The Best Wahl Electric Shavers Review 2020

Since time immemorial, human beings have embraced the idea of grooming themselves. Taking care of your hair is among the best ways to improve and enhance your physical appearance. Some years back, accessing an electric shaver was a fantasy to many. People used scissors and razor blades to cut their hair.

However, the use of electricity today has transformed many lives and made life more comfortable. Inventors have come up with electric shavers that have been really helpful to both barbers and their customers. Wahl, a company based in Sterling, Illinois, is one of the most reputable electric shaving machines.

They have a wide range of products that are available in the global market. Their products are ideal for both business and domestic use. One of the most significant benefits of an electric shaver is its convenience and user-friendly. You plug it in, switch it on, and start shaving!

Considering the wide range of Wahl Electric Shavers in today’s market, it can be challenging to choose the company’s best electric shaver, regardless of whether you intend to use it for business or at home. Therefore, I came up with a detailed description showing the best ten shavers from this brand that you can consider the next time you go shopping for this gadget.


10 of the Best Wahl Electric Shavers Review 2020Review:


1. Wahl Professional Icon Clipper

Topping our list is this elegant hair clipper that comes with a powerful V9000 motor. Professional barbers and stylists have reaped the benefits of using this device.

With its sharp 1006 blade, this clipper is mainly used by experts. The product performs exceptionally as a heavy-duty commercial gadget.

The clipper is versatile and can be used effectively for blending, fading, cutting, and tapering. The device’s high precision blades ensure that you can use it efficiently, even at high speeds.

For your convenience as the user, Wahl Professional Icon Clipper comes with all the necessary accessories.

When you purchase this product, the package comes with shaver blade oil, a cleaning brush, a stylish comb, an operating manual, a red blade guard, and eight attachment guides of sizes 1/8, ¼, 3/8, ½, 5/8, ¾, 7/8, and 1 inch.

The clipper has a length of 6.25 inches and a weight of about 1 pound. Its power cable measures 8 feet, which is long enough for easy handling of the gadget.

The clipper has a variable thumb lever that allows you to adjust the taper and texture without necessarily installing a different blade.

  • A powerful V9000 motor and a Sharp 1006 blade
  • Adjustable thumb lever
  • A chemical-resistant power cable
  • Required accessories are included
  • To be sold and used in the U.S.A.
  • Cord entanglement instances


2. Wahl Professional Cordless Designer Clipper

Unlike our first product above, this product is cordless, as seen from its name.

Besides offering excellent performance demanded by hair experts, the Wahl Professional Cordless Designer Clipper allows the user to create new and exciting hairstyles easily.

This shaver is designed for smooth, precise, and quality trimming of hair types such as thick, multicultural, and textured. The shaver is more expensive than the Wahl Professional Icon Clipper.

The product’s dimensions are 12x9x10 inches. The clipper weighs about 1.79 pounds, making it convenient and easy to carry around. Its powerful rotary motor enables the clipper to cut through hair, whether wet or dry.

The shaver’s ergonomic design fits securely in your palm, and its chargeable lithium-ion battery has a run time of about ninety minutes. Enjoy the freedom that comes with this cordless clipper, one of the best in the market today!

The package comes with essential accessories, including cleaning oil and brush, eight attachment combs, an operating manual, and a 120V-60HZ red blade guard. The clipper is also equipped with a taper lever for easy blending and fading.

All Wahl blade guards can be used for this clipper’s 1005 standard blade.

  • No cases of an entangled cord
  • Easy hair-styling
  • Light-weight
  • Sleek ergonomic design
  • Short battery run time
  • Need for regular battery replacements


3. Wahl Professional 5-Star Series Cordless Senior (#8504-400)

This is another cordless hair clipper from Wahl, but it costs more than the latter. This product is unique and comprises precision fade blades and a metal compartment at the bottom. You can decide to use the shaver as a cordless or corded device.

Like the previous two products, the Wahl Professional 5-Star Series Cordless Senior is also equipped with a powerful rotary motor that gives the clipper enough power to tackle thick hair.

You can adjust its 2191 blades without instances of blade overlap. Its lithium-ion battery has a lesser run time of seventy minutes than that of Wahl Professional Cordless Designer Clipper.

Once you purchase this product, the essential accessories are included in the package. These accessories are cleaning oil and brush, operating guide, recharging transformer, 1/16” and 3/16” premium guides, a red blade guard, and a styling comb.

Its ergonomic design allows this clipper to fit in your hand’s palm for easier maneuverability.

