Nike air VaporMax 97 Men’s Shoes Review

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The Nike Air VaporMax 97 Men’s Lifestyle Shoes


Nike Air VaporMax 97 Men’s Lifestyle ShoesThere are some mixed reviews regarding these Nike sneakers, but they are an extremely unique and eye-catching pair of shoes. If you want something different, want a pair of sneakers that can impress anyone, love the Nike brand, or want something super fly for your social media pictures- then these Nike air VaporMax 97 sneakers may be the ideal choice for you. They can really elevate a wardrobe without spending a fortune on new clothes- just leave it up to the sneakers to enhance yourself and your look!


The Nike brand is a globally recognized brand and the history of these sneakers go back decades. In 1978 the whole sneaker game was changed because of Nike’s AirSole Designed Sneakers. What was special about them? Well, the design included air into the sole of the sneakers, so it felt like the athlete was walking or running on air. But in 1987, the release of Nike’s Air Max 1 was a revolutionary year for not only Nike but sneakers in general. The Air Max 1 debuted the first Air Sole that not only felt like “walking on air” – you could SEE the air- thanks to the brilliant design of the Air Max 1 and the genius development of visible air to the show game. In 1995, Air Max 95s brought the visible air design to the ForeFoot location of the sneaker. Finally, in 1997, the full-length Air Max 97 included the visible air sole to the entire length of the foot, which was a monumental improvement for runners, sports enthusiasts, and athletes alike.

A sneaker that is still mentioned and talked about in pop-culture such as the Air Max 95 and 97 sneakers, shows that these sneakers are ever-increasing in popularity, still relevant, and was always a progressive type of shoe. To hold up to the hands of time for over two decades, definitely shows that the Air Max line and Air Max technology is still functional, still very much useful, and is still aesthetically pleasing to the eye. The Nike Air VaporMax is a fairly new technology that incorporates Air Max 97 top designs and lines, but with VaporMax utilizes the Air design differently – efficient use of air placement. Instead of the Air Max 97 sole design which was incorporating as much air in the sole as possible, the VaporMax design uses the air in more efficient ways to maximize the sneaker’s functionality and help the Runner or athlete achieve their full potential.


  • Unique
  • historic look historic sneaker
  • Revolutionary AirMax & VaporMax technology
  • Comfortable
  • Stylish


  • May run small
  • Noisy, loud, or squeaky
  • Uncomfortable toe area

The Nike Air VaporMax Birth (Features and Benefits)

Nike Air VaporMax 97 Men’s Lifestyle ShoesThe Nike Air VaporMax 97 is a version of the Nike  Air Max 97 upper sneaker design, but with a new Air sole technology which was seven years in the making. The designers wanted to truly capture the feeling of “running on air” so to mimic that feeling the design involved strategically using the bubbles of air in the sole to maximize that overall “running on air” feeling.

The midsole and sockliner are purposely missing, which lets the runner truly feel the air like never before. So when the runner lunges forward the air compresses in the sole and when the foot is released, or when you step kid, the air pushes out which releases the pressure in such a way that it gives the runner a springy bounce- which is definitely the most beneficial way to maximize air technology- in a running shoe.

The traction is designed to be very good and reviews show that the traction on the bottom causes a noisy floor to shoe squeak.

Material: The reviews also show that the materials used in the midsole- or lack of midsole- are super comfortable, including the vast amount of ventilation which is all a part of the genius design of this air vapor Max. All materials used are for maximizing the benefits of Air Soles, or for the upper sneaker to mimic the Air Max 97, and in the design to make the sneaker eye-catching and unique.

Sizing & Fit: The interesting fit of this shoe has definitely received mixed reviews, but the majority shows that this sneaker runs small. Trying on this sneaker has been recommended, also the toe room has been reviewed as uncomfortable or small as well. If your foot is wide, going up in size would generally be a good idea.

The support and stability of Nike’s Air VaporMax have been perfected for seven years. It is a sneaker designed for athletes, but specifically, runners who need lots of support, need to feel stable but also want to feel the ventilation of the New design.

Colorways: It is displayed in Black/ Metallic Silver/ White/Volt. There is a silver Air VaporMax that is soon to be released.


Nike’s Air VaporMax is best suited for the Air Max 97 enthusiast because of the upper aesthetic, and the person who is looking for an extraordinarily comfortable sneaker to wear and freshen up his outfits. This shoe can elevate any outfit and can really improve and pop in any picture- even at night. Also if you are a runner who wants the newest technologies, then this shoe would be ideal for a try. If you do not care about the history of Nike or AirMax technology, then this shoe would not be for you. If you have extraordinarily wide feet or large toes, then this sneaker may not be the best choice for you- possibly try a larger or wider sneaker, because most reviews show that it runs small with a small amount of the space.


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