Nike Air Max 97 Men’s Shoes Review

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Introducing Nike Air Max 97 Men’s Shoes (Running and Lifestyle Shoes)

Nike Air Max 97 White-Black-Wolf Grey Nike Air Max 97 White-Black-Wolf Grey Nike Air Max 97 Black/White Men's Shoes Nike Air Max 97 Black/White Men's Shoes Nike Air Max 97 Black/White Men's Shoes

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The invention of Nike Air Max 97 Men’s Shoes came about 20 years ago. Before the Air Max 97 design, however, there was an original of the same, which was made in 1987 and purposely meant to be a running shoe.

Back then (1997), Christian Tesser aimed at coming up with a shoe that has outstanding qualities to satisfy the wearers. This included improvising on the visible full-length airbag in the shoes’ cushioning unit to make the footwear a unique version. This was successful as the water ripples, reflective piping, and Max air cushioning contributed to making the shoe famous.

Once the shoe was released into the market in the same year, the sneaker found favor from people and lasted for less than one year on shelves. However, not all audiences appreciated the shoe, resulting in a love-hate relationship. The admirers outdid the critics and today, the shoe is known for its excellent style and features.

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With many features and varying customer reactions, we came up with Nike Air Max 97 Men’s Lifestyle Shoes Review to help you know if the sneakers are good for you.

Nike Air Max 97’s design is flashy on its own, and one can wear it alongside a wide variety of outfits and it will match. This is regardless of whether you choose to have a T-shirt, khaki, or a jacket. Either way, you will have a smart look.

The Technology in Nike Air Max 97 Men’s Lifestyle Shoes makes it lighter. It is also made in a way that it provides the wearer with an excellent cushioning that results from impact landings. This shoe’s outsole is made of rubber and on its tongue; you can see its pull-tabs. On the heel’s tongue’s sidewall are swoosh logos.

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Features of Nike Air Max 97 Men’s Lifestyle Shoes

  • Design – Nike Air Max 97 Men’s Shoe is a favorite to many because of its famous design with reflexive piping, water-ripple lines, and Air Cushioning. Depending on the color, the shoe could be made of synthetic, textile, or leather material. Its foam sole has Max Air Cushioning and has a rubber outsole. On the forefoot, one can see visible air.
  • Traction – Having been inspired by athletes, this shoe was designed with an outstanding traction feature. Based on reviews, many users especially athletes, hikers, and game players appreciate the lasting traction that the shoe has. If you need a shoe to play with, get the Nike Air Max 97 Men’s Lifestyle Shoes.
  • Cushioning – This shoe is a choice to many due to its evident cushioning. The shoe is topped off by a durable gum outsole that tops up on its functionality. On the review section, many people praise the sneaker due to this feature. Reviews also claim that the sneaker is both aesthetically appealing and functional. Cushioning is enhanced by the shoe’s thick rubber outsole. Nike Air Max 97 Men’s Shoes offer sufficient padding in the tongue and ankle collar to enhance comfort.
  • Materials – Reviews make it clear that people’s love for the upper synthetic material is undisputed. Customers claim that the material makes the shoe an ideal option for workmanship. With the sole’s Nike bladder, the shoe is easy to walk with.
  • Sizing and Fit – When the shoe was being designed, the brainchild behind it put it in mind that people have different types of foot. Some have narrow, wide, and others normal feet. Having the shape designed in different sizing and fits, reviews appreciate by saying that with Nike Air Max 97 Men’s Lifestyle Shoe is ideal for any man regardless of their foot’s size. The shoe is available in a variety of sizes. You can get it from size 6 to 15. For half sizes, it goes up to size 12.5. The users also appreciate the shoe’s upper part which is both flexible and soft. Having this version wider than the original version, users rejoice of the comfort brought along by this shoe. Reviewers are making it clear that the comfort and fit provided by the different shoe sizes are exceptional.
  • Ventilation – The sneaker has an upper single piece of textured jacquard. This plays a crucial function being making the shoe both lightweight and air permeable. The shoe’s upper part is well worked on a synthetic design that blocks dust and water from getting in the shoe. This means that despite the wearer gets adequate ventilation, they do not risk ending up in cold, wet, or dirty feet despite the weather. Nike Air Max 97 Men’s Shoe also enhances comfort with the well-designed air volume in the midsole. The result of this is making someone’s feet feel soft.
  • Support and Stability – For people partaking in outdoor activities and athletics, the shoe is a perfect adoption. This is because of its excellent support and stability feature. The sole of this shoe is designed with the expertise to reduce all chances of someone slipping over. With the threads, support and stability are guaranteed irrespective of the terrain that someone is navigating. Unlike other shoe models, this shoe is lighter, and this aids in offering relief to the feet. On top of being thrilled by the support and stability features, reviewers seem fulfilled by the ease that the sneaker provides to all angles of the foot. The foot easing is facilitated by the well-padded design that it has.
  • Comfort – People appreciate the shoe’s fit and width. This Brings comfort to the foot despite the activity being undertaken. Comfort is even more evident as the shoe gets puffed up. Another feature that elevates comfort levels is the air bladder in the sole.
  • Price – On customer reviews, it is clear that people are pleased by the shoe’s price, claiming that it is giving them a fair value of their money. Some other men are amused by those retailers that are selling this shoe at marked down prices.