  • Lightweight and durable
  • A long-lasting battery
  • Cord/cordless capabilities
  • A powerful V9000 rotary motor
  • Short 70-minute battery runtime
  • Package includes only three blades


4. Wahl Professional 5 Star Series Metal Edition Cordless Magic Clip

This cordless electric shaver is ideal for professional barbers and stylists, considering its stagger-tooth blade and powerful rotary motor.

The clipper’s stagger-tooth blade with crunch technology blends perfectly with any hair type and creates texture while cutting. The product uses a lithium-ion battery with a run time of 90-plus minutes. Its high precision blades do not overlap, and they enhance the speed and ease of using this cordless electric shaver.

In the package, you will find a polishing cloth, blade cleaning brush and oil, recharging transformer, user manual, a red blade guard, three premium cutting guides (0.5”, 1, and 1.5”), and a styling comb.

Its dimensions are a length of 6.25 inches and a weight of 13.9 ounces. It is also equipped with an adjustable that enables you to blend and fade easily.

This Wahl Professional 5 Star Series Metal Edition Cordless Magic Clip is designed and ideal for removing hair in bulk.

  • Necessary accessories in the package
  • Lithium-ion battery and Powerful rotary motor
  • Zero-overlap blades
  • Cord/cordless capabilities
  • Needs recharging
  • Heavy (weighs 2 pounds)


5. Wahl Professional 5-Star Magic Clip Cord Cordless

Next on our list is this stylish electric shaver that can be used with or without the power cord. The shaver is designed to deal with thick hair and offers excellent performance in blending and fading.

The product comes with a lithium-ion battery that has a minimum runtime of ninety minutes per charge. The clipper’s design is stylish, making it ideal for professional barbers and hairstylists.

The 5-star Magic Clip has high precision blades that do not overlap and an adjustable taper lever that makes it easy to blend and fade.

The following accessories are included in the 5-Star Magic Clip package: a stylish comb, cleaning brush and oil, charging transformer, a red blade guard, an operating manual, and eight attachment guides (1/8″, 1/4″, 3/8″, ½,” 5/8″, ¾,” 7/8″, and 1″).

This electric hair cutting machine is easy to handle as it measures just 6.25 inches long and weighs about 10 ounces.

The clipper uses a power frequency of 120V-60HZ. The product is designed to meet the experts’ demand for excellent performance when using a cordless shaver.

  • Easy to use
  • Necessary accessories included
  • Fit for thick hair
  • Consumes little power
  • Needs recharging after 90 minutes
  • It is expensive


6. Wahl Professional 5-Star Mentor Clipper

This is a corded hair shaver from Wahl manufacturers that comes with four blades that can be detached, allowing for seamless fading.

The Mentor Clipper is recommended for professional barbers and hairstylists who require exemplary performance by an electric shaver.

The clipper’s motor requires minimal maintenance, considering that the clipper uses a brushless motor. Therefore, some actions like greasing and changing the motor brushes are not necessary for the Mentor Clipper.

The clipper’s power cord is flexible, and it is 14 feet in length. Its two-speed levels (3000 and 3700 RPM) allows you to set the right speed for a specific shaving.

The motor is very efficient, and it maintains the set speed even in bulky hair cutting. Apart from the clipper itself, the four detachable blades, and the flexible cord, the package also includes a cleaning brush and oil, and an operating guide.

This electric shaver is easy to handle as it measures 7.5” in length and weighs about 13.9 ounces. However, this hair clipper is still heavier than the 5-star Magic Clip.

  • Long power cord
  • Two-speed levels
  • 4 detachable blades
  • A powerful motor
  • Power cable entanglement
  • No battery


7. Wahl Professional Cord/Cordless Sterling 4 Clipper 8481

Talking of a well-designed hair clipper, the Sterling 4 is among the products on the commercial-grade line from Wahl manufacturers. The shaver’s design is suitable for professionals only, and its impeccable performance meets the demands of experts.

This clipper can be used comfortably with or without its cord. This implies that if your gadget runs low on charge, you can plug in its cord and continue with the shaving. Among its most essential accessories are the eight cutting guides, ranging from 1/16″ to 1″, which help experts achieve maximum accuracy.

The other accessories included in the package include a styling comb, a cleaning brush and oil, a red blade guard, and a recharging cable.

All these accessories are meant to help you achieve quality and impeccable professionalism in your barbershop or salon.

The length of the Sterling 4 Clipper is 6.25″, and its weight is 10.2 ounces. Other features include a standard 1005 blade with three holes, a lithium-ion battery with a 90+ minute runtime, and a rotary motor. The device also comes with a taper lever for fine fading and blending.

