps push your foot off the floor.


Sizing and Fit

Some have narrow, wide or normal feet. Nike Epic React Flyknit Men’s Running Shoe is well designed to suit every foot size and offer a lot of comforts. The shoe offers a very impressive balance and deep cushioning and low weight.



The upper is barely there and the Flyknit is bonded with strips and a reinforced heel counter to serve for ventilation.


Support and stability

The Nike Epic React Flyknit Men’s Running Shoe offers an out of the box support and comfort. On the run, the cushioning absorbs the worst a pavement can throw at the shoe giving enough stability retaining a decent amount of responsiveness.


Nike Epic React Flyknit Men’s Running Shoe Colorways

Nike Epic React colorways running Matcha Green, Horizon Green, Off-white alloy Horizon off-white, dark grey and Pink Matcha.

Here are the 7 Nike Epic React Flyknit Men’s Running Shoe Colorways
  • Nike Epic React Flyknit Cargo Khaki Camper Green Heather Light Silver, Black

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  • Nike Epic React Flyknit Blue Glow/Photo Blue/Volt Glow/White

Nike Epic React Flyknit Blue Glow Photo Blue Volt Glow White

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  • Nike Epic React Flyknit Pearl Pink/Barely Rose/Arctic Pink/Pearl Pink

Nike Epic React Flyknit Pearl Pink Barely Rose Arctic Pink Pearl Pink

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  • Nike Epic React Flyknit Pure Platinum/Hydrogen Blue/Pink Beam/Black

Nike Epic React Flyknit Pure Platinum Hydrogen Blue Pink Beam Black

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  • Nike Epic React Flyknit Black/Racer Blue/Black

Nike Epic React Flyknit Black Racer Blue Black

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  • Nike Epic React Flyknit White/Racer Blue/White

Nike Epic React Flyknit White Racer Blue White

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  • Nike Epic React Flyknit Wolf Grey/Cool Grey/Pure Platinum/White

Nike Epic React Flyknit Wolf Grey Cool Grey Pure Platinum White

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Overall verdict

This Nike Epic React Flyknit Men’s Running Shoe is meant to set a new benchmark for other running shoes. It is best suited for persons running marathon races. These shoes are definitely not meant for a normal outfit on your day to day activities, definitely not the shoe to put on!


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