7 Best Split Screen Baby Monitors for Twins Review 2020

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If you’ve just had or expecting twins and looking for the Best Split Screen Baby Monitors, you have landed on the right article.

In this article, I’m going to discuss the top 7 best split screen baby monitors and recommend the best split-screen baby monitor I think you should buy in 2020 for your convenience.

Buying the best split-screen baby monitor seems a difficult job, and yes it’s, with so many of them in the market.

And they are all claiming to be the best, but sure you can’t just trust anyone blindly when it comes to something relating your children. This way we are here to help you make some smart decisions for the safety of your loved ones.

Split-screen monitors are best for keeping an eye on your more (twins) than one baby.

Baby monitors are coming in the market with dual or even more cameras. But they are of no good unless you have a split-screen monitor.

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7 Best Split-Screen Baby Monitor Reviewed and Compared:


ProductDual Cameras/Split ScreensRange (Feet)Video RecordingPRICE
Summer Infant Dual ViewYES600YESCHECK PRICE
Moonybaby Split 50YES1000YESCHECK PRICE


We have selected the following as the best Split Screen Baby monitor of 2020.

1. DBPOWER Video Baby Monitor Review

DBPOWER Video Baby Monitor Review



The DBPOWER video baby monitor is an excellent choice if you are looking for a baby monitor with a split-screen option.

Its advanced system supports up to five cameras, displaying a live feed from all the cameras on its screen simultaneously. It’s wide 3.4” LED screen provides a good view from all angles. The screen offers 640*480P Resolution, which is perfect for a nice and detail view from all cameras.

The baby monitor is equipped with the latest technology for your convenience.

  • Video Recording: Its smart video recording mode allows you to catch the cute moments of your baby. You can share the clips with your friends and family through social media as well. The monitor has a sound-triggered DVR function that makes sure you never miss a moment with your little one.
  • Wireless connection: The monitor features all security features. Its wireless system has FSHH technology that locks your digital videos.
  • 2 Ways Communication: The monitor has a built-in microphone and speakers so you can keep connected with your baby with your voice even if you are not there. Its smart system automatically detects the light condition and switch to night or day mode. With its night vision technology, it extends your vision even in the dark, so you always keep an eye on your little one.
  • Alarm alerts: The monitor allows you to adjust the alarm alerts from 0 to 6 levels.
  • Remote pan tilt zoom: It comes with a remote pan tilt zoom; you can adjust the camera from monitor to highlight or zoom a specific corner in the room.


  1.   It offers a complete view of its split-screen.
  2.  You can title zoom remotely from the monitor and adjust camera angles.
  3.  Night vision technology enables you to keep an eye on the baby even when lights are off.
  4.  You can record the videos.
  5.  Reliable built and long-lasting.


  1.  The monitor does well with two cameras but not so well with multiple cameras.
  2.  Charging cable is not very durable.
  3.  Battery won’t last the whole night.


2. Summer Infant Dual View Digital Color Video Baby Monitor

Summer Infant Dual View Digital Color Video Baby Monitor



This is another dual view digital monitor that is perfect if you have more than one camera. It comes with dual cameras, that can be zoomed as per your choice. The monitor comes with some wonderful features, so you stay connected with your baby. You can talk to your baby while been away from him and let him hear your voice.

The Monitors features a large 3.5” screen that accommodates as many cameras as you like. Though the monitor comes with two cameras, you can install more cameras too.

You can view different rooms of children from the same split-screen.

The baby monitor offers a night vision technology that keeps you updated with your baby even when lights are off.

The monitor has indicators for alerting you when the battery is low, or when out of range. The cameras have a 600ft range that is good enough for even large rooms.


  1.   The split-screen can accommodate four cameras.
  2.   The proper size of the screen and a good view of each camera.
  3.   It offers a pan-tilt-zoom option.
  4.   It has a good camera range.


  1.  No beep system for indicating low battery only has light indicators.
  2.   It does not come with a signal to lose beef.
  3.  Battery life is only 4-5 hours.



