Best Affordable Split-Screen Baby Monitors for Twins 2021

Best Split Screen Baby Monitors for Twins 2021 (Updated)

Been blessed with twins? God bless them! As much as this is exciting and a blessing, now will come the challenge to find the Best Split-Screen Baby Monitors for Twins to look after them while away from. Not to worry, though, as this is article will just do that! Baby monitors are a lifesaver, and new mommies appreciate it. Most standard baby monitors are stationary, with a control screen. Nevertheless, as technology advances, you can now use the split-screen baby monitor to watch over your child.

Split-screen monitors are ideal for families with multiple young ones or twins, allowing the parents to keep an eye on each child using a connected system. This means you can have up to four cameras in different rooms reporting to one central control screen.

We have gathered the 5 best split-screen baby monitors for twins to make parenthood a lot easier for you.

Benefits of Split-Screen Baby Monitor for Twins

Raising twins is both challenging and fun. You need a split screen baby monitor to keep an eye on each child simultaneously. The baby monitors allow you to split the screen and monitor each child’s activities, never missing a moment.

The baby monitors offer you amazing features such as motion sensors, two-way communication, temperature reading, and night vision mode. That way, you can feel close to your babies and focus on your chores as they sleep.

The baby monitors are remote and offer a wide range of connections allowing you to move about and even go to the backyard and still watch them sleep. Some baby monitors remind you of diaper changes and feeding time schedules making it easier for you to keep up with their progress.

You can also get an alert when the baby is uncomfortable or cries. Thanks to the wireless connection, you can also watch your babies from work and see what happens with the nanny. With the recording feature, you can capture precious moments and share them with family and friends.

The 10 Best Affordable Split-Screen Baby Monitors for Twins 2021 (Reviewed & Updated):

#1 Also Recommended: Babysense 4.3” Split Screen

Baby Monitor, Babysense 4.3" Split Screen,...
  • HAVE A SENSE OF CALMNESS knowing your little angel is safe &...
  • CALM, COMFORT & SING TO YOUR BABY with your own voice using...
  • DON’T MISS A THING, the cutting-edge Auto Infrared Night...
  • 100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION, we at Babysense made the...

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  • 4.3” SPLIT SCREEN DISPLAY and two PAN TILT ZOOM cameras.
  • LONG RANGE of up to 960 feet open space.
  • Auto Infrared Night Vision
  • 1 Year Manufacturers Warranty

Babysense 4.3” Split-Screen is one of the most affordable and reliable baby monitors you can find in the market. It’s designed with a 4.3″ LCD screen and two cameras that make it an excellent monitoring system for twins. With a high-quality split screen, this split-screen monitor allows you to supervise your baby and give you more confidence. The secure FHSS technology used for building this monitoring system guarantees 100% privacy as it is hack-proof. This monitor is non-Wi-Fi and does not require the internet to operate. When you want to see how your two babies are doing, you can press OK for split-screen viewing. However, you can only view one camera feed at a time, but the feed from cameras automatically switches from one camera to another every 10 seconds. The two cameras in this unit allow you to monitor your twins 24/7 when they are sleeping in different rooms or cribs. With cutting-edge auto-infrared night vision, you will watch your babies at any hour of the night. Most parents have loved this product and rated it highly due to its excellent quality and reliability.

Why I Liked It

  • Excellent quality
  • Automatic infrared night vision
  • Includes two digital cameras
  • Accurate temperature sensors
  • In-built lullabies with white noise sounds


 #2 Recommended: Moonybaby Split 55 Baby Monitor

Moonybaby Split 55 with 1 Camera Mount, Split...
  • 【Easy Set-up Baby Monitor + Mount】Set up the monitor in...
  • 【No Nails in Your Wall But Always Get the Best...
  • 【From Infant to Toddler】Your baby becomes more and more...
  • 【Don't Miss a Thing】Stay connected to your child with...
  • 【Mount is STURDY AND LONG LIFE】Baby camera holder made...

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  • Split Screen & Audio for one chosen camera
  • Remote Pan, Tilt, Zoom
  • WIRELESS SECURED TECHNOLOGYupstairs/downstairs. No WIFI/INTERNET setup required.