Nike Air Max 97 Men’s Shoes Colorways

This shoe comes along with three different colors. One of this is the classic White University Red colorway. The other is a bold red theme with metallic silver tones meant to embellish its signature. It pipes on the lateral side’s medial. Finally, there is the generous white ascent in the upper and midsole. To wrap the outsole to clean finish, tonal black is used.

  • Nike Air Max 97 White/Black/Wolf Grey
  • Nike Air Max 97 White-Black-Wolf GreyNike Air Max 97 White-Black-Wolf GreyNike Air Max 97 Black/White Men's Shoes Nike Air Max 97 Black/White Men's Shoes Nike Air Max 97 Black/White Men's Shoes

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Pros of the Nike Air Max 97 Men’s Lifestyle Shoes

  • Max Air Cushioning to provide all-day comfort and lightweight
  • It has a durable upper, making it a long-lasting footwear
  • Beautiful design lines inspired by the original version of Nike Air Max
  • A handful of customers love the shoe’s casual look, saying that the shoe goes well with their gym pants.
  • Customers love the shoe’s ability to hold any foot size and shape.
  • A Perfectly made sole to provide support even on slippery grounds
  • Reviewers love the perfectly designed colorway and mix that makes the shoe look and feel prestigious.
  • Reviewers feel that the shoe is a good value for their money due to its usability and long lasting feature.
  • Customers love the shoe’s ventilation feature that helps them stay comfortable and relaxed even after wearing the shoe for long.
  • Reviewers love the ease provided by the shoe on all angles of the foot, including the ankles.
  • The shoe is good for players as it gives them a good grip on the ground.
  • Reviewers feel comfortable walking with the shoe due to its Nike sole bladder
  • Customers claim that the shoe’s cushioning feature is superior to competitive brands.
  • The shoe’s traction makes it ideal for people who love being outdoors, going on unfriendly surfaces, athletes, and other players.

Cons of the Nike Air Max 97 Men’s Shoes

  • A small number of customers complained that the cushioning is too hard.
  • A small number of reviewers claim that the shoe is too heavy to run with.
  • Some customers claim, that the shoe is too wide for them.

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Final Verdict

As evident in the Nike Air Max 97 Men’s Lifestyle Shoes Review, the sneaker has outstanding features that make it worth buying. With the shoe’s comfort and safety characteristics as evidenced by its benefits, you will stand to benefit a lot if you opt for the brand. The shoes cushioning outdo those of other brands and make it worth picking it. Even though you might think that the shoe, buy its look is too wide for you, do not hesitate trying it. It might seem wide due to intense cushioning to enhance the user’s comfort. Do not forget about the value of your money that this shoe will give you. With its top-notch qualities one of them being the best shoe material, you will have this shoe as your lasting partner.

This shoe is suitable for many groups of people. The Nike Air Max 97 Men’s Shoes Review shows that you can benefit if you are a sports person, an athlete, and a gym lover. Whether you are playing a basketball or a tennis court, this shoe will give you a good grip that is imperative when playing the game. With the perfect design, you will minimize any chances of sliding and falling off when exercising at the gym. Not only is this shoe good for sports and gym lovers, but also is it good to any person who loves spending their time outdoors. Due to the perfect casual design, you can use this shoe on an endless list of casual activities, events, and occasions since it goes well with an enormous number of outfits.

With the perfect design, however, you cannot use the Nike Air Max 97 Men’s Shoes on events or occasions where you are supposed to dress officially. For example, you might not find it a good idea going with the shoe on an office interview or a corporate meeting.

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