7 Best Split Screen Baby Monitors for Twins 2020 (Updated)

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For the parent who has been graced with twins, monitoring your babies can prove daunting. Even worse, it is critical for your babies’ development to get some time free from your attention.

Also, it’s not a great idea to leave them alone in the crib. For easy and comfortable checkups, a baby monitor should come in handy.

A monitor ensures their safety and silent checkups without disrupting a baby’s nap time. As such, a baby monitor allows for adapting a bedtime routine and gives you peace of mind as you tend to your chores.

With many options in the market, finding the best split-screen baby monitor for twins may prove to stress. Given the diversity in features, research is vital to find the best baby monitors for twins.

This guide tackles:

  • The factors to consider when investing in a baby monitor.
  • The best dual camera split screen baby monitors 2020.


The 7 Best Split-Screen Baby Monitor for Twins (Reviewed and Compared):


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1. DBPOWER Video Baby Monitor Review


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The DBPOWER video is an excellent dual-camera split screen baby monitor. Unlike many options, the DBPOWER features a room temp monitor and alert. By keeping tabs on the baby’s room temperature, you can decide to add or reduce the baby’s clothing for their comfort.

Even better, you need not enroll in a tech course to operate this baby monitor. Featuring a simple interface and an easy to follow manual, you can easily navigate its settings and enjoy all functions.

The advanced system supports up to four cameras, which display simultaneously on the split-screen tab. It’s wide 4.3″ LED screen provides an excellent view from all angles, thus making it easy to check the whereabouts in your child’s room.

The screen offers 640*480P resolution, which is perfect for a beautiful and detailed view from all cameras. With a transmission speed of 2.4 GHz, the video is of high quality and free of lag.

The baby monitor is equipped with the latest technology for your convenience. Among the outstanding features of this monitor are:

  • Video Recording: The smart video recording mode allows you to capture the moments that make your heart stop with joy. The monitor can store a variety of memories as it accommodates a 32GB memory. As such, you can share the clips with your friends and family and save them for future reference. The monitor has a sound-triggered DVR function that makes sure you never miss a moment with your little one.
  • Wireless connection: The monitor features all security features. Its wireless system has FSHH technology that locks your digital videos from unauthorized persons.
  • LED lighting: among the notable features that make the DBPOWER the best baby monitor is the sound activated LED light, which provides optimal monitoring at night. Besides saving power, the sound activated light ensures that you keep your battery power while getting a clear view of what’s bothering your baby every time noise comes from their room.
  • 2 Ways Communication: The monitor has a built-in microphone and speakers to keep connected with your baby with your voice even if you are not there. The two way-talk is excellent for soothing the baby from the comfort of your bed or when handling chores.
  • Lullaby and night light: The lullaby and nightlight ensure that your baby’s night is calming and that you monitor them without disrupting their sleep. During the night, visibility is up to 15 feet, which is ideal for monitoring nocturnal baby activities.
  • Alarm alerts: The monitor allows you to adjust the alarm alerts from 0 to 6 levels. Thus, reducing the nagging beeps associated with standard baby monitors.
  • Remote pan tilt zoom: Besides your baby, it is critical to monitor what is happening in their environment. With the DBPOWER model, you can tilt the camera to a 170-degree horizontal and 110-degree vertical angle, thus easily viewing what is happening in your child’s room.
  • Vibrant resolution on split-screen.
  • Remote control of the camera angles.
  • Night vision technology
  • Video recording for up to 32GB space.
  • Reliable
  • Long-lasting.
  • Easy to operate
  • Multiple camera views are not as quality as the one with two cameras
  • Charging cable is not very durable.
  • Battery won’t last the whole night.


2. Summer Infant Dual View Digital Color Video Baby Monitor

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The Summer Infant dual view monitor is the best split-screen monitor for twins for a 600 ft transmission range. Like the previous set, it comes with dual cameras that can be zoomed as per your choice.

The monitor also comes with some beautiful features, so you stay connected with your baby. Since it is capable of two-way talk, you can communicate with your baby when far and comfort them.