3. VTech VM343 Video Baby Monitor

3. VTech VM343 Video Baby Monitor



A great option in split-screen monitors, VTech VM343 is a smart choice for those parents who never want to miss a single smile of their bundle of joy.

The baby monitor offers a wide view with its 4.3 inches LCD screen. The high-resolution screen ensures that you get the best view of your baby and even in split-screen mode, the view remains best without any blotches.

The camera pan up to 270 degrees from side to side and can be titled from the monitor so even if your baby is moving around a lot, you can never miss his live feed.

The split-screen can be viewed in single view mode, the split-screen mode in which you can see all cameras feed at once on the screen, or a patrol mode with switching between the cameras every ten seconds.

The monitor offers a nine-level sound indicator; you can adjust your preferred volume settings. With its two-way talk-back intercom, not only you can hear your baby’s chuckles but can communicate with him too.

The wireless system has completely secure video, and audio transmission as the system digitizes and encrypts all transmission for security and privacy reasons.


  1.   Has a low battery alert indicator on the parents unit.
  2.  Complete privacy of transmissions.
  3.  Pan tilt zoom option from the monitor.
  4.   It has up to 1,000 feet range.
  5.  The split-screen supports four cameras


  1.  The extra-large screen gives a little grainy view at times.
  2.   The night vision does not work very well.
  3.  Monitor has a limited lifespan of a year and may start creating problems beyond that period.


4. Video Baby Monitor with Remote-Controlled Camera by Axvue

4. Video Baby Monitor with Remote-Controlled Camera by Axvue


This baby monitor is another good option with a split-screen, and all offer advanced features that you would want. The screen is expandable to accommodate four cameras.

The monitor is equipped with a loudspeaker and microphone so you can hear and talk to the baby wirelessly.

It features a widescreen of 4.3 inches. The high-resolution screen provides a clear view without blurring any angle. You can view one camera on-screen or as many as four cameras feed periodically or at a time.

The device comes with two cameras, and you have to buy separate cameras if you need more.

The Axvue Baby monitor works like a stand-alone device and does not require any app. It provides an immediate real-time video with audio.

Though you can hear the sound from one camera at a time. The monitor features a special alert system when the baby cries; the screen comes out when a camera hears a baby crying.

It has special sensors to detect room temperature, and the moment room temperature drifted the screen changes color to notify you.

The cameras keep on working in the dark through their night vision technology and keep you connected with the baby.

The pan and tilt camera provides the best results, and you can control it from the monitor if you want to zoom a particular angle.

No doubt, the monitor provides high quality combined with great performance.


  1.   Great battery life.
  2.    The temperature gauge keeps you updated with the temperature of the nursery.
  3.   Night vision works well.
  4.   The widescreen adjusts four camera feeds.
  5.   Easy to set up and use.


  1.   Some customers complain of camera quality.
  2.   Picture quality is not very great though it serves the purpose well.


5. MoonyBaby Baby Monitor with Two Cameras Split Screen

MoonyBaby Baby Monitor with Two Cameras Split Screen


Moonybaby Baby Monitor is an excellent choice for those who have twins or more than one baby to take care of.

The split-screen monitor supports two cameras and provides you with the live video of both cameras at the same time.

The wide-angled camera covers the entire crib and even the entire room.

The monitor offers both a split screen or a single camera view. Just press the enter button, and you would enter in split-screen mode. You can select the camera you want to hear since it will let you hear from one camera at a time. Use the arrow keys to select the camera you want to hear a voice from.
  • Digital zoom: The monitor features the digital zoom option so you can zoom the camera on the baby to see him sleeping without having to go into the room and disturb the baby.
  • Long-range: The monitor has a long-range and can reach up to 1,000ft. The camera is designed with high sensitive sensors and can automatically switch to day or night mode.
  • Night Vision: Even at night, you will see the bright images of your baby sleeping. You can set the power saving mode on for a long battery life.
  • Temperature Sensor: The monitor displays the current temperature of the baby’s room and helps you make your baby comfortable in his room all the time with the right temperature.

