Top 5 Best Digital Pianos for Beginners 2020

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If you’re a beginner, then this review article brings you the top best digital pianos for beginners & what you should consider when buying the piano. I advise you to read the pros, cons and other features to ensure that you make the best-informed choices when picking one.

Learning how to play the piano can be exciting. However, you’ll maintain this excitement only if you get the right digital piano; an excellent digital piano is halfway the learning proves.

When you are interested in learning how to play these musical instruments, you should buy a less expensive digital piano, but with excellent features. There are numerous kinds as well as models of such digital pianos.

More in-depth research will ultimately lead you to the right piano. But what is your preferred choice? The abundance of features and technical terms can make your purchasing decision complicated.

In this best digital pianos for beginners, we will show you precisely what you need to focus on, and give enough reasons why. Again, we will present to you the top 5 best digital pianos that you can buy to start your piano classes.


The 5 Best Digital Pianos for Beginners 2020:

Can we take a look at our top picks?


1. Korg B1SP 88 Weighted Key Digital Piano with Stand



Korg B1SP 88 Weighted Key Digital Piano with Stand
Korg B1SP 88 Weighted Key Digital Piano with Stand



The B1 is a digital piano with a minimalistic layout. But it gives expressive sounds on a simple touch of the keys. This piano features a full size 88 weighted key case that is graded. The keyboard generally gives a fantastic feeling on the fingers.

The piano is made to feel like a real acoustic piano because of the grading of the keys; the lower side of the keys is a little heavier while the upper side of the keys is lighter, and the transition along the keys is flawless.

Again, the KORG B1 gives you a chance to choose the dynamic response or the touch sensitivity based on how heavy or light-handed you are. You can select light, normal or heavy touch sensitivity.

What is more interesting is that the B1 can give you a rich sound, which is perfect for hand practicing due to the full range of speakers and a more explicit MFB/motional feedback technology. Again, there is a range of onboard sounds, i.e., 3 pianos, 2 electric piano, 2 organs and a built-in reverb and coarse effect to give you the ambiance and tone depth.

This piano comes with a 3 pedal-board stand and a Knox bench. These features are essential if you want to make it more permanent. You can either choose the finish or the white finish.


Other added features are:

  • Headphone socket -ideal for solo practice
  • Metronome
  • Piano stall dumper
  • Music rest



  • Affordable
  • Rich sounds
  • Earphone capabilities make it possible for solo practicing
  • Has a luxurious look/aesthetically pleasing
  • Easy setup



  • The pedal has no attachment hence moves around while playing
  • Maximum volume is quite low


2. Yamaha NP12 61-Key Lightweight Portable Keyboard


Yamaha NP12 61-Key Lightweight Portable Keyboard, Black
Yamaha NP12 61-Key Lightweight Portable Keyboard, Black



The Yamaha NP12 is a compact piano. These design makes it lighter, therefore a fantastic option if you are looking for something portable.

Because of the compact design, the NP12 has 61 keys, and the keys do not have the weighted feel. Nevertheless, all keys are touch-sensitive, i.e., the harder you press the keys, the louder the sound is produced. Such a feature is vital, especially if you are interested in playing expressive and dynamic music.

This type of piano has only 5 octaves. However, this arrangement does not limit its performance because the piano features an octave shift and transpose functions to allow you to utilize the piano fully, i.e., it compensates for the shortness of the piano.

When it comes to sounds, the NP12 features 2 piano, electric piano, organs, and harpsichord sounds.  You also get strings and vibes.

The incredible thing is that you can layer two sounds together. For instance, you can layer the piano and string sounds to create a nice as well lush sound. The adjustable reverb on the piano makes it possible for you to add a console vibe to the sound.

Like other keyboards, it features a metronome for precise timing as you train. But unlike a majority of others, it features a sunder recorder. You can record what you are playing so that you listen to it later. With such a feature, you can make improvements where necessary.

Yamaha NP12 61-Key Lightweight Portable Keyboard,


Other features

  • Stereos speaker
  • Headphone port
  • USB port
  • Controller App for iOS
  • Connection option for foot pedal
  • Uses 6 AA batteries besides AC power



  • Light
  • Portable
  • Highly inexpensive
  • In-built speakers eliminating the need or amplifies
  • The option to use batteries doesn’t enslave you to a power socket on the wall



  • The loudness of the speaker can limit the performance of other light instruments and singers
  • Transposing is quite complicated


3. Alesis Recital | 88 Key Beginner Digital Piano with Built-In Speakers

3. Alesis Recital | 88 Key Beginner Digital Piano with Built In Speakers
3. Alesis Recital | 88 Key Beginner Digital Piano with Built-In Speakers



The Alesis Recital is a digital piano that is perfect for students who are starting their piano classes. Similarly, professionals who need an instrument that produces high-quality sound can use this device too.

It is full range keys, i.e., 88 universal responsive premium keys. These keys are semi-weighted and come with an adjustable response touch to suit your preferred style. Besides, this digital piano features powerful educational features. Such features make it one of the best Digital Pianos for Beginners and pros.

For beginners, the piano features a lesson mode.  Upon pressing the lesson button, it divides the piano into 2 areas with the same pitch and voice. This enables teachers and students to sit side by side during a lesson.

