Why Some Electric Shavers Have Bad Reputation

Why some electric shavers have a bad reputation

History teaches us that at first, there were only a few people who choose an electric shaver. It was mainly because it worked by pulling the hair out, not smoothly cut them. Then, this bad experience was combined with its expensive price and dry usage. Some people believed that there is no difference between using this shaver and regular blade.

Another answer is most people at that time gave electric shaver only as a present for special occasions, such as Christmas because it was very difficult and took a long time to use than an ordinary razor.

Since that time until today, there have been so much researches made to increase both functionality and comfortability for this product. This is the only reason for everyone to come to this product again for a very long time.

Today, there is almost no annoying thing we ever get from an electric shaver. Even though in some cases, there is nothing different from the design, these electric shavers even work better than a traditional razor. We should say thanks to the latest technologies specially developed to make a better experience in shaving, together with advance engineering and design. The material has also been specially developed to ensure the best shaving result. Everyone hopes that in the future, everything will become better, especially for the price which is still so expensive. It is even much expensive than another foil shaver.