Moonybaby Split 55 Baby monitor comes with a large 5-inch LCD screen for clear viewing. It allows you to watch over your babies using the split-screen view. This unit has two cameras with two different interchangeable lenses, so you won’t have to purchase extra cameras. The split-screen feature in Moonybaby allows you to watch two cameras at the same time. With this baby monitor, you get a standard and in-built wide-angle lens, which is very handy to use. It allows you to watch the entire room or a specific part of the room without having to tilt the camera. The auto night vision in Moonybaby Split 55 is clear to enable you to keep an eye on your babies. The night vision clarity is very enhanced to the extent that you can see how the baby is breathing. Moonybaby Split 55 comes with a two-way back function to let you talk to the babies and listen to them from whatever part of the house you are in. It uses GHz transmission security to ensure safe and secure communication between the camera and the screen. However, you can only listen to one camera at a time even though the screen displays two camera feeds. The room temperature sensor allows you to set the required temperature levels, and the baby monitor screen will indicate when the temperature is high or above the set level.

Why I Liked It

  • 5-inch large display
  • Auto night vision
  • Two-way talkback
  • It comes with two cameras
  • Designed with sound-activated LED Lights


 #3: Motorola MBP50-G2 Video Baby Monitor

It's Sale Now
Motorola Video Baby Monitor - 2 Wide Angle HD...
2,356 Reviews
Motorola Video Baby Monitor - 2 Wide Angle HD...
  • ✅ FULL ROOM COVERAGE - Our baby camera monitor comes with...
  • ✅ REMOTE CAMERA CONTROL - Want to check on other areas of...
  • ✅ IMPRESSIVE DISPLAY - View a real-time video feed of your...
  • ✅ COMFORT THROUGH COMMUNICATION - Our infant monitor acts...
  • ✅ CAPTURE THE SLIGHTEST SOUNDS - The cameras of our infant...
  • Pairing can be affected by other devices in range, the...
  • wireless technology: 2.4 GHz FHSS

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  • FULL ROOM COVERAGE – 2 portable cameras
  • REMOTE CAMERA CONTROL – pan, tilt, or zoom
  • 5 LCD color screen
  • 2-way intercom system
  • Range 1000 feet wireless technology: 2.4 GHz 

The Motorola MBP50-G2 is another exceptional baby monitor with the best display size on a 5-inch screen for a clear and detailed view. It comes with two cameras, but you can still order additional Motorola cameras to pair them with this unit. If you wish to have more than two cameras in place, keep in mind that the unit supports only two cameras at a time. Thus, you will have to opt for the auto-switch scanning mode. You will benefit from the auto night vision that enables you to watch over your little ones at night without having to walk into their rooms. This baby monitor has an excellent wireless monitor range of 1000 feet to allow you to see your babies from outside or the next room in the house. The two-way talkback function on Motorola MBP50-G2 is very convenient as it allows you to talk to your babies via this unit. The room temperature sensor is very accurate and reads individually on both cameras. When the temperature is above or below the required level, there is a color indicator and a beep to alert you. With this baby monitor, you will have five different lullabies to choose from. But unfortunately, there is no volume control.

Why I Liked It

  • 5-inch large screen
  • Highly sensitive microphone
  • Five built-in lullabies
  • Two way talk back feature
  • Features a remote pan and tilting and zooming


 #4: Vtech VM350-2 Video Baby Monitor

It's Sale Now
VTech VM350-2 5" Video Baby Monitor with 5"...
  • High-resolution, 5" color LCD screen ** Lets you clearly...
  • Up to 1,000 feet of range ** Stay connected to your baby...
  • Two-way, talk-back intercom ** Sometimes all your baby...
  • Soothing sounds and lullabies ** Five calming melodies and...
  • Temperature sensor ** Keep your little one cozy. The...

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  • High-resolution, 5 color LCD screen
  • Up to 1,000 feet of range
  • Two-way, talk-back intercom
  • Soothing sounds and lullabies
  • Temperature sense

The Vitech VM350-2 is designed to provide an all-around safety and baby monitoring solution to any parent looking to keep track of their babies all the time. It includes two quality cameras to help you supervise your twin babies even when they are sleeping in different rooms. The unit features in-built temperature sensors that alert you when the nursery is too warm or too cold. Both cameras in this baby monitor are designed with a two-way talkback function. The split-screen feature makes things easy for you as you can comfortably monitor your two babies. There is also a single camera model for those who want to mount one camera in a single room.

