7 Best Formula Milk for Baby 0-6 Months 2020

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Choosing the formula for the first few months of the baby is not an easy task. You need something like breast milk that is rich in nutrition and easy to digest as well.

In this article, we will look at some of the best formula milk for baby 0-6 months.

The 7 Best Formula Milk for Baby 0-6 months for 2020

Let’s review each option in detail.


1. Similac Pro-Advance Infant Formula


Best Formula Milk for Baby 0-6 Months


This Similac Pro-Advance formula is one of the most wanted formulas by parents who want to feed their babies formula milk.

This Pro-advance formula is one of the very few in the market which has 2′-FL Human Milk Oligosaccharide. HMO is the probiotic that nourishes the immune system. Probiotics like that are found in breast milk, and because of these, it is easy to digest and do not cause any problem to baby’s tummy.

HMO strengthens the baby’s immune system, so they have a better defense against diseases. The formula contains a healthy blend of DHA and vitamin E that develops the baby’s brain and eyes. For eyes, it further includes Lutein that boosts a baby’s vision.

The Similac Pro-Advance formula is free or any artificial hormones. It contains the ingredients that are derived from nature and safe sources. Parents have reported a calm and happy baby that hits milestone with his pace.

Overall, it’s one of the best formula milk for baby 0-6 months. The formula is the number one choice of pediatricians.



Weight23.2 Ounce
Dimensions6 x 4.3 x 5.4
Good for0-12months
Formula TypeBaby Formula, Powder,
Nutritional Value2′-FL HMO, DHA, Lutein, and Vitamin E



  • Pro-Advance formulas for infants.
  • Boosts Baby’s immune system.
  • Brain and eye development.
  • Complete nutritional formula.
  • Similar to breast milk.



  • It does not have a sweet smell.


2. Enfamil NeuroPro Infant Formula


Best Formula Milk for Baby 0-6 Months


Enfamil is another brand that you can trust for your little one.

It’s a special NeuroPro formula that is designed to provide the recommended amount of DHA to your baby.

The NeuroPro formula is a brain-building option for babies who cannot be fed with breast milk. Breastmilk contains special fat-protein blend MFGM and DHA.

MFGM supports the baby’s cognitive development. This NeuroPro milk provides enough MFGM to a baby that they need at this stage. The DHA boosted formula makes sure babies reach each milestone fast and easy.

The NeuroPro formula is a complete nutritional meal for your baby. Babies are fed solely on breast milk or formula for up to six months. This formula contains all the recommended nutrients, vitamins, fat, and protein for your baby.

The milk is easy to digest and very gentle on your baby’s developing digestive system. We can certainly call it the best formula milk for baby 0-6 months.



Weight31.4 oz
Dimensions12.4 x 10.6 x 7.7 inches
Good for0-6months
Formula TypeBrain Building Nutrition
Nutritional ValueMFGM, omega 3 DHA, and Choline



  • Great for Baby’s cognitive development.
  • Easy to digest.
  • MFGM fortified.
  • Complete nutrition to the baby.
  • Non-GMO formula.



  • Not suitable if your baby is lactose intolerant.


3. 2X Materna Mehadrin Stage 1 Breast-Milk


Best Formula Milk for Baby 0-6 Months

Parents who are looking for a breast milk substitute for their baby should consider this option. It’s the only certified formula with a unique M compound.

The formula is available for both the first stage and stage two. Stage 1 is for birth to six months. After that, you can switch to stage two. The formula is tailored to suit the nutritional needs of the baby at each stage.

The first stage is specifically formulated to develop the baby’s cognitive ability and vision.

In addition to these nutrients, the brand is aware of how hard these formulas can be for the baby’s gentle stomach. So they have added the Beta Palmatite oil so the milk can be digested easily.

It’s one of the best formula milk for baby 0-6 months and a perfect choice for parents who cannot feed their baby on breast milk.



Good for0-6 months
Formula TypeBreast-Milk Substitute Powder
Nutritional ValueProbiotics, Omega 3 and 6, Beta-Palmitate oil



  • It comes in two stages.
  • Stage one develops a baby’s cognitive senses.
  • Beta Palmatite oil for easy digestion.
  • Easy to store pack.
  • Affordable price.



  • It comes in smaller packs, so you have to buy more.


4. Gerber Good Start Plant-Based Protein & Lactose


Best Formula Milk for Baby 0-6 Months


This Gerber Good start is a safe option for babies who suffer from some kind of allergies, reflux, or other digestive issues.

The formula is free of lactose and safe for the sensitive tummy of your baby.

It’s a plant-based formula that contains calcium and other minerals for the healthy development of your baby.

It’s a starter formula for your baby. As he grows, his nutritional needs also grow, and you can switch to other Gerber formulas for baby.

The formula milk caters to the baby’s nutritional needs from the body to the brain.

Overall, it’s a great starter option for allergic babies; you may call it the best formula milk for baby 0-6 months.



Weight20 Ounces
Good for0-12 months
Formula TypeNon-GMO Powder Infant Formula
Nutritional ValueCalcium & Vitamin D, DHA



  • Lactose-free formula.
  • Brain and body development.
  • Easy on the stomach.
  • It comes in cool packaging.
  • Plant-based protein.



  • Only for allergic babies.


5. Baby’s Only Organic LactoRelief



This one is an organic formula for your little one. Baby’s organic formula provides the appropriate amount of protein and other fatty acids.

The formula is made for babies who cannot tolerate the lactose in normal milk formulas. This one is a lactose-free formula that is made like breast milk.

It contains the right amount of nutrients that are found in breast milk. It also contains fatty acids, carbohydrates, and other vitamins as breast milk.

As its an organic formula so you can expect it to be free of any harmful chemical, pesticides, or fertilizers used in its making.

