Jordan Grind Big Kid’s Training Shoes Review

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Jordan Grind Big Kid’s Training Shoes ReviewThis is another running shoe that carries the Jordan signature and details to provide for big kids responsive cushioning and comfort on the tracks. It is a career builder for aspiring champions. If you want your big kid to be in comfort while playing harder or going the extra mile on the tracks, this Jordan Grind Big Kid’s Training Shoes is your best option. Your kid is assured of perfect lockdown feel and stability all the time on the track. See Jordan Grind Men’s Running shoes Review.


Another colorway has been sported on the track recently which is the Jordan Grind Big Kid’s Training Shoes. This product is introducing the latest batch of professional runners since Jordan has taken what works for other versions to upgrade this shoe to give off that Jordan vibe.

Features and benefits

This particular version of Jordan Grind running shoes is a revolutionary edition that is catering to the needs of young people. The construction is all about comfortable support for big kids while they are on the tracks.

  • It has a premium look together with premium quality materials to deliver comfortable support.
  • The construction of this running shoe comes from suede and mesh materials which enhances comfort cushioning response.
  • Also, the kid’s foot maintains stability on the tracks with the synthetic overlays that come with this specific shoe.
  • The big kids will not feel any shock on impact since the lunarlon ultralight springy feature of this shoe absorbs it all.
  • It will provide soft cushioning and still retains its responsiveness.
    Even the pull tab that has a placement on the heels of this shoe ensures easy wearing and removal of this running shoe.
  • There are also laces that integrate with the TPU straps to deliver the highest locked-down seamless feel.

Pros and cons of Jordan Grind Big Kid’s Training Shoes

After so much research about this particular shoe and the review of its buyers and users, they concluded that;


  • All the wearers agree that this shoe is easy to wear or to remove
  • Majority of the reviewers are happy with this shoe because of the shock absorption and the soft springy cushioning it provides.
  • Some of the users say that they get a maximum locked-down feel from this shoe thanks to the laces that integrates with the TPU straps.
  • The reviewers also said that this shoe has a proper ventilation system with the suede and mesh construction that provides comfortable support.


  • The pull tab of this shoe causes a scratching feeling when it is not worn with a long sock. This can lead to problems on the lower shin.

Jordan Grind Big Kid’s Training Shoes Colorways

The colorways of this shoe are appropriate and suitable for big kids. They are shown in three different colors which are black, metallic gold and white respectively.


The design idea of this specific running shoe is to deliver stability and responsive cushioning comfort which is important to every runner.

Sizing and fit

The shoe carries the perfect fitting and provides many different size options to ensure that you get your customized size.


There is a suede or mesh material that comes into the construction of this shoe for maximum ventilation.


Jordan Grind Big Kid's Training Shoes Cushioning
A Lunarlon foam coupled with the Jordan signature details provides an appropriate cushioning response.


The synthetic overlays and the laces that integrate with the TPU straps deliver the required locked-down support in this shoe.


The materials for the construction of this shoe are suede or mesh and lunarlon foam.


The Jordan grind big kids running shoe is the best provider of premium look, premium quality, and comfortable support all the time you are on the tracks. However, always wear your socks to avoid problems on your lower shin.


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