The Monitors features a large 3.5″ screen that accommodates as many cameras as you like. Though the monitor comes with two cameras, you can install up to four cameras. As such, the monitor is capable of use in four rooms.

It is also vital to note that you can view the four feeds from one split-screen.

Additionally, the baby monitor offers a night vision technology to enable comfortable monitoring at night. As such, you need not expose your baby to the glare of conventional lights to ensure safety at night.

The monitor has indicators for alerting you when the battery is low, or when out of range.

  • The split-screen can accommodate four cameras.
  • Suitable screen size and quality camera feed
  • It offers a pan-tilt-zoom option.
  • It has a good camera range.
  • No beep system for indicating low battery

  • Battery life limited to 4-5 hours


3. VTech VM343 Video Baby Monitor

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The VTech VM343 is among the best split-screen baby monitors as it offers a wide variety of functions, making it easier to keep an eye on your baby.

The baby monitor offers a broad view with its 4.3 inches LCD screen. In addition to the 2.4 GHz transmission rate, this monitor’s visual output is unrivaled even on split-screen.

The camera pans up to 270 degrees horizontally and vertical rotation of 120 degrees from side to side, allowing you to watch as your baby moves around their room. This is even better among the few dual-camera split screen baby monitors that can accommodate up to eight cameras.

The feeds from connected cameras can be viewed on a split-screen or a switch mode. When on switch mode, the screen shows the feed from a different camera every ten seconds.

The monitor offers a nine-level sound indicator to ensure you select your preferred volume settings. With its two-way talk-back intercom, you cannot only hear your baby’s chuckles but also offer comfort and reprimand when further from them.

The wireless system has a completely secure video and audio transmission as it digitizes and encrypts all transmission for security and privacy reasons.

  • Has a low battery alert indicator on the parent’s unit.
  • Complete privacy of transmissions.
  • Pan tilt zoom option from the monitor.
  • It has up to 1,000 feet range.
  • The split screen supports a maximum of eight cameras
  • Features a temperature sensor
  • The screen can be grainy
  • Limited night vision
  • One-year warranty limits time for noticing any manufacturing failure


4. Axvue  Video Baby Monitor with 2 Cameras

With a 4.3″ LCD, the Axvue monitor is among the decent dual-camera split screen baby monitor options. Unlike standard monitors, this one is capable of 360-degree horizontal rotation and 90-degree vertical rotation.

The monitor is also equipped with a two-way talk option, thus allows you to communicate and listen in on your baby wirelessly. Even better, the four-camera option ensures that you monitor more babies or cover more parts of your room expertly.

The high-resolution screen provides a clear view without blurring. The resolution, together with the fast 2.4 GHz transmission, allows for a quality visual output and quality monitoring. You can opt to view all four camera feeds periodically or at a time.

However, the device comes with two cameras. The additional two can be bought separately. Regarding the transmission range, this monitor can relay an image to up to 900ft.

The Axvue Baby monitor works like a stand-alone device and does not require any app. It provides a live real-time video with audio. However, you can hear the sound from one camera at a time.

The monitor features a unique alert system that goes off when it detects your baby is crying. It has individual sensors to detect room temperature, thus keeps you top with clothing needs.

The cameras keep working in the dark through their night vision technology and keep you connected with the baby.

  • Great battery life.
  • Temperature sensor
  • Super clear night vision.
  • The widescreen adjusts four camera feeds.
  • Easy to set up and use.
  • Some customers complain of camera quality.


5. Moonybaby Split 55 Video Baby Monitor with 2 Cameras

MoonyBaby is another great baby monitor for twins. Unlike its counterparts, this set comes with a 5″ full screen, which allows for viewing without squinting.

This split-screen monitor supports two cameras and provides for a maximum of four. As such, you can purchase two extra cameras and monitor a more extensive floor space.

The wide-angled camera covers the entire crib and even the whole room. Together with the 1000 ft transmission range, few baby monitors can rival the MoonyBaby quality.

The monitor offers both a split screen or a single camera view. Just press the enter button, and you would enter in split-screen mode.

Use the arrow keys to select the camera you want to hear a voice from. In addition to the 2-way talk, the set has five inbuilt lullabies, which boost your baby’s comfort.



