Nike Air Max 97 Premium Men’s Shoe Review

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Air Max Lovers, don’t forget to add Nike Air Max 97 Premium to your collection


Air Max Lovers, Sneakers fans, and non-fans, here’s an in-depth Nike Air Max 97 Premium Men’s Shoe Review.

Introducing Nike Air Max 97 Premium Men’s Shoe Review

If you are about to treat yourself, make a gift or just expand your valuable Nike collection but you need that extra push to say, “Yes, I gotta have ’em”, then make sure you give yourself some time to get to the end of this article and I can assure you that at the end of it you will know exactly what to do.

You have already narrowed down your search, you crossed out all the brands except for one because you are probably a loyal customer and you know Nike never disappoints. Now let me help you make a choice you will not regret, and I am sure of that because Nike never disappoints for real and now it strikes again.

If you were looking at old 90s and early 2000s pictures of you and your friends sporting Le Silver and you were getting a bit nostalgic looking at how stylish and sophisticated they were, do not panic, because after reading this you will be ready to make new, wonderful memories with Nike Air Max 97 Premium on your feet. But if you randomly came across this article and you are just looking for a high-quality pair of shoes, then, hang tight, because it is never too late to jump on the Air Max 97-trend wagon.


History Behind Nike Air Max 97 Premium Men’s Shoe

First, let’s jump back to the year 1997 when the first Air Max 97 model was released. Christian Tresser, the genius behind it, designed the footwear with an eye-catching silver mesh inspired by the metallic finishes on mountain bikes. Yet, there is also a more popular version behind the origins of the famous sneakers that attributes the inspiration for such work of art to the shape, colors, and speed of the Japanese bullet trains running on the Shinkansen railway. The most innovative characteristic, however, that made Air Max 97 stand out among its cousin models, was in the Air Technology which for the first time was full-length and visible compared to the previous models which featured the Air cushioning on the heel only. The full-length Air Technology responded efficiently to criteria of performance and esthetics by combining the power of an innovative shock-absorber system with a lightweight design to reduce stress on joints, tendons, and muscles while improving the performance. The epiphany of the visible, full length of the Air Technology was the result of Tinker Hatfield’s desire to make the consumer understand the importance of such technology. Hence, the designer revolutionarily transformed an invention -that was basically just a miniaturized version of an air-bag system embedded in the sole in 1977, when the first Nike Air was released- into a more complex system of pressurized cushions of air that would cover the entire length of the sole and that would be directly visible thanks to an opening performed in the heel area. Air Max 97 also introduced to the market for the first time a hidden lacing system. One might argue that all these novelties were a bit overwhelming and not fully understood to explain why these shoes that we now celebrate and fancy, at the time, disappeared from the market after less than a year from their first release just to come back years later and be a must-have product in US, London, Japan, and Italy.

But you don’t need to worry. After a period of absence, Nike Air Max 97 has bounced back worldwide bringing back the carefree, breezy 90s that we all dearly miss. The countless releases of uniquely original models inspired by the good ol’ Silver Bullet have made happy all the nostalgic but made cringe the more purist and traditionalist sneakerheads out there. Today, no matter how many years have passed, Nike Air Max 97 is still a must-have. You might not want to go back to the memorable 90s and the idea of vintage clothing turns you off, or you probably just want a product that is fashionable, performative and at the same time still inspires the greatness of the past, either way, Nike Air Max 97 Premium is what you are looking for and you should look no further. Here’s why.



According to Nike, “The Nike Air Max 97 Premium features a sleek combination upper and classic cushioning for lasting comfort.” In addition, the body of these sneakers have a combination of full grain leather, polyurethane and fabric seamlessly blended together that gives them a stylish look, thanks also to the 3M technology that makes them reflective. The fabric mesh, moreover, guarantees a high standard of breathability: your feet will never have to beg for some oxygen!



The rubber outsole provides a moderate grip that makes this sneaker a perfect fit both for walking and running on different kind of surfaces without ever risking to end up a face on the floor in the most inappropriate moments.



The padded footbed and the full-length Air Technology provide a responsive, versatile cushioning that allows the shoe to meet the support needs of the user. The cushioning is slightly thinner than other models but still does a great job in a matter of impact absorption and injury prevention. The Air Technology running along all the sole and the rubber outsole make the product even more durable.



Nike Air Max 97 Premium is considered to be a model that balances comfort and stability with an outer structure that might feel too rigid at first. However, after a period of break-in, the footwear feels looser and softer on the foot but there is not a significant appreciable loss in stability, which contributes to make Nike Air Max 97 Premium a product that combines business with pleasure.


Nike Air Max 97 Premium Men’s Shoe Colorways

Life is too short to have boring shoes and Nike knows it very well to the point that he never allows its dear customers to get bored. As a matter of fact, Nike Air Max 97 Premium comes in different and lively colorways to a sport and carefully match with the perfect outfit, from the casual to the most classy outfit. But be fast to claim your original pair as the different colors are often times limited editions or country specific. In the case of Nike Air Max Premium, it counts variations such as Deep Pewter, Light Pumice & Summit White, Black Gold, Wolf Grey & Cool Grey and Particle Beige & Summit White among the others. In addition, this model also boasts a country Camo Pack reserved for US, UK, Japan, Germany, France, and Italy only. Sorry for the other countries, but you never know: you might be next!


Item Specifications:

  • Outsole Material: Rubber
  • Insole Material: Rubber
  • Upper Material: Full Grain Leather, Polyurethane, and Fabric
  • Upper Height: Medium cut
  • Traction: Low-medium traction
  • Feature: Highly Breathable, Supportive
  • Shoe Width: Medium
  • Closure Type: Lace-Up
  • Function: Stability, Stiffness, Running
  • Fit: True to size/half size up
  • Technology: Max Air, 3M reflective technology
  • Release Date: Fall2017

Buy What Do the Consumers Say? Nike Air Max 97 Premium Men’s Shoes Pros and Cons:


  • Durable – The rubber outsole increases the durability. Consumers reported enjoying the product even after several months of usage.
  • Fashionable – Most of the comments agreed on the trendiness of the product.
  • Comfortable – Consumers reported liking the way their feet felt inside the shoes after several hours of having them on. Great for long walks.
  • High-Quality Material – The combination of premium leather with synthetic leathers and the fabric mesh where considered to be high-quality materials and durable.
  • Versatile – Nike Air Max 97 Premium goes well as a sophisticated lifestyle-piece as well as running shoes.
  • Colorways – Sneakerheads will most likely want all the colorways. But even more, moderate users will appreciate the variety and uniqueness of each piece.



  • Run small – This is not really a con, but if you know it beforehand make sure you go half a size up and you are good to go!
  • Rigid – Few users complained about the stiffness of the shoes, but be patient, don’t give up on your Nike Air Max 97 Premium just yet, give it a break-in period and you are all set!



Nike Air Max 97 Premium should definitely be in your closet if you value aesthetics and you don’t mind a little bit of a throwback in the ’90s mixed with the trends of the future; if you are passionate about the Air Max Series and you want to stay on top of the Sneaker game; if you are a guy and you want to gain those few inches over your girlfriend who otherwise is as tall as you are. But jokes aside, Nike Air Max 97 Premium might not be for you-which would be very unfortunate- if your feet are naturally wide since Nike normally fits tight; if you don’t like rigid shoes and if you are against fashion revivalism and think the Silver Bullets are outdated and shouldn’t be reissued, not even with different colors.


So, Nike Lovers…

What are you waiting for? Go grab your pair of Nike Air Max 97 Premium…before they disappear again from the shelves!

Hurry up, they are almost sold out!


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