Air Jordan Melo 1.5 SE Big Kid’s Basketball Shoe Review

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Jordan Melo 1.5 SE Big Kid’s Basketball Shoe
If you want to celebrate your kid’s emergence to the world of basketball playing or professional running, the best place to start is with Jordan Melo 1.5 SE Big Kid’s Basketball Shoe.
This shoe will provide your kid with support and lightweight comfort on every break or cut on the court. The Jordan Melo 1.5 SE Big Kid’s Basketball Shoe makes use of a modern profile with the signature details of a known player to provide for big kids a lightweight comfort. No matter how long your kids stay on the tracks, they are sure of maximum support and comfortable feel. Moreover, your kid will become a member of the Jordan which puts him on a very high level.
The Jordan Melo 1.5 SE Big Kid’s Basketball Shoe is a unique shoe that carries the signature design of Anthony and Jordan. This shoe went way back to September 2004 when it came out, but the line was banned. However, it is now emerging with a vengeance and upgraded with high-quality materials more than before. Every one of the colorways that come with this shoe tells a particular story. The stories are to celebrate the past and the future of this shoe. This particular shoe has other versions in 2013 which carries the Knicks design, the current version which hit the market on May 1 through Nike SNKRS are modified. They come with premium materials which are also modified with a headband that carries latest Melos Logos.
Features and benefits
This specific basketball shoe is upgraded with premium materials to deliver to your kid a perfect fitting. It is also altered at its ankle with Melo logos and a complete length air cushioning for responsiveness. With these features, your kid is sure of performance support and premium style game. The design construction comes from synthetic leather and textile material to provide comfortable support.It carries a padded collar which can expand to perfectly wrap around your kid’s ankle to deliver a lock-in feel. There is a foam midsole that carries air cushioning to deliver a lightweight comfort. For excellent traction, a sturdy rubber tread comes into the design.
Pros and cons of Jordan Melo 1.5 SE Big Kid’s Basketball Shoe
Many different reviewers have researched this basketball shoe and found out the following details;
• The people who are now proud owners of this particular shoe say that the shoe provides then with comfortable support due to the synthetic leather and textile for the construction.
• Each reviewer proclaims that the shoe wraps excellently on their ankle to provide them with the locked-in feeling since the collar wraps are padded for an extension.
• They also found out that foam midsole comes with air cushioning for a lightweight feel.
• There is also a long lasting rubber tread that provides exceptional traction.
The reviewers of this shoe say that this current edition is still limited.
The retail price of this particular shoe is still $100 from the source although it may change when you go to other retailers.
Each of the colorways of this shoe carries interesting stories to celebrate the past and future of this brand. They are significantly shown in Anthracite, black and team orange respectively.
This design carries premium quality material upgrades for better performance support and premium style.
Sizing and fit
The sizes are not limited and have the perfect fitting, and you are sure to get the perfect size for your kid.
The air sole cushioning provides the appropriate airflow needed inside and outside the shoe.
The extended collar wraps of this shoe which are padded and the foam midsole that has air cushioning delivers perfect cushioning.
The padded collar which can wrap around the ankle delivers a locked-in response that provides excellent support.
The materials for the construction of this shoe are synthetic leather and textile respectively.
This particular shoe is the best one to introduce your kid to the professional world of basketball playing. It will provide your kid with a lightweight cushioning comfort that will support their performance and to enhance their premium style. The shoe will also provide them with maximum traction for comfortable support throughout their play although this edition is still limited for now.

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