  • Digital zoom: The monitor features the digital zoom option that allows you to zoom on the baby for precise observation.
  • Day/ Night mode: The camera is designed with highly sensitive sensors and can automatically switch to day or night mode.
  • Night Vision: Even at night, you will see the bright images of your baby sleeping. You can set the power saving mode on for extended battery life.
  • Temperature Sensor: This baby monitor is fitted with a temperature sensor, which helps you make appropriate changes for your child’s comfort. With this monitor, you can set the preferred temperature for various periods. Upon exceeding or falling below the set temperature, the screen icon flickers, thus warranting you to make optimal changes.
  • Wide transmission range.
  • Displays room temperature on the Monitor screen.
  • Automatic night mode activation.
  • Power saving mode for extended battery life.
  • A large screen is offering a split-screen.
  • High-resolution night vision lens
  • Low durability for its price point


6. Samsung Sew-3057w Review

Samsung is among the revered dealers of electronics. As such, this video monitoring system is bound to beat multiple options at your disposal.

With a 900 feet transmission range and an option for up to four cameras, this is a decent baby monitor for twins. Unlike standard monitors, this option has a five-inch screen, which is ideal for multi-screen feeds. Regarding the resolution, this screen has a 720p resolution, thus gives you unobstructed views of your baby.

Even better, this gadget was designed to avoid interference with Wi-Fi signals, thus does not compromise your network speeds. This baby monitor also features a clear night vision and lullabies, which help you put your baby to sleep.

Through the parent unit, you can communicate with your baby and comfortably see what is happening in the other room. It is compatible with Samsung mobile phones.


  • Easy installation
  • Clear night vision
  • 720p resolution
  • Long transmission range
  • Easy addition of cameras
  • 330 degrees viewing angle
  • Unusually bright camera light.


7. Motorola Split Screen Baby Monitor Review

The Motorola split screen baby monitor is unlike conventional baby monitors. It comes with temperature and sound sensors that tell if the noise level and the temperature of the baby’s room is satisfactory.

The five-inch screen and 2.4 GHz connectivity make for a quality visual projection even on split-screen.

The Motorola baby monitor has a maximum of four-camera capability and a transmission range of 1000 ft. You can adjust the camera angle from the monitor itself with the use of a remote.

It also has a two-way communication feature that allows you to communicate well with your baby. In addition to this feature, the monitor is fitted with five lullabies, which are ideal for soothing your baby to sleep.


  • large monitor of size 5 inches.
  • Split-screen viewing enabled on the set.
  • You can get a full angle view of your baby’s room.
  • The sound sensors can be a sort of nuisance sometimes. They can capture the buzzing sound of flies in the room.


What is Split Screen Baby Monitor?

What exactly is a split-screen baby monitor? It is a monitor with two or more cameras that display all camera feeds on the screen simultaneously.

When parenting more than one baby, switching views between cameras can be tiresome. This can also be dangerous as you cannot effectively monitor all your babies.

So, a split-screen monitor is an easy and convenient solution as it shows different angles captured by all cameras. The screen on the monitor is split into sections displaying different camera feeds, thus keeping a close watch on multiple kids.


What are the benefits of Split Screen Monitor?

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of split-screen monitors and see why you need one.

  • Keeping an eye on more than one baby: Parents of twin babies can make the maximum use of split-screen monitors. You can’t rely on one camera for checking up on two active babies. As such, a split-screen monitor allows you to stay updated with your twins simultaneously. If you have more children split-screen, baby monitors allow for the addition of cameras. With a dual-camera monitor, you avoid the hassle of having a different monitor for each kid, thus easily keeping an eye on all kids from a single screen.
  • Capturing different angles: Once babies become active, monitoring them proves a robust experience. Being able to access different room angles allows for a watchful eye on your baby’s whereabouts.


Do all baby monitors with more cameras have Split screens?

No, not all baby monitors feature multi-cameras, also, some of those that come with more than one camera doesn’t feature split screens. As such, you need to be cautious while buying a specific monitor with more than one camera.

Make sure it offers a split-screen option for optimal use with a single screen.