The monitor is perfect for staying connected with your baby and helps you take maximum care of your little ones.


  1.   Offers great range.
  2.   Displays room temperature on the Monitor screen.
  3.   Automatic night mode activation.
  4.   Power saving mode for long battery life.
  5.   A large screen is offering a split-screen.


  1.   Battery life is not very long.
  2.   Not a very durable device.


6. Samsung Sew-3057w Review

This video monitoring system is among the latest split-screens to grace the market. It comes with a camera and a parent’s unit.

You can add to the cameras if you so wish. Its camera range can comfortably cover a big house. It was designed to avoid interference with Wi-Fi signals.

Through the parent unit, you can communicate with your baby and comfortably see what is happening in the other room. It is compatible with Samsung mobile phones.



  • The video monitoring system is very durable.

  • The addition of extra cameras is very easy.

  • Cameras’ viewing angle is 330 degrees.


  • Unusually bright camera light.


7. Motorola Split Screen Baby Monitor Review

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The Motorola split-screen baby monitor is not like conventional baby monitors. It comes with temperature and sound sensors that tell if the noise level and the temperature of the baby’s room is satisfactory or not.

You can adjust the camera angle from the monitor itself with the use of a remote. It also has a two-way communication feature that allows you to communicate well with your baby.


  • Fairly small monitor of size 5 inches.

  • Split-screen viewing enabled on the set.

  • You can get a full angle view of your baby’s room.


  • The sound sensors can be a sort of nuisance sometimes. They can capture the buzzing sound of flies in the room.


The top 5 Best Split-Screen Baby Monitors for Twins


What is Split Screen Baby Monitor?

What exactly is a split-screen monitor? It is a baby monitor that has two or more cameras in your baby’s room and displays a live feed from both cameras on the screen at the same time.

If you have more than one camera in your baby’s room or have more than one baby, switching views to other cameras can be tiresome and also dangerous. You might forget to switch the view at all.

So a split-screen monitor is an easy and convenient solution that shows the different angles captured by the cameras at the same time. The screen on the monitor is split into sections displaying different camera feeds.


What are the benefits of Split Screen Monitor?

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of split-screen monitors and see why you need one.


Keeping an eye on more than one baby

Parents with twin babies can make the maximum use of split-screen monitors. You can’t rely on one camera and need to see both babies at the same time.

So a split-screen monitor allows you to stay updated with your twins simultaneously.

If you have more children

Even if you don’t have twins, you might have other kids that need some monitoring as well.

Having different screens for all kids is not a good idea when you can make use of a split-screen monitor and keep an eye on your all children.

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Capturing different angles

Even for one baby, you need a split-screen monitor. Babies grow very soon, and your bundle of joy won’t remain in the same position you left him in sleep for long.

Once they become active, they will change sides, roll up or around.

So you better use a baby monitor with more than one camera that can cover the different angles if the baby is changing sides.


Do all baby monitors with more cameras have Split screens?

No, not all baby monitors come with more than one camera, and even those who come with more than one camera don’t feature split screens.

So need to be cautious while you are buying a specific monitor with more than one camera.

Make sure it offers a split-screen option otherwise more than one cameras are not very useful as you can forget to switch to other cameras in your busy daily routine.

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What to look for when selecting the best split-screen baby monitor

Now that we know how useful these split-screen monitors are let’s discuss some things that you need to consider while buying a split screen baby monitor for your convenience.


Battery Life

The battery life of your product is of great importance. It should be long enough to offers a great view throughout the night.

You won’t be waking up in the middle of the night to charge the battery and a dead battery in the middle of the night while you are sleeping is very dangerous.

It can stop working right when your baby needs you the most.

So be careful and choose the monitor that offers the best battery life.  

You can make use of the power-saving mode to improve the battery life of your device, but still, a power-saving mode won’t last the whole night.