  • Accessories included in the package
  • Cord/cordless capabilities
  • Long-lasting lithium-ion battery
  • Standard 1005 blade
  • Needs recharging
  • Use and sale allowed in the U.S.A only


8. Wahl Professional Reflections Senior Clipper

This is a phenomenal corded electric shaver that falls under Wahl’s professional products’ commercial grade line.

This hair clipper has a metal housing and a chrome lid. Considering its design, this product was manufactured with the intent to be used by professionals. The product meets the sharp performance expectations of the experts.

This shaver’s powerful V9000 motor runs faster and cooler than those of standard shavers. This makes the Reflections Senior Clipper the best fit for handling bulky hair cutting, blending, fading, and tapering because it does not over-heat.

The clipper also comes with a 2191 sharp blade.

The shaver’s metal housing gives you a fantastic feeling and enhances comfort and control when using the device.

The clipper’s package comes with the necessary accessories, including a cleaning brush and oil, eight attachment combs, a user manual, and a red blade guard. This product measures 6.5 inches in length, and its weight is about 1 pound, 3 ounces.

The clipper’s cord is chemical-resistant, and it stretches for 8 feet. It uses power at 120V/60HZ.

  • Chemical-resistant cord
  • No overheating
  • A powerful V9000 motor
  • Metal housing for comfort and control
  • Shorter cord
  • For sale and use in the U.S.A only


9. Wahl Professional Sterling Big Mag Clipper

This is another cordless product that is included in Wahl’s commercial grade line of products. This shaver is designed to be used by professionals only, and it can deliver the experts’ outstanding performance anticipated.

The Sterling Big Mag Clipper’s charging system is an automatic stand that charges the gadget within a short time. However, you have the option of either plugging the recharging transformer directly into the device or mounting the clipper on the charging stand.

The clipper’s stainless steel blades can be detached quickly to enhance precision during a shave.

The package includes the required accessories. They include a recharge stand, a recharging transformer, a user manual, a styling comb, a cleaning brush and oil, a red blade guard, and a cutting guide.

All these accessories are meant to give you a boost in your professionalism. This clipper is a bit longer than the rest, measuring 7 inches in length. However, it weighs less at 9.3 ounces. It has a 41884-7140 5-in-1 adjustable blade made in Germany.

It also features a powerful rotary motor and runs on a lithium-ion battery with a run time of about ninety minutes.

  • Light-weight and user-friendly
  • A powerful rotary motor
  • Easily detachable blades
  • Accessories included in the package
  • 2 charging options
  • Cord/cordless capabilities
  • For sale and use in the U.S.A only


Wahl Sterling Eclipse Clipper

Like the other cordless electric shavers mentioned above, the product also comes with a rotator motor and uses a lithium-ion battery. Falling under the commercial-grade product line, this clipper is essential to professional barbers.

This electric shaver can deliver excellent performance anticipated by the experts. The clipper’s cordless feature enhances freedom in movement. Its battery can power this device for about one and a half hours on a full charge.

The clipper also comes with blades that are easily attached and detached for effective cleaning and maintenance.

Like all the other electric shavers we have discussed above, the gadgets package also comes with the required accessories. They include a cleaning brush and oil, a user manual, 8 attachment combs ranging between 1/16” to 1 inch, and an automatic recharging stand.

In its dimensions, the clipper is 6.25 inches long and weighs 8.3 ounces. The clipper’s battery can power the clipper for ninety minutes before recharging.

The recharging can be done by connecting the recharging transformer directly or mounting the clipper on the automatic recharge stand. The blades are attached or detached using snap on and off feature.

  • The package is inclusive of the accessories
  • 2 recharging options
  • No instances of cord entanglement
  • Light-weight
  • For sale and use in the U.S.A only
  • Short battery runtime


Final Thought

Wahl is a company that has led the professional and home grooming industry for years with their quality products. For a century, the company has focused on manufacturing the best products, and one of their most significant ventures is in the clippers and shavers field. With so many years in the industry, the company has produced a wide range of clippers.

With such an extensive range of products in the market today, it can be hard for you to select that which best fits your needs. The above description shows ten of the best electrical hair clippers from Wahl Company. Some are cordless, meaning that they use a battery that needs to be recharged after some time.

Others are corded, and they cannot function without plugging them into a power outlet. The choice lies with you. Most of the clippers outlined above are very easy to handle. Additionally, you receive an operating guideline and the necessary accessories with every clipper you decide to buy.

Barbershops and salons are slowly becoming lucrative businesses as people come up with breath-taking hairstyles. As a professional barber or hairstylist, it is your responsibility to ensure that you get the best clipper for your commercial needs.

Some of the clippers discussed above, such as the Sterling Eclipse and Big Mag, are specifically designed for professionals and experts.

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