iBaby Baby Monitors Reviews 2020 – Buyer’s Guide


Your baby deserves the best, and that is undisputed whether you agree or not. Well, that is the key reason why iBaby monitors came to the market, promising not to disappoint users and remove all the frustrations from your mind. Our iBaby Monitor reviews are based on customer’s rating and feedback in Amazon. Rest assured that our top 8 iBaby monitors are rigorously researched and tested.


Now, let’s go!

Are you a parent looking for a perfect baby monitor with tons of amazing features? If yes, then the iBaby monitor is your go-to alternative and comes with all shapes, sizes, and prices. These monitors have provided parents with confidence and peace of mind as they sleep at night, allowing them to monitor the baby safely.

Among the excellent features found in iBaby monitors includes alert notifications, two-way audio talk, multi-color night vision, smart sensors of temperature & humidity, full HD video, and much more. Most iBaby monitors are Wi-Fi enabled and jam-packed with smart features that cater to the needs of all parents, whether working, staying at home, or aged parents.

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iBaby Care M7 Baby Monitor Review

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The iBaby care M7 [1] is an elegant product that has got a lot of buzz among parents who have officially declared it “the most advanced baby monitor” with extra features among them pre-recorded white noise and 1080p HD video.

This feature-rich premium product is currently rated the best iBaby monitor in the market at the moment. The product not only monitors the baby but also acts as a sound and light soother. This standalone product is a contender in this list because of the following features:

  • Excellent sound and video quality
  • Wide collection of kid-friendly features such as lullabies and bedtime stories
  • Clear audio which is evidenced in the two-way talk function.
  • The camera can rotate 360 degrees and give a perfect view of the nursery.
  • Parents can use the iBaby care app to generate a feeding program and to know when to change the diaper.


  • The iBaby mobile app has plenty of early childhood education features such as moonlight soother, music, and lullabies.
  • Remote tilt and zoom.
  • 1080p HD camera which gives quality video in the daytime and at night.
  • Smart sensors to detect changes in temperature and humidity.
  • Remote access of the monitor even if you are miles away.
  • Supports unlimited users


  • The product works hand in hand with a smartphone. Therefore, parents must be familiar with smartphone navigation.
  • It requires a reliable Wi-Fi connection at home, failure to which can result in functionality trouble.

iBaby Care M7 Lite Review

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The iBaby Care M7 is another premium product which looks nearly identical to iBaby care M7. The product has incredibly overwhelming features, which makes it a perfect contender in this list. From a picture quality perspective, iBaby care M7 is one of the best baby monitors in the market. We picked the product because of the following key features:

  • Excellent Wi-Fi speakers that play relaxing and soothing sounds throughout the night.
  • Smart alerts and sensors which detects changes in temperature or humidity.
  • The iBaby care app is simple and easy to use
  • Smart nursery features such as thousands of pre-recorded lullabies, bedtime stories, listen and talk function, grow-up timeline, and much more.


  • 1080p full HD video with tilt and pan ensures crystal clear videos and a 360-degree view of the nursery.
  • Remote access of your baby whether you are in the office or the market
  • Keeps a digital historical record of all activities captured in the nursery, which is essential to give you update about the milestone made.


  • Reviewers complained that the app completely closes itself between a few minutes to 2 hours.
  • Nearly all controls are done through the smartphone, which requires familiarity with smartphone use.

iBaby Monitor M2S Plus Review

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In the realm of smart baby monitors, iBaby monitor M2S plus has set itself apart from its peers, coming with incredible features that have made it receive praises far and wide. Apart from the eye-appealing compact design, the new iBaby Monitor M2S plus comes with amazing features like bells and whistles, video resolution of 1080p, and the zoom function.

What’s more? This standalone product can be synced with the iBaby care app, which has smart kid-friendly features ranging from lullabies, nature sounds, and the ability to give you important updates about your baby.

That’s not all! The product as two-way audio, which works even in the absence of an external speaker. Additionally, parents can get alert notifications in their preferred sound. We picked this product because of the following excellent features:

  • 1080p camera resolution along with zoom function which allows you to have a crystal clear view of the baby even in the dark.
  • Infrared night vision
  • Highly enhanced safety and security with the help of a three-layer security system containing the app, the monitor, and the servers.
  • No users limit; you can invite as many people as you want.


  • Remote access of the iBaby monitor from any location.
  • In addition to the preloaded lullabies, the product has various sounds and stories. You can also link your music collection for the baby to hear.
  • Users can receive smart sound and motion alerts about their babies on their mobile device.
  • 60-second installation


  • Reviewers complained about the monitor turning itself on and off.
  • Other reviewers stated that the monitor made a loud noise when turned on. 

iBaby Monitor M6T Review

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iBaby Monitor M6T always ensures that it puts your baby ahead of other babies. This baby monitor generally looks good and has improved functionality and design. We have picked the item because of the following features:

  • Looks sleek with tons of extra features.
  • Supports Wi-Fi connectivity, which means that you can monitor your little one from anywhere.
  • Uses IOS or Android as a parent unit.
  • Captures the baby’s special moment in HD images and videos.
  • Easy setup for such a complex baby monitor.
  • Video monitor switches to night vision automatically when it senses low light.
  • The infrared lights are dim to avoid disturbing the baby while sleeping.
  • Has extra smart features such as temperature and humidity sensors.