Why I Liked It

  • Several soothing lullabies
  • Two-way talkback function
  • Affordable price
  • Automatic night vision


 #5: Summer Infant Dual View Baby Monitor for Twins

Summer LookOut Duo 5” LCD Video Baby...
  • ADDED PEACE OF MIND - When baby sleeps well, the whole...
  • NO HOLE MOUNTING: Get the best view of your baby without...
  • BETTER VIEW OF BABY – With two video cameras, you can...
  • ADDITIONAL FEATURES: The LookOut baby monitor includes...
  • EXPANDABLE SYSTEM – This innovative expandable baby...

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The Summer Infant Baby Monitor is well-known for its incredible features, including sound-activated LEDs, automatic night vision, and dual view functionality. It is designed with a 3.5-inch portable HD color screen and a two-way talkback function. This unit operates on a safe 2.4GHz wireless technology to ensure that no stranger is watching your baby. This unit will warn you when moving past the monitor range and when the power is too low with a low battery alert.

Why I Liked It

  • Low battery alert
  • Dual-view functionality
  • Sound activated LEDs
  • Automatic night vision


  #6 Axvue 5.5″ Video Baby Monitor

[HD] Video Baby Monitor, AXVUE 720P 5" HD...
  • [CRYSTAL & SHARP REAL TIME IMAGES] Equipped with 5 inch High...
  • [SPLIT SCREEN] This features allows user to view two...
  • [LONG RANGE & BATTERY LIFE] Up to 1000ft Working Range, see...
  • [PRECIOUS LENS & ULTRA NIGHT VISION] Built-in sensor could...
  • [RICH FEATURES] Anti-hack wireless tranmission, 2-way...

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  • Type: Video Baby Monitor,
  • Display: 1080P 5.5″ FHD Display,
  • IPS Screen, 1080P HD Cam,
  • 12-Hour Battery Life,
  • 1000ft Range,
  • 2-Way Communication,
  • Secure Privacy Wireless Technology

AXVUE comes equipped with a high-definition 5-inch screen and 2 HD cameras. The monitoring system is powerful and allows showing the two cameras simultaneously by split-view layout. The video quality is crystal clear with 720P standard pixel response and sharp real-time feed. This baby monitor is user-friendly ad requires no technical skills to operate. You can also zoom in up to 6 times when focusing on a specific area on the screen. The camera can also pan and tilt to capture movements within its wide range. Enjoy the extended working range up to 1000ft and see all corners within your children’s room. It also comes with enhanced battery life the lasts up to 15 hours, ensuring that you don’t need to charge it every few hours. The baby monitor also features night vision, motion sensors, anti-hack wireless transmissions, and temperature detection. Take advantage of the 2-way communication and talk to your fussy young ones to calm them.

Why I liked it

  • Clear and sharp images
  • Night vision
  • Temperature detection
  • Anti-hack wireless
  • 2-way communications
  • 1000ft working range


#7: JouSecu Baby Monitor 2 Cameras

Baby Monitor 2 Camera 4.3 Inches LCD Split...
  • ★ 【3 display modes】Video Baby Monitor there are three...
  • ★ 【2 way audio】Baby monitor with camera and audio, can...
  • ★ 【Temperature detection】Smart baby monitor, 2 cameras...
  • ★ 【Convenient and practical】The screen size can be...
  • ★ 【Privacy Guarantee】Through FHSS transmission...

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  • Baby Monitor 2 Camera
  • Display: 4.3 Inches LCD
  • Split Screen
  • Range: 1000ft Range
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • 2 Way Audio
  • Temperature Detection
  • Baby Crying Detection
  • Night Vision

JouSecu comes in three display modes, including view camera, split-screen, scan mode, plug, and play. The app requires no internet connection and is easy to navigate. The baby monitor also allows you to talk and sing to your baby, thanks to the two-way communication system. The baby monitor also comes with a room temperature detection system that allows you to set appropriate temperatures for your kids to sleep comfortably. You can easily customize the settings and create a healthy and comfortable environment for them to thrive. JouSecu comes in a compact, lightweight, and portable style. That way, you can fit it in your pocket as you go about your business. It comes equipped with auto night vision, charging cradle, sound brightness adjustment, zoom in or out, and VOX mode. With this baby monitor, privacy is guaranteed through the FHSS transmission technology. You no longer have to worry about hackers watching your babies while they sleep. The signal transmissions indoors range up to 300 feet and 500 feet in open places.

