Fiber Optic LED Light up Shoes for Adults (Women Men)

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Imagine being the life of the party, with everyone’s eyes on you. But it isn’t your dazzling smile, or your wonderful personality, or even the fact that you might be hosting the party; no, it’s your sneakers.

Why Fiber Optic Black-Grey Shoes

The Fiber Optic Black-Grey LED Light up Shoes for Adults are equipped with lights that will not only allow you to have fun with your friends but may also make even rough activities like working out fashionable. The fact that these shoes come in black means that the shoes can match any outfit. They also come in different sizes that range from 3 to 12. This allows anyone to feel comfortable in the shoes, whatever your size may be. However, the shoes are also durable. The shoes are made of a special material that allows them to be water repellent, lightweight, and temperature resistant. As such, your shoes will stay just as beautiful as ever.

The Switch Button

In order to use these shoes, press the switch button, which is hidden in the pull strap at the heel. This causes the shoes to light up. If you want to turn these lights off, press the button again and hold it for 3 seconds.

USB Charging Code

Charge your shoes with a simple USB charging cable. Allow your shoes to charge for 3 hours. This, in turn, gives you up to 8 hours of lighting.

Charging Time

Within 3-7 days of your order, we will ship your shoes to you. At the latest, you will receive your shoes a week after your order.


The Fiber Optic Black-Grey LED Light up Shoes for Women and Men with USB Charging are an excellent way to stay both fashionable and practical. From its lighting to its durability, to even its easy use, these shoes will allow you to look wonderful at any setting, whether it be at a party, or at work. The shoes will provide you with hours of entertainment, and are a creative addition to any outfit you might pick out.


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