Best Baby Jumper Walkers 2020 [Buyer’s Guide]

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Finding the best baby jumper walkers for the baby is not an easy task. You want the best for the baby and spend on something that keeps him engaged and is best in any way.

You can’t be at your baby’s side all the time. He needs to play on his own to develop his physical and mental skills. You can invest in a good jumper walker that not only keeps him safe when you are busy but also entertain him well.

In this article, we will look at some of the best baby jumper walkers for 2020.


The 10 Best Baby Jumper Walkers for 2020

Let’s look at each selected option in detail.


1. Baby Einstein Neptune’s Ocean Discovery JumperThe Best Engaging Baby Jumper Walker

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Baby Witstein ‘s jumper is designed to provide safe and engaging entertainment for your little one.

The Neptune Ocean discovery theme comes with a lot of toys and activities for your baby. The display of color is enough to grab your baby’s attention.

The jumper seat swivels to 360 degrees that allow your baby to move all-around effortlessly. With the bouncy seats and toys all-around your baby has a lot of choices which one to choose.

The interactive theme of this baby jumper keeps your baby attracted. It displays a lot of underwater images for entertaining your little one.

The baby can jump in his bouncy easily, and he can stretch the legs too. So the seat is not tiring for your little one at all.

The baby seat can be adjustable to 4 points so you can make it comfortable to your baby as per his size.

The turtle sea station is electronic that can move with batteries for your baby’s entertainment. It can be removed easily if the station is distracting your baby.

The jumper comes with a lot of loops, and you can add extra loops for adding your baby’s favorite toys.

The constant use of jumper and baby’s activities may leave the baby seat dirty.  You can toss the seat in a washer very conveniently for a safe and quick wash.

However, make sure you use the seat only when your baby can sit unassisted and is less than 30 inches tall.

Overall, it’s a great option for entertaining and engaging your little one.



  • Electrical sea turtle station.
  • Interactive activities.
  • Colorful display and toys.
  • Bouncy seat.
  • Washable fabric.



  • The electric station needs batteries to play.



The toys are hard plastic and maybe not very soothing for the baby.


2. MINNIE MOUSE PeekABoo Jumper: The Best  BabyJumper Walkers for Small Babies

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This PeekaBoo jumper is a complete activity package for your baby. The jumper comes with too many activities to cause many hearty giggles from your baby.

It comes with a bouncy and rotating seat that keeps your baby active and allows him to move all around as per your choice.

The jumper seat is surrounded by toys and activities. You can add or remove the toys as per your baby’s choice and preference. There are twelve toys that surround your baby from all sides.

The jumper has an electronic toy station for engaging your baby. The play station features lights and sounds that surprise your baby. The light appears with sound when your baby jumps to startle him with joy.

Babies grow fast at this stage so the jumper seat can be adjusted to 4 points of height so that your baby doesn’t outgrow it soon. You can keep adjusting the height to suit your baby’s size. With the adjustable height, you can make sure the tippy-toes bounce from the right height every time.

Overall, the baby jumper is a great option for your baby and keeps him entertained so you can finish some daily chores conveniently.



  • Seat rotates all the way around.
  • 12 toys and activities.
  • Machine washable seat pads.
  • Peak-a-boo surprises with mirrors.
  • Music for entertaining the baby.



  • Little overpriced.



The part that lights up is a little small.

3. Evenflo Exersaucer Stationary Jumper: The Best Jumper Walker With Springs

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The Evenflo Stationary Jumper provides a safe and stable environment for your baby’s entertainment.

The safari-themed jumper comes with a lot of animal toys and shooting colors to attract your baby.

The inside seat is made of 100 polyester that makes it durable and keeps it in pristine condition for long. The fabric of the seat is easily washable, and you can throw it in a washing machine very conveniently.

The baby station comes with many suitable toys for your baby. The toys were developed in conjunction with child development institute to help your baby achieve developmental milestones.

