Jordan Melo 1.5 SE Men’s Basketball Shoe Review

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Introducing Jordan Melo 1.5 SE Men’s Basketball Shoe Review

Playing in a court need the right basketball shoe to achieve success. We all know how tricky the deciding factors are in this sport. This game is where I have seen the importance of inches which can either make you a winner or a loser. If you don’t have the right shoe on your feet, you may lose your points due to slippage or lack of support.

The good news is that the Jordan Melo 1.5 SE men’s basketball shoe is available to ensure a smooth sail around the court without losing balance. The design has lots of improvements when you compare it with the previous versions, and as you read this review, you will love this shoe.


In case you don’t know, Carmelo and Jordan Brand is going back to where they started. Remember the old version of this shoe Jordan Melo 1.5 which came out in 2004 designed by D’Wayne Edwards who was Jordan Brand designer and founder of PENSOLE Footwear Design Academy. Then, the shoe combined certain elements from Air Jordan 1 and Air Jordan 2. It was unfortunate that the traction in Melo 1.5 was poor and the outsole was not durable.
The good news is that this new version Melo 1.5 SE is an upgraded version that combines premium materials to ensure that the shoes fit better than the old one. There is also the full-length Air cushioning which was in the old version as well.

Features and benefits

The quality of Jordan Melo 1.5 SE men’s basketball shoe is not something you can question. The construction of this basketball shoe is of textile and synthetic materials that will ensure a player with adequate support to enhance his comfort while playing.
The foam midsole that has a full-length Air-sole provides the cushioning you need so that you can concentrate on playing without distractions. As for your concerns about traction, there is a durable rubber tread that ensures excellent traction for wearers.

Pros and cons of Jordan Melo 1.5 SE men’s basketball shoe

Many people who have been on the lookout for the release of this shoes has made few comments about it. Also, the improvements and upgraded materials this time have many things to offer. Check them out.


  • Testers have said that this version is quite better than the old Melo 3.1 in traction.
  • According to what reviewers said, the cushioning is great given that it retained the full-length Air cushioning
  • The materials used at the heel which looks like a fleece makes the shoe to stand out
  • The thread used in this shoe is very durable and ensure excellent traction for wearers
  • Those who wore it for the first time immediately after the release all commends the lightweight feel it assures players as the bounce around the court.


  • We are yet to discover the cons of this product.


The main price for this shoe right now is $230 which may vary depending on where you buy it.

Jordan Melo 1.5 SE Colorways

Jordan Melo 1.5 SE men basketball shoes come in triple black colorways which will ensure everyday use for players. There is also the orange colorway which matches Anthony’s OKC uniform perfectly for that extra shine while playing.


The design of this shoe is unique to ensure that players feel good while using it. There is a mixture of synthetic and durable materials to ensure satisfaction and durability.

Sizing and fit

There are varieties of sizes available for you, and once you get the right one, it fits perfectly without any issues. Apart from the men’s shoes, there is also the grade school GS sizing available for your child.


There is adequate ventilation made possible with the premium standard materials used in creating this basketball court miracle.


There is the foam midsole on this shoes that comes with full-length encapsulated Air-Sole cushioning to absorb any impact while playing.


The textile and synthetic construction of this shoe will assure you of adequate support on the court.


Some of the materials used here are the fleece-like material which was used at the headband and the heels. Other premium-grade materials like the durable rubber thread combine to make this shoe a dream.


This recent release Jordan Melo 1.5 SE men basketball shoes is one product you want to try out. The materials are now upgraded from maximum support and cushioning. The last version Melo 1.3 had terrible traction, but this version has taken care of all those concerns.


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