Cost of the Baby monitor

You might be on a budget, but when it comes to the safety of your little one, we recommend choosing a reliable monitor that may cost you little more but serves well.

Buying a cheap baby monitor is not a very sensible decision as the device won’t last long, and soon, you may be out looking for a new baby monitor.

So better choose a reliable monitor that will last longer and thus can be cost-effective.


Number of cameras your split screen accommodates

That depends on individual needs.

Some split-screen monitors offer to support only two cameras, some supports as many as four cameras.

So take a moment to decide how many cameras you will be using, or need to use. If you have more than two children, then you can buy a monitor that supports four cameras at a time, but you don’t need to buy a four-camera supported split-screen if you have only two cameras.

Surely, the split-screen supporting more cameras at the same time will cost more than the one supporting two cameras.

It all boils down to your individual needs.


Range of monitor

The range of the monitor is important, especially if you have a large house and want to look after the kids while being on the lawn or backyard. Some baby monitors offer great range; others may not cover that much range.

Look into the specification of a particular baby monitor and see exactly how much distance it covers. Match the distance covered with your individual needs and choose the monitor that offers the best range.

You might not need a great range at all if you are living in a small apartment, so choose one that seems more promising to your individual needs.


Tilt and Pan Zoom

It’s a wonderful option that advanced baby monitors include. The feature allows you to control the direction of the camera, or zoom a particular angle from the monitor.

You don’t have to walk in the nursery to control the camera direction. You can zoom the camera on the baby’s face right from where you are to see your sleeping baby. The option is a great help for parents and makes sure you select a monitor that comes with Tilt and Pan zoom.


Large Display

The large display is even more important for the split-screen monitor. Your screen will be divided into four sections so a wide LCD screen will be able to give a better view of each camera.

You can opt for a normal screen size though if you are using only two cameras and think a large display will be overkill, but still, a large display is a good feature if you want to enjoy your baby’s movements.


Temperature Indicator

It is a very useful option and makes sure your baby stays comfortable in the room. Some monitors constantly display the current temperature of your baby’s room, and some can even alert you when the temperature drops a certain level.

The temperature control option is a great relief for parents in extreme cold or hot weather when you can have an idea if the room conditions are favorable for the baby.


Multiple Receivers

It depends on individual needs. Multiple receivers are great if you share the responsibilities with dad or some other family member.

You can also fix one receiver at a place and carry around another one with you around the house. So you can look up for one that offers multiple receivers if you need it.


Picture Quality

Both your camera and LCD screen determine picture quality. A good LCD screen with better resolution will have a good picture quality.

It is especially very important if you want to record some cute moments of baby and share them online too. Some baby monitors do not offer great picture quality when it comes to a split-screen.

They may blur or give a grainy view of one or other cameras. Surely, if you are investing in a split-screen camera, you want the same quality and performance for all camera feeds.

Some very large display screens also give a grainy view. Make sure the unit you are buying has good quality cameras that provide you with the best video results.


A Reliable Monitor

Above all, it’s the matter of your baby’s safety and life. So you would never want to spend money on some unreliable baby monitor that can stop working in the middle of the night or does not work when a baby is crying or need you the most. Go for a brand that you can trust.

Baby monitors after all work on batteries and you need to charge them often. But a device that shuts down the moment battery gets low is not a good option.

Your monitor should warn you well before the monitor is going to shut off or stop working so that you can charge it timely. So choose the one that offers low battery alert or indicators.



Split-screen baby monitors are a great help for parents with more than one baby. These baby monitors let you stay connected with your children all the time.

The products mentioned above are all tested, and if we have to choose one, we will recommend the DBPOWER Video Baby Monitor as the best Split Screen Baby monitors of 2020.

All monitors included in the list are great and offer great performance. Some of them can only support one camera; others may have a better range, and so on.

You need to select the one that caters to your individual needs and offers the best features for your convenience and the safety of your baby.


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