  • Reviewers complained of serious connectivity issues
  • There are some significant challenges with the baby unit. It produces a high-quality audio quality that can scare the baby. Moreover, the baby unit has a noticeable lag, which can be a serious issue in case of an emergency within the baby’s nursery.
  • There is a noticeable lag when the camera or the child moves.

iBaby Monitor M6 Review

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Your joy rises from the moment you unbox iBaby Monitor M6, coming in an eye-appealing sleek design. Just like its peers, the iBaby Monitor M6 comes with a lot of features which includes 2-way communication, pan & tilt, infrared night vision, sound & motion alerts, lullabies, and many other features.

One of the greatest features of iBaby Monitor M6, which makes it stand out among its peers is the integrated social media feature, which enables parents to share special milestones of their babies through Facebook or Twitter.

Another outstanding feature of this standalone product is that it allows up to 4 people to access the live feeds. This means that you can include your grandparent, aunt, sister, and an additional person to access the nursery.


  • 2-way communication function.
  • Pan & tilt functionality.
  • Infrared night vision.
  • Sound and emotions alert via email or SMS.
  • Safe storage or images or videos through cloud technology.


  • Lacks preloaded lullabies but you can add your favorite songs.
  • This is an exclusively mobile integrated monitor which means that you cannot access the images or videos on a PC.
  • Relies on cloud storage because it lacks SD card slot.
  • The original design made the product to be compatible only with Apple devices, and Android users might encounter significant challenges.

iBaby Monitor M6S, Wi-Fi Enabled Review

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iBaby monitor M6S is another super-premium product which doesn’t have every possible feature but has a vast collection of specifications that have made parents to like it. This rich-featured baby monitor enables parents to keep a watch on their baby via their smartphone.

One significant feature that makes this product outstanding is the 1080p camera that offers several functions, which includes motion and sound alerts, pan & tilt function, and much more. Other features that have made the product to be rated highly include the ability to play soothing music, sound-activated recording, sleek design, and much more.

Why we picked the product

  • Excellent video quality delivered by the 1080p camera
  • Pan and tilt function
  • Nine infrared LED.
  • Built-in microphone and speakers which allows parents to hear any sound the baby makes and issue commands.
  • Allows parents to play preprogrammed lullabies and to add songs from their music playlist.
  • Smart sensors which detect motion, audio, temperature, and humidity changes.
  • The iBaby app allows you to control the camera from your mobile device.


  • Reviewers complained about connectivity issues, saying that Wi-Fi had to be excellent for the product to function efficiently.

iBaby Air Smart Baby Audio Monitor Review (Temperature & VOC Detector)

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Do you wish to know the harmful elements in the air that your kids are exposed to? Do you wish to keep your kids entertained at night while they sleep? If yes, then iBaby air smart baby audio monitor is an essential baby gear that should not miss in your house. The product has a lot of features and functionality, which includes:

  • Detecting air quality and giving essential tips for air improvement.
  • Has smart sensors which detect changes in temperature, humidity, and sounds, then sends smart signals to the parent.
  • Multiple colors of light for entertainment.
  • Two-way audio speakers.


  • The product comes pre-set with four lights to indicate air quality and help you to adjust to a healthier life.
  • Babies can also listen and talk with their mothers.
  • The app also allows parents to play lullabies and read stories to the baby.
  • Full privacy control.
  • Unlimited users and monitors


  • Some reviewers complained about inaccurate readings.
  • Parents also complained about non-functional ion purifier.

iBaby Wi-Fi Wireless Digital Baby Video Camera Review

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This is another excellent product that has two superior features; night vision and music player. We picked this product because of the following features:

  • Easy setup; App works great, and it’s easy to setup
  • Great picture quality
  • Unlimited range Wi-Fi connection.
  • Two-way communication.
  • Uses Wi-Fi to transmit data to your smartphone safely.


  • It only works with a smartphone, which means you cannot access certain features through a PC.
  • Users complained about the sound turning off randomly.
  • Can only play MP3 files
  • Some reviewers complained about the prerecorded songs that come with the product, saying that the songs were not soothing and one could not delete them.
  • Parents also raised complains about the ultra-sensitive motion sensors.

iBaby M7 Lite vs iBaby Care M7 vs iBaby Monitor M2S Plus vs iBaby Care M6S

The table below shows the main differences between the iBaby monitors:

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Bottom line

Even though the iBaby monitor isn’t 100 percent flawless, it stands out in a few technical areas, containing some thoughtful features such as excellent camera quality and kid-friendly features such as lullabies. In either case, iBaby is an excellent high-end product which has distinguished itself as a veteran brand due to its incredible performance. Given that we are living in a digital age, you should make an effort to ensure you upgrade to have these smart baby gadgets in your home.

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