Jordan “Why Not?” ZER0.1 Men’s Basketball Shoe Review

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Introducing Jordan “Why Not?” ZER0.1 Men’s Basketball Shoe

This specific product shares a history with Russell Westbrook who is a professional basketball player. It happens to be the first shoe that Russell used for his performance. The design of this Jordan Why Not? ZERO.1 follows the pattern of Russell Westbrook’s unique flair and personal style which is a no fear outlook and paying careful attention to every detail. You may also like: Air Jordan XXXII Low Men’s Basketball Shoes Review

This review will provide you with the needed information about the Jordan “Why Not?” ZERO.1. This information will be helpful when you want to buy the best basketball shoes.

Features and Benefits

The Jordan “Why Not?” ZERO.1 basketball shoes is an outstanding shoe in the quality department. It has breathable fused-mesh crafting that will provide you with a locked-down and lightweight response. Even if you make any additional move, your movement will never reduce the responsiveness as you are getting the highest bounce on the tracks. There is also an entire length unit of zoom air which provides you with the responsive cushioning that facilitates a dynamic play. It also works wonders with the pylon foam material which is molded for compression and the best material to enhance flight.

Pros and Cons of the Jordan “Why Not?” ZERO.1

This specific basketball shoe offers maximum security and comfort and allows you to maintain a fast pace which makes it a rave amongst professionals basketball players. One can ask, what is the secret of this great performance? They are as follows;


  • The Jordan why not zero.1 comes with a textile and synthetic crafting that delivers comfortable containment.
  • To ensure secure comfort, the interior laces comes with a front toggle.
  • There is also the loop and hook strap that provides you with the lock-down response.
  • The foam midsole carries the Nike Zoom Air which ensures a responsive and lightweight cushioning.
  • With this specific shoe, a maximum utility is assured due to the rubber tread that is durable.


  • The only con that this product has is that it is a bit hard to put on when you want to wear.


It sells at the decent price of $125 although the prices may change depending on the place you are buying from.


The colorways tell the story of Russell Westbrook’s rise and domination. It comes in multiple colorways such as black, signal blue, and team orange colors respectively.


The design idea for this particular product comes from the personality of the popular Russell Westbrook to provide a dynamic play and forefoot containment.

Sizing and Fit

The provided sizes of this Iconic basketball shoe are numerous. That is why it can carter to the sizes and provide a perfect fitting for everybody.


This particular product delivers perfect airflow in and outside the shoe through the breathable, fused –mesh material of the design.


This Jordan “Why Not?” ZERO.1 has a responsive cushioning to facilitate a dynamic game due to the Zoom air unit from Nike which is used as the Foam midsole.


This basketball shoe has an excellent support unit that comprises the loop and hook strap which offers a lock-down feel. It also has the sturdy rubber treads that deliver maximum traction.


The Jordan “Why Not?” ZERO.1 is constructed from various materials that play vital roles in its dynamic performance. They are synthetic, leather, textile materials, and breathable fused-mesh.


After going through this review, there is no doubt that this Jordan “Why Not?” ZERO.1 is the perfect design for today’s stars. It provides responsiveness, speed, and flight which are important to every basketball player that wants a dynamic game. It is futuristic and a basketball shoe which anybody that sees it will take a second glance.

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