Nike Air Max 97 Ultra ’17 SI Women’s Shoe Review

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Introducing Nike Air Max 97 Ultra ’17 SI Women’s Shoe


Nike Air Max 97 Ultra '17 SI Women's ShoeAre you a female runner? Do you want to take your running career a notch higher? If you answered yes, you definitely want a specially designed pair of shoes. We have carried out extensive research and are glad to hereby present to you one such kind of a pair (Nike Air Max 97 Ultra ’17 SI Women’s Shoe review).

This is the Nike Air Max 97 Ultra ’17 SI Women’s Shoe. We are going to dig deeper into its finer details and what exactly makes it stand out from all the other shoes of its kind. We hope this shall give you compelling grounds to acquire it for your next running session.



For a start, Nike is a world-renowned manufacturer of athletic shoes. It is American-own and it engages in the design, manufacture, and development of sporting shoes and equipment. It also deals with the design and manufacture of several other kinds of sporting apparels, footwear, services, and accessories.

It is based in Beaverton, Oregon and was founded in 1964. As of now, it is the world’s largest supplier of athletic apparels and shoes. It also doubles up as a major manufacturer of sporting equipment. Its name ‘Nike’ is derived from the Greek goddess of victory, a name it has indeed lived true to by virtue f beating all other sporting brands to be the world’s leader.

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Nike Air Max 97 Ultra ’17 SI Women’s Shoe Review

We now want to proceed to review these women’s shoes in details. We shall look into the major features that the pair of shoes epitomizes as well as their accompanying benefits.


Outstanding Features and Benefits


  • Excellent Traction

In all, this pair of shoe possesses excellent traction indeed. This simply means that it grips and tightens to the soil on which it is stepped perfectly well. This feature absolves you from the dangers of slipping, falling off unnecessarily, and ultimately the associated injuries. It also grants you the confidence to run and perform complex exercises with ease. This indeed is the pair to settle on if you are such kind of a person who carries out physically demanding exercises on a regular basis.


  • Perfect Cushioning

Throughout the interior of the shoes are the Air Max cushioning. This material is pretty soft, highly absorbent, and comprises smooth texture. It absorbs all the shocks, frictions, and vibrations that may predispose your feet to the risks of blisters and peel offs.

In light of this, you can be certain to use the pair for a very long duration of time without necessarily developing conditions listed. Why would you want to gamble with your life? Place your bet on this pair for the best possible outcomes and experience.

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  • Awesome Material Construction

On the whole, this pair of shoes has been manufactured using the best ever materials that are on the market today. The leather and textile upper adorn its outer and upper layers. These materials are very strong, durable, and very resistant to friction as well as other elements of wear and tear. Moreover, at its outer surface, there is the 3M material covering.

This material reinforces the outer layer and shields it from the penetration of water and other external elements. This arrangement shields your feet from the risks of athlete’s feet and other infections that may naturally arise from excessive moisture in the shoes.


  • Rubber Outsole

Its outer sole is made of rubber. Rubber as well all know is very soft, comfortable, and flexible. The choice of the material will, therefore, guarantee you the flexibility you require to carry out those complex maneuvers with ease. Being soft, expect to incur almost no injuries even when you are subjected to the most extreme and demanding of external physical conditions.

Because of this, count on the pair of shoes not to let you down in those terrains that are ordinarily demanding. You may also place your bet on the shoes to negotiate and confront rocky paths with great ease.

  • Foam Insole

Its insole, on the other hand, is made of the foam material. This material has numerous perforations throughout its structural makeup. These perforations allow for the smooth exchange of air into and out of the shoes. Besides this, the foam material is also very soft, warm, and comfortable. Given that feet expand when heated, this trait comes in handy at such times.

It allows your feet to expand unhindered and maintain the same degree of comfort at all times. This again lets you run and perform the most complex of maneuvers without the fear or worry of hurting your feet.


  • Adequate Ventilation

Closely related to the above is the fact that the shoes are highly breathable. This, as already explained, simply means that the shoes allow for the smooth exchange of gases into and out of them. This smooth exchange brings along several benefits. These include the mitigation of foul stench. It is highly unlikely that any foul stench may arise given that they are dissipated seamlessly.

The same case applies to other ventilation-related disorders such as athlete’s feet. You may, therefore, wear these shoes without the fear of ever disparaging or subject your roommates to unnecessary discomforts.


  • Variant Sizing and Fit

People’s feet come in different sizes, shapes, make-ups, and forms. Nike understands this only too well. That is why it has also taken into account the varying formation into consideration while designing the various variant forms of this pair. For instance, this shoe is available in narrow, wide or normal feeds, respectively.

This gives you the leeway to determine which of the feed mostly suits your unique shoe size, taste, shape, and preference. This way, you will also keep off blisters, unnecessary frictions, and injuries that may occasionally arise out of the use of either undersized or oversized shoes.


