Jordan IX Retro MCS Men’s Baseball Cleat Review

Jordan IX Retro MCS

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Introducing Jordan IX Retro MCS Men’s Baseball Cleat

In a game where inches can decide a win or a loss, your cleats play an important role in giving you the edge to maximize your performance. Air Jordan’s are no longer just for hardwood floors, they now have a place in the field. Nike is known for creating high-quality sports equipment and they’ve definitely hit a home-run with this shoe. The Jordan IX Retro MCS was designed to meet the needs of amateur or professional baseball players and they feel right at home in the field. A lot of thought was put into designing this and you will feel it as soon as you put these on. 12 strategically placed molded TPU cleats guaranteed to give you the grip you need when taking those tight corners. The synthetic leather upper gives you the comfort, support, and reliability in any field. With 4 different color combinations available to choose from to make you look good running to the home plate.

History of Jordan IX Retro MCS Men’s Baseball Cleat

Why did Nike put a basketball legends name in a baseball shoe? In case you didn’t know, after Michael Jordan’s first NBA retirement in 1994, he played in the minor leagues for the Birmingham Barons. Leaving his illustrious NBA career to follow a dream might have been a bad choice but it might have been the reason why he created this shoe. Also, it didn’t seem to affect his performance in the NBA when he went back the year after. It’s a win-win for everybody and there are sure to be highly sought after by both baseball players and sneakerheads.

Features and Benefits:


  • Made of a durable synthetic leather upper for comfort and durability
  • Lightweight design
  • Air cushioned sole
  • Molded TPU cleats for maximum traction
  • 12 strategically placed cleats


  • Reviewers all comment on how lightweight these shoes are.
  • Baseball players have reported that these fit comfortably.
  • Reviewers have commented on how these look better.
  • High-cut design provides great ankle support.
  • The shoe gives great traction in wet or dry fields.
  • These give great ankle protection.
  • Reviewers love the design and wish they could wear it outside the field.
  • Comes in difference stylish designs.
  • Vastly improved reaction time in the field.
  • Fit true to size even with knee-high baseball socks.
  • Some reviewers have swapped the sole of this shoe for regular use.


  • Most reviewers find these too expensive.
  • The plastic pieces cheapen the look of this shoe.
  • Availability is an issue since it’s hard to find.
  • Players would’ve preferred removable cleats.
  • Reviewers have reported a lack of impact protection.


Don’t let its stylish design fool you. These are exceptionally good at handling the rigors of baseball and then some. Whatever position you play, this is the shoe for you. The comfort level and traction are amazing. You spend most of the game standing up so you need to have a firm grip on the ground for those crucial game-winning plays. The synthetic leather guarantees a comfortable fit and makes these durable enough to last longer than Michael Jordan’s baseball career.


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