What to look for when selecting the best split-screen baby monitor

While baby monitors are lifesavers for parenting, not all baby monitors are created equal. As such, some baby monitors offer a better experience than others.

Among the factors to consider when choosing a baby monitor include;

Battery Life

The battery life of your product is of great importance. It should be long enough to offer a great view throughout the night.

You won’t be waking up in the middle of the night to charge the battery, and a dead battery in the middle of the night is risky for baby monitoring.

It can stop working right when your baby needs you the most!

So be careful and choose the monitor that offers the best battery life. You can make use of the power-saving mode to improve the battery life of your device.


Cost of the Baby monitor

You get what you pay for. As such, it is better to invest a reasonable amount for a quality service. However, this does not mean that you should spend an arm and a leg on a baby monitor.

To get a good monitor for your price, compare the reviews and features of monitors within your price range, and get the one richest in features and positive reviews.


The number of cameras your split screen accommodates.

This depends on individual needs.

Some split-screen monitors can support only two cameras while some support as many as four cameras.

If you have more than two children, you can buy a monitor that supports four cameras at a time, but you don’t need to buy a four-camera supported split-screen if you have only two cameras as this will increase the cost.


Range of monitor

The monitor range is essential, especially if you have a large house and want to look after the kids while handling your chores.

For this, look into the specification of a particular baby monitor for the distance it covers. Match the distance covered with your individual needs. Choosing an appropriate range helps keep the prices within a reasonable range without compromising on service.


Tilt and Pan Zoom

This is an excellent option featured by advanced baby monitors. The feature allows you to control the direction of the camera or zoom a particular angle from the monitor.

With this feature, you don’t have to walk in the nursery to control the camera direction. You can zoom the camera on the babies from any position, thus supersizing their activity better.


Large Display

The large display is even more critical for the split-screen monitor. Your screen will be divided into four sections so that a full LCD screen will give a better view of each camera.

You can opt for a standard screen size though if you are using only two cameras and think a large display will be overkill, but still, a large display is a useful feature if you want to supervise your baby without scrunching your eyes.


Temperature Indicator

Your baby’s comfort determines your comfort. While some monitors only display the temperature of your baby’s room, some alert you when the temperature drops below a certain level.

The temperature control option is a great relief for parents in extremely cold or hot weather zones. By knowing the temperature ranges, you can adjust your baby’s clothing to ensure comfort and protect them from catching a cold.


Multiple Receivers

Multiple receivers are great if you share the responsibilities with dad or some other family member. You can also fix one receiver at a place and carry around another with you around the house for easy access from various points of your home.


Picture Quality

Both your camera and LCD screen determine picture quality. A good LCD screen with better resolution will have a good picture quality.

It is especially crucial to record some cute moments of baby and share them online too. Some baby monitors do not offer excellent picture quality when it comes to a split-screen.

They may blur or give a grainy view of one or other cameras. Surely, if you invest in a split-screen camera, you want the same quality and performance for all camera feeds.

Some huge display screens also give a grainy view. Ensure the unit you are buying has good quality cameras that provide you with the best video results.


A Reliable Monitor

Above all, it’s the matter of your baby’s safety and life. So, you would never want to spend money on some unreliable baby monitor that can stop working in the middle of the night or does not work when a baby is crying or need you the most. Go for a brand that you can trust.

Baby monitors, after all, work on batteries, and you need to charge them often. But a device that shuts down the moment battery gets low is not a good option.

Your monitor should warn you well before the monitor is going to shut off or stop working so that you can charge it timely. AS such, settle for a baby monitor with a low battery alert or indicator.



Split-screen baby monitors are a great help for parents with more than one baby. These baby monitors let you stay connected with your children all the time.

The products mentioned above are all tested. However, if we have to choose one, we will recommend the DBPOWER Video Baby Monitor as the best Split Screen Baby monitors of 2020.

This is because it offers a broader transmission range, is equipped with lullabies, has sound-activated sound and video transmission, and gives a decent number of camera additions.

Hoping this guide helps you find the best gadget for your modern parenting needs. Also, I wish you and your babies a life filled with joy and happiness.


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