Nike Air Max ’97 UT Women’s Shoe Reviews

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Introduction and History Behind Nike Air Max ’97 UT khaki Women’s Shoe

Having the original Nike Air max launched in 1997, the shoe is more than 20 years old today. Back then, Christian Tresser designed a brand that was too futuristic for the era with an intention of making it stand out and leave a great satisfaction impact to the wearers. 20 years after invention, Nike reintroduced Nike Air Max ’97 UT Women’s Shoes with a series of integrated innovations. The integrated innovations made the shoe retain the unique look of its metallic origin. The improvements also did well in eliminating weighty overlays in former models.

Today, the Nike Air Max ’97 UT Women’s Shoe has an upper single piece textured jacquard meant to make the shoe lightweight and air permeable. The air bubble unit’s pressure volume of the former model was regulated. The innovation also entailed coring the forefoot grooves and other parts of the sole in a bid to make the version lighter than its predecessors did.

Nike Air Max ’97 UT Women’s Shoes has a parade of feminine color tones which range from Gum light brown, khaki, light bone, and white.

The Nike Air Max ’97 UT Women’s Shoe is bigger than the former Air Max P7. This is ideal for women with wider foot measurements. To get the sneaker’s full advantage, people with a narrow and standard foot are advised to get half a size below their usual shoe size.

Based on previous customer reviews, some pros and cons have been identified in regards to the features of The Nike Air Max ’97 UT Women’s Shoes. Check out other Nike Air Max Reviews.

Pros and Features of the Nike Air Max ’97 UT khaki Women’s Shoe

  • Traction – According to reviews, customers are thrilled by the durable traction provided by the air cushioning rubber outsole. Athletes and spots men appreciate the sneakers since they have a great traction on runways, tennis and basketball courts.
  • Comfort – The fit and wide width size of Nike Air Max ’97 UT Women’s Shoe is has been appreciated as it brings comfort to the foot, more so when it is puffed up. The shoe’s air bladder feature in the sole also adds to its comfort.
  • Cushioning – Ladies Who tried this shoe recommended it due to its cushioning that is evident all over, and because it is topped off by a long-lasting gum outsole. Satisfied reviewers also claim that the product is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.
  • Materials – Reviewers are seen to like the upper reflective synthetic material effect. The material making this shoe gives it a cutting edge on workmanship. The Nike bladder feature in the sole makes the shoe comfortable to walk around with.
  • Sizing – The designers of this shoe put it into account that people have different sized foot some being wide, normal, and others narrow. As a result, reviews feel that Nike Air Max ’97 UT Women’s Shoe is suitable for any lady despite their size. The upper part of the shoe is both soft and flexible. The current version is wider than the former versions, and this results in a lot of comforts more so on the forefoot. Even those with wide feet are favored by this shoe, and according to reviews, they are elated by the fit and comfort provided by this shoe.
  • Ventilation – Reviews prove that people are satisfied with their sneaker’s upper single piece textured jacquard that plays a significant role in making the shoe air permeable and lightweight. In the innovation era, the designers regulated the sneaker’s air bubble unit pressure volume. Ladies like the reduced air volume in the midsole as it makes them feel softer on their feet. Women also like the well worked-on synthetic upper that blocks water and dust from getting into the shoe.
  • Support and Stability – The shoe is suitable for people engaging in athletics and outdoor activities. The sole’s design gives one stability and support, making it hard to slip over. The version is also lighter than other editions, and this shoe gives a lot of relief to someone’s feet. Reviewers seem happy due to the shoe’s ease to all the angles of the foot. The well-padded designs play a big role in bringing ease to all the foot’s angles.
  • Colorways – Being a premier edition of the runner, reviewers are pleased by the availability of Women’s Nike Air Max 97 UT in a fashionable colorway of Sequoia/Gum-Light Brown. Most buyers have perceived the shoe perfect for the winter season due to its forest green buck theme on its upper matching ascent. The sneaker is contrasted by a midsole that is white in color. Other common colors in this sneaker are Gum light brown, khaki, light bone, and white.
  • Price – Most buyers have been amused by retailers who sell the Sneaker at marked down prices.


Cons of Nike Air Max ’97 UT Women’s Shoes based on reviews

  • On one review, there is a customer seems displeased by the fact that the sneaker rubbed her ankles and ended up causing blisters.
  • Some loyal Air Max fans were unhappy about the product, claiming that the new version looks “cheap” when compared to the older version.

Overall (Verdict)

From the above reviews, it is clear that Nike Air Max shoes for women are comfortable, supportive, versatile, and fashionable. The shoes are a perfect option for peoples who engage in outdoor activities and athletics. When jogging or running, the shoes are an ideal option for you. On other games such as tennis and basketball, the shoes will give you an excellent traction. Nike Air Max ’97 UT Women’s Shoes are great during aerobic and yoga workouts. Any sportswoman can enjoy full stability from these shoes.

Nike Air Max ’97 UT Women’s Shoes also makes a fantastic casual wear. They can be worn with yoga pants, leggings, and jeans. Other than sports and workouts, these shoes are good when dining out, going to school, and when walking the dogs. With the variety of colors available, you can use them for different purposes. The shoes, however, might not be suitable for anyone attending an official event such as a corporate meeting or an office interview. On other platforms, the shoe will be a good deal for you. To enjoy the above benefits of Nike Air Max ’97 UT Women’s Shoes and learn more about the product, you can buy it on Amazon.


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