Why I liked it

  • Three display modes
  • Two-way communication
  • Temperature settings
  • Compact and portable
  • Auto night vision


#8: Campark Baby Monitor 2 Cameras

Campark Baby Monitor with 2 Cameras - Video...
  • 👶【4.3” Screen & 2.4GHz Encrypted...
  • 👶【Advanced Split Screen】Our video baby monitor...
  • 👶【Auto Night Vision & Voice Activation】When baby...
  • 👶【Two-way Talk & 8 Soft Lullabies】With the enhanced...
  • 👶【Rich Features】Our video baby monitor with camera...

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  • Baby Monitor with 2 Cameras
  • Video Baby Monitors with Camera and Audio
  • 3″ LCD Split Screen
  • Two-Way Talk
  • Night Vision
  • 8 Lullabies
  • VOX Mode
  • Temperature Baby Monitor
  • Long Last Battery

Campark offers you a 2.4GHz encrypted transmission that is 100% safe for the baby. It comes with a 4.3” LCD screen that allows you to monitor your baby without the internet or APP. The monitor connects to two cameras, convenient for watching your twin’s side by side. This baby monitor features voice activation and auto night vision. The night vision turns on automatically the camera vision detects the room is dark. The VOX sensitivity turns the baby monitor on low/medium/high immediately the babies wake up. With the two-way talk system, you can comfort your baby or use the 8 soft inbuilt lullabies to soothe your children. Besides, the baby monitor offers you a long-lasting 1500mAh rechargeable battery, manually pan 360 degrees or tilt 90 degrees wall mount kit, temperature sensor, feed schedule, and sound-activated LED indicators.

What I liked

  • Sound activated LED indicators
  • Temperature regulators
  • Lullabies to soothe your baby
  • Night vision mode
  • Secure wireless connection


#9: Moonybaby Split 50

Moonybaby Split 50 Baby Monitor with 2...
  • 【From Infant to Toddler】Your baby becomes more and more...
  • 【See Your Precious】It allows you to clearly see your...
  • 【Parents’ Best Helper】More than being a camera, it has...
  • 【No Sweat, No Stress】Set up the monitor in a flash,...
  • 【Support You Wholeheartedly】Our products come with great...

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  • Baby Monitor with 2 Cameras and Audio,
  • Non-WiFi,
  • Large Screen with Wide View,
  • Screen Split,
  • Auto Night Vision and Zoom,
  • Sound Activated,
  • Temperature,
  • 2-Way Talk,
  • Range up to 1000ft

Moony baby split 50 allows you to check on your twins simultaneously. It features two cameras to allow you to monitor different rooms at once. The baby monitor captures clear images and records the precious moments so that you never miss a moment. The cameras are high resolution, have 2 times digital zoom options, auto night vision, and wide-angle vision. Use the 2-way talkback system and 5 built-in lullabies to make your baby comfortable and calm. The baby monitor has an easy, user-friendly interface, wall mount, and AC adapter for charging. To keep the babies’ environments comfortable, use the temperature settings to adjust and keep them calm.

#10 PICKS: VAVA Baby Monitor Split View, 5” 720P

VAVA Baby Monitor Split View, 5" 720P Video...
  • Care for 2 Babies at a Time: Split-screen feature displays...
  • Instantly Soothe from Afar: With audio and visual...
  • Sleep Better: Automatic night vision mode with clear...
  • See More Up Close: Get a cute cheek, nose, or face close-up,...
  • 24/7 Supervision: Captures every moment of your babies day...