The formula is also free of any corn syrup that is not good for the

baby’s health. It is also free of GMO, palm oil, or Hexane processed DHA.

Overall, it’s a complete meal for your baby. When you can’t rely on anything but organic in your food choices, so baby’s formula should also be 100% organic.

It’s the best formula for baby 0-6 months in the organic range.



Weight27.5 Oz
Good for0-12 months
Formula TypeNon-GMO, Organic
Nutritional ValueCertified DHA & ARA



  • Organic formula.
  • Lactose relief formula.
  • Free of any harmful agent.
  • Comes in BPA free packing.
  • A complete meal for the baby.



  • Expensive formula.


6. Enfamil Gentlease  Milk Powder


Best Formula Milk for Baby 0-6 months


This one is another great option for sensitive tummies. It’s another dry milk formula from Enfamil. Enfamil contains a range of quality options for feeding the baby, and this one is for sensitive tummies.

The formula is easy to digest and gives relief to the baby from colic, gas, fussiness, and stomach upset.

This milk is tailored to meet the baby’s nutritional needs. It is good for almost the first year of the baby, so you don’t have to worry about switching formulas again and again. You can keep feeding the formula and add solid food to his diet after six months.

Overall, it’s very easy to digest formula that is good for fussy and colic babies. You may call it the best formula milk for baby 0-6 months.



Dimensions5.2 x 5.2 x 6.5 inches
Good for0-12 months
Formula TypeGentle Milk Powder
Nutritional ValueProteins, Omega 3 DHA, Iron



  • Made for sensitive tummies.
  • It contains all the required nutrients.
  • Easy to digest.
  • Cognitive development.
  • Good for the first year.



  • It does not taste good.


7. Similac Pro-Total Comfort Infant Formula


Best Formula Milk for Baby 0-6 months


This one is a special formula for babies who suffer fussiness and relieve colic. The formula is a Pro-total Comfort option for your little one.

If your baby is suffering gas, colic, and other signs of fussiness you should try this Pro-Total Comfort formula.

The formula contains hydrolyzed protein for the baby. It is also made like breast milk, so do not feel heavy in the baby’s stomach. The formula is also enriched with certain minerals, vitamins, and essential fatty acids that play a vital role in the baby’s physical and mental growth.

The formula is free of any artificial growth hormones that are added in some formulas to make the baby look chubby. These are not required at all and may cause even obesity in children.

Its number one choice for babies who do not respond very well to typical formulas. It ensures the steady growth with plenty of nutrients and adds probiotics, Iron, DHA, in optimal quantity.

Overall, Pro-Comfort is one of the best formula milk for babies 0-6 months.



Weight36 Ounce
Dimensions116.3 x 5.6 x 7.9 inches
Good for0-12 months
Formula TypeOPTI-GRO, Non-GMO
Nutritional ValueFL HMO



  • Keeps baby comfortable.
  • Easy to digest.
  • The optimal amount of nutrients.
  • Non-GMO formula.
  • Comes in easy to store jar.



  • May not suit all the babies.


Buying Guide: Picking the Formula for Baby 0-6 Months

When it is anything related to the well being of the baby, parents don’t want any compromise. Here are the things you should ensure before selecting a formula for the baby.


Main Ingredients

You should always check the main ingredients to see what the formula is composed of. Normally, you can pick any good formula that promises the best of nutrients, with Iron, DHA, and all other vitamins that your baby needs.

Its when you have special needs that you should pay a little more attention to the ingredients.



If your baby has blood in stool, fussy, colic, and unable to digest the normal formula, he may be lactose intolerant. In that case, you need to select the hypoallergenic formula that does not contain lactose.

Many parents choose soy formula, but again some parents feel soy formula is too constipated and may not go well with the baby’s tummy.

So always consult your doctor and choose the formula that suits your baby’s digestive system. You may have to try different formulas until you found your perfect one.


Type of Formula

The most important type of formula comes in powdered form. You add the specific amount to the water and the formula is ready.

However, there are some ready to use formulas available in the market as well. You don’t need water as they come in liquid form and all you need to do is to transfer the formula to your baby’s bottle.


Added Nutrients

There are some nutrients that you should always look for in any formula you select. These are:

  • DHA/ARA: DHA is essential for the cognitive development of your baby. It plays a vital role in developing a baby’s mental and visual growth. So DHA and ARA are must in any formula you select. Make sure it includes the optimal amount of DHA and is certified as well.
  • Probiotics: The formula is not always very easy for the babies. It is heavy than the breast milk and babies take longer to digest. Breast milk contains a healthy amount of probiotics that make the milk easy to digest. Make sure the formula you are selecting promotes the baby’s digestive system and boosts healthy bacteria that play an important role in the digestive system.
  • Iron: Formula-fed babies often develop a deficiency of Iron. So make sure your baby’s formula is Iron fortified. The deficiency of iron may cause anemia to your baby. So it’s an important nutrient in formula milk.
  • Packing: Make sure the packing is sealed and easy to store. The best option is a jar that has a secure lid. It is also easy to carry along when you are going out.
  • Organic Formula: Organic formula is gaining popularity due to a parent’s concern. They want the formula that is made of natural ingredients and free of any pesticide or fertilizer. These formulas can be a little costly than the normal formula, but they are the perfect option for the well being of your baby if you can afford them.


Final words

Selecting the baby’s formula is one of the first major decision that you have to take for your baby. It should be consulted with your doctor as well.

Make sure you discuss it on your baby’s well being visits. If your pediatrician feels your baby needs some extra nutrition, he may recommend something different.

All options in our list of the best formula milk for baby 0-6 months are carefully selected. We have made sure to include some hypoallergenic, normal, sensitive tummy, and organic formula that helps you choose the best formula according to your needs.


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