Alesis Recital | 88 Key Beginner Digital PianoThe Alesis Recital comes with 5 built-in voices – Acoustic Piano, Electric Piano, Organ, Synth, and Bass. What makes this piano a standout is the advanced sound engine. The engine produces the most realistic as well as the best sounding digital piano.

Like other pianos, it is easy to select a sound. Just press one of the sound select buttons, and play your piano. Another outstanding feature that you can get is layering two sounds together at the same time. To achieve that, you have to press 2 sound selects at the same time, to get a full and rich sound.

The speakers of the Alesis Recital stands at 20W, allowing you to get loud enough sounds. But is it has an option to connect to an amplifier, external speakers, or home stereo system to give you more volume?

A unique feature of this beautiful digital piano is that you can split sounds across the piano. Press the split button together with the type of sound you want.


Other features are:

  • USB port
  • Input for connecting a pedal
  • Power connector
  • Headphone output



  • Right spring action on the keys
  • Sturdy and strong built
  • Lightweight, hence portable
  • Affordable price



  • Keys have a full width but not a full-size length
  • Poor sound quality


4. Yamaha P45, 88-Key Weighted Action Digital Piano (P45B)


Yamaha P45, 88-Key Weighted Action Digital Piano (P45B)



The P45 is another excellent keyboard for beginners. This is a full-size digital piano featuring 88 weighted and graded keyboard. The keys feel heavier on the low end but lighter on the higher end, a feature of an acoustic piano.

The keys come with adjustable touch sensitivity ability. You can choose hard, medium, soft or fixed. With this, you can easily select the level you are comfortable with.

The P45 is rich in sound, and it can be a bumpy piano thanks to its powerful speakers. You can easily select a sound that you wish to play by choosing the dedicated sound buttons. The possible sounds are 2 grand piano, electric piano, and organs.

Still, you can get the harpsichord and the vibraphone.  Again, like other mentioned pianos, you can layer up to sounds to get a rich texture.

To make it the best digital pianos for beginners, the Yamaha P45 features a split mode. This mode allows you to divide your piano midway into 2 similar parts so that the teacher and student can seat side by side during a lesson.


Other notable features:

  • Metronome
  • Headphone port
  • USB port
  • Pedal



  • Key has the response, and the weight of a real piano Sound is pretty realistic
  • Functions are easy to navigate
  • Voice options are plenty
  • 64 Note polyphony
  • Minimalistic



  • Some key may stop working
  • Pretty bulky and heavy


5. Casio Privia PX-160BK 88-Key Full-Size Digital Piano with Power Supply


Casio Privia PX-160BK 88-Key Full Size Digital Piano with Power Supply, Black
Casio Privia PX-160BK 88-Key Full-Size Digital Piano with Power Supply, Black



This is a full size and weighted 88 note keyboard. Additionally, the keyboard is graded, i.e., heavier at the bottom but gradually transitions into lighter keys on the top part of the keyboard, which is a typical feature of an acoustic piano. What’s more, it is the keys to give a natural texture and feel on the fingertip making your lessons enjoyable.

The use of Casio air technology greatly enhances the sound quality of the speakers. With this technology, you can blend the numerous sound types. The piano features a range of sounds in addition to those mentioned in the already reviewed pianos. These are pipe organ, jazz organ, bass lower, and 60’s electric piano.

While other pianos only allow the splitting of the piano into two similar parts for student and teacher, the PX-160BK, has a bass spit function, which helps to play bass on the lower side while the rest of the keyboard remains normal.

And unlike any other piano reviewed so far, this piano features a 2 headphone jack. This allows two people, probably a teacher and a student to have private lessons.

The Casio Privia PX-160BK is undoubted, one of the best digital pianos for beginners. Apart from the explained features, this piano allows you to play music at your pace. You can play it slower or faster, depending on your skill.


Casio Privia PX-160BK 88-Key Full Size Digital Piano with Power Supply, Black

Other features:

  • Metronome
  • Music library with over 60 classical
  • Damper pedal
  • 2 jack outputs to connect to speakers or amplifies
  • USB portable to blend sounds



  • Affordable
  • The keys give a natural feel on the fingertips
  • Rich sounds, thanks to the Casio air technology
  • 2 Headphone option allows for private classes



  • At 11.5 kilograms it can be a little weighty


How to Select the Best Digital Pianos for Beginners


Sensitivity and Response of the Keys

The best keyboard a beginner will be comfortable with, must have a hammer effect. The weight or how responsive keys of a keyboard are matters a lot. They should mimic the resistance of an acoustic piano closely.

Modern pianos have graded keyboards while others allow you to adjust the level of responsiveness as you like.


Sound Library

The best piano to buy as a beginner is the one that comes with an inbuilt music library. They can be free, or you can get them at a small fee. However, if you a pro, you can create your productions. The music library allows you to play along as you learn.



The speakers should provide a powerful sound. This is dependent on the size and power of the speakers. When size and power are balanced, you will get high quality and volume of sound.


Sound Quality

The tone matters too. High-end tones and sounds are not good for beginners. However, low budget pianos tend to have low-quality sound.



As a beginner, you know little about digital pianos. You need thorough guidance to buy pianos that will suit you.

I hope this review gives you the best insights on what you should consider when buying the best digital pianos for beginners.



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