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  • Care for 2 Babies at a Time: Split-screen
  • Instantly Soothe from Afar
  • Automatic night vision
  • See More Up Close: zoom in 2X/4X and auto-pilot panoramic scan
  • 24/7 Supervision
  • Battery life up to 18 Hours
  • Weight: 3.23 lbs
  • Two Cameras
  • Features: Split view

If you are looking for an effective way to watch over two babies simultaneously, VAVA Baby Monitor Split View 5” 720P is for you. It includes only one camera, but you can add them up to 4 if you want to install them in different rooms.

This baby monitor has a split-screen feature that allows for the feed display from two cameras to view two babies side by side in real-time. Its large 5’ 720P IPS screen displays details in unparalleled clarity to help you watch your babies. With audio and visual monitoring, the VAVA Baby Monitor will alert when the baby is crying.

At night, you won’t have to wake up repeatedly to check on the babies as this monitor has an automatic night vision that allows you to see the baby’s movement at night. Another fantastic thing about this product is that it lets you see the baby more up close by just controlling the camera to zoom in 2X/4X and auto-pilot panoramic scan.

Why I Liked It

  • Excellent monitor range
  • Good vision with recording feature
  • Unmatched clarity
  • Automatic night vision mode


How To Choose The Best Split Screen Baby Monitor For Twins

Baby monitors make your life easier and allow you to wade through your busy schedule and look after your baby. Since there are many split-screen baby monitors in the market, here are a few things to consider when choosing the best value for your money:

Video Recording

This feature allows you to capture the most memorable and cute moments when the baby is alone. Since you’re not there all the time, it’s easy to miss those moments. You can save and backup those precious moments to share with your family.

 Two-way Communication

Two-way communication allows you to soothe your baby back to sleep. You can always talk, read a storybook, or sing to them. That way, you bond with them while they feel your presence. This feature makes your babies feel safe and calm.

Wireless connections

Gone are the days a camera and display are connected with wires. You need a gadget that operates remotely and has a wide range of viewing. Such displays are portable, lightweight, and convenient to slip into your pocket.

Night Vision

This feature allows you to monitor your babies at night or in dim light. It displays clear visuals of the room even if the lights are off. That way, you don’t have to keep the lights on when your baby is sleeping.  

Frequently asked questions

What is the best baby monitor for two rooms?

VAVA baby is the best baby monitor for two rooms. It supports up to four cameras allowing you to set up two in each room for a better viewing angle. The baby monitor features pan, tilt, zoom, motion sensors, infrared night vision, and internet connection. It is user-friendly and allows you to monitor your children at the same time without a hassle. With the 5-inch touch screen, you can zoom in to a single feed a rotate the camera up to 360 degrees for full room viewing.

Will having 2 baby monitors interfere?

Two baby monitors can interfere with each other. However, this can only happen if both baby monitors use the same transmission and are compatible with each other. Wireless transmission is free, and they can tap into any nearby device. The best option is to get a baby monitor connected with several cameras, such as the baby monitors listed above. That way, you avoid interference issues in your home.

Can someone hack into a baby video monitor?

Not always; some baby monitors such as Campark and Summer instant dual view have a secure 2.4 GHz channel that is considered safe and unhackable. The thought of having someone watching your twins as they sleep is scary. There are creepy people out here, and you need to protect your precious little ones from such. The biggest security threat with baby monitors is using WIFI, but you can upgrade your system and avoid sharing your WIFI with others.

Can you use two digital baby monitors in the same house?

Yes, you can use two digital baby monitors in the same house efficiently. However, some baby monitors use similar frequencies and may cause interference. Before purchasing your baby monitors, check the user-friendly interface and wireless connection frequencies. Make sure the system is protected, and other digital baby monitors won’t affect real-time monitoring.

How do I monitor two babies in different rooms?

The best option is a split-screen baby monitor. These baby monitors allow you to set up two cameras in different rooms and display the feeds simultaneously on the parent monitor. All of the above-listed baby monitors share the same feature. Choose a split screen baby monitor that best suits your needs and buy to help you look after your babies. The split-screen baby monitors are affordable and help you have peace of mind as you go about your business.  


Split-screen Baby monitors are here to make your life easier as a parent to twins. Sometimes it can be hard to watch over them at once, and that back and forth is exhausting. In this guide, we have listed the best split-screen baby monitor for twins 2021 to help with your search. Read and compare between the baby monitors to determine which one be best suited for your home. Happy shopping!

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