  • Excellent Support and Stability

Generally speaking, these shoes confer excellent support and stability to your feet. They are wider at their bases, a fact that makes them more stable especially while negotiating the unforgiving terrain. This extra width at the base of the shoes is also great for confronting slippery surfaces as well as those winding terrains.

They minimize the risks of loss of stability besides granting the confidence need to stay afloat at such times. Their stability is further enhanced by the tight grips and traction they exude by virtue of possessing deep treads.


Nike Air Max 97 Ultra ’17 SI Women’s Shoe Colorways

Lastly, this pair of shoes is availed in sixteen different color options. These are black, grey, blue, pure platinum, and mahogany, to mention but a few. Women are well known to be sensitive to such otherwise petty details as color appearance.

By being available in as many as sixteen different color options, the pair of shoes gives you the freedom to select the color option that nearly suits your unique preference and taste. This will go further in ensuring that you do not clash with the event you are attending.

Here are three top Colorways
  • Nike Air Max 97 Ultra ’17 SI Particle Rose/Summit White/Gum Yellow/Neutral Indigo

Nike Air Max 97 Ultra '17 SI article Rose Summit White Gum Yellow Neutral Indigo

  • Nike Air Max 97 Ultra ’17 SI Barely Green Gum Yellow Black

Nike Air Max 97 Ultra '17 SI Barely Green Gum Yellow Black

  • Nike Air Max 97 Ultra ’17 SI White Vast Grey White

Nike Air Max 97 Ultra '17 SI White Vast Grey White

Great Aesthetics

Apart from discharging its core functionality of facilitating your travels from one place to another, the shoe also exudes excellent aesthetics. The design, outward appearance, and the ripple-effect lines that adorn its exterior jointly confer great aesthetics. The shoes are thus breathtaking to behold and find greater relevance even when worn off the track.


Extremely Lightweight

On the whole, the pair of shoes is extremely light in weight. This stems mainly from the light materials that are used to construct the various parts and components. You will find it easier and simpler to lift off the ground. You will, therefore, enjoy the benefits of being able to run around and utilize the shoes continually for a prolonged duration of time.


Sleek Design

This air features a distinctively sleek design. The sleek design is inspired by the Japanese Bullet Train that is high-speed. For this reason, the pair has the same aerodynamic traits that the train mentioned possesses. It subjects you to greatly reduced drag and hence enables you to travel faster than you ordinarily would with other kinds of running shoes. This again is yet another incentive.


30-day Moneyback Guarantee

Lastly, you will enjoy the benefit of the 30-day money back guarantee by opting for this pair of shoes. This simply means that you will have the benefit of a full refund in case you return the shoes to the store within 30-day duration after you have purchased it. This means you have all to gain and nothing to lose by deciding to part with your hard-earned income for the sake of the purchase of this wonderful pair.


Open Areas

Nike Air Max 97 Ultra '17 SI Barely Green Gum Yellow BlackAt its upper part, the pair of shoe contains several open areas. These are basically small perforations that are nonetheless larger in diameter compared to other minor ordinary perforations. They are mainly designed to cool your feet while running and to prevent the emergence of foul stench. They also see to it that your socks are not greatly discolored or permanently damaged.


Visible Air

Closing the list of its top features is the existence of ‘visible air’ at the forefoot. This ‘visible air’ basically plays the role of enhancing the overall comfort of the soles of the feet; especially the toe regions. They do this by furnishing a stream of cool air that soothes the pain and reduces the intensity of friction in the said parts of the feet.




  • Lasts longer than most athletic shoes
  • Manufactured by a very reputable and reliable brand
  • Pretty comfortable to put on
  • Returns a higher value for money by being able to discharge several roles
  • Imbues a sense of pride and elegance



  • Quite expensive and understandably so
  • Only for the female wearers; not males
  • Calls for greater care and maintenance



We do hope that you have found our explanations above not only insightful but also eye-opening. Indeed you just cannot gamble while looking out for the most suitable pair of shoes in case you are intent on building a professional running career. It is for this reason that a buying guide of this kind is by all means called for.

Even though this Nike Air Max 97 Ultra ’17 SI Women’s Shoes has its fair share of downsides, it is nevertheless still a great purchase indeed. Its role in keeping you stable while running and negotiating tight corners cannot in any way be wished away. Moreover, it is strong and is less vulnerable to damages and other forms of deterioration.


All factors considered, Nike Air Max 97 Ultra ’17 SI Women’s Shoe is a ‘must have’ for any female who wishes to take her athletic career to the next level. It is particularly great for regular practicing, confronting demanding terrains, and even professional athletics competition.


You will not find it useful in case you are a male or do not wish to venture into professional athletics career. The reasons underlying these two are pretty obvious. As stated, the shoes are exclusively designed for women; not men. By their sheer makeup and composition, they mainly suit extremely demanding running conditions. They cannot offer as much help to the ordinary user as a result of this.

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