The baby seat can rock, spin to all sides, and bounce, allowing your baby full freedom to move around and jump. Your baby will have plenty of activities and a lot of exercises that strengthen his motor skills.

The jumper seats can be adjustable to three positions so that it grows with your baby and stay usable for long.

The teether toys are safe for the baby to chew when he is teething.

The jumper is a bit pricey but provides good value by ensuring your baby’s safety and entertaining him.

Overall, it’s one of the best jumper walkers that is excellent for your baby.



  • 45 fun activities.
  • Toys for learning.
  • Promotes physical development.
  • 3-positioned heights.
  • Easy cleaning.



  • Bit bulky.



The unit is not very easy to disassemble.


4. Fisher-Price Jumperoo: The Best Baby Activity Jumper

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Fisher-Price offers another great option that is specifically designed to grab all the attention of your baby and keep him entertained for long.

The jumper comes with several hands-on activities to explore. A spinning seat allows your baby to be active and move around easily.

It’s a colorful animal around him. The jumper is packed with a lot of options, swinging panda for bat-at play and a motion-activated, light-up chameleon, to a lion slider, a froggy teether, an alligator with a rattle roller.

The moment your baby jumps, there are lights and sounds that surprise him and encourage him to be more active so he can enjoy more colors and sounds.

You can adjust the height of the jumper easily, so your baby’s little feet touch the ground safely.

The fabric of the seat is easy to wash and won’t dull or become fade even after frequent use. You can wash it in a washer for saving time.

All these jumps, activities and colorful toys not only engage your baby but allow him to master his motor skills and become more active. The display of color and wonderful sounds develop your baby’s senses.

Overall, Fisher-Prize is a very affordable option. It’s a budget-friendly option that won’t put a dent into your pocket.


  • Affordable price.
  • It comes with lights, sounds, and activities for the baby.
  • Removable seat pad.
  • Colorful toys.
  • Bouncy seat.


  • Bit higher even in the lowest seat settings.


The toys are hard on touch.


5. Disney Baby Jumper: The Best Jumper for Active Babies

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Disney Baby offers Finding Nemo Sea of Activities Jumper that comes with a lot of colors, toys, and activities for your baby.

The baby jumper comes with all the real Nemo’s characters to engage your little one.

The colorful toys are removable which is very convenient for entertaining your baby when he is not on the jumper.

You can offer him the same toys when he is having tummy time or is on the ground sitting or playing. You can bring your fun anywhere with you.

You can adjust the height of the jumper to four points. The baby can keep enjoying his jumper as he grows older and grows in height.

The jumper has special toys that light up, and you can also play tunes so your baby can enjoy some music as well.

The baby jumper comes with one special starfish-shaped loop that allows you to hang your baby’s favorite toy before him.

The jumper features safe and durable buckles and other safety features to ensure your baby’s safety.

It offers overall 13 engaging toys with too many colors that grab the attention of your baby. The baby seat can spin all around and has a high back that provides more comfort.

The baby jumper is reasonably priced. It is not cheap but offers great value by being so useful to your baby.



  • More than 13 engaging toys and activities.
  • It features lights and sounds.
  • Improved buckles.
  • Loops for hanging your favorite toys.
  • Height adjustable.



  • Plastic construction.



The plastic construction may snap with the baby’s weight.


6. Graco Bumper Jumper: The Best Affordable Jumper

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This one is a cost-effective option for those who have a low budget. It’s a sturdy bouncer with springs and all safety measures, so your baby remains safe.

The jumper has bounce springs with a hidden safety cord so your baby can swing and has nonstop leg actions.

You can adjust the height so your baby can move and jump over his feet easily

The jumper comes with sturdy clamps that keep it secure and leave no marks on the doorframe.

The easy to hang jumper is portable, and you can carry it from room to room to stay close with your baby. The comes with non-twist straps so your baby can move with you from room to room easily.


The jumper comes with a nylon seat that is easy to wash and remove.  You can dump the seat in the washer for easy washing.

The fabric is sturdy to withstand the test of time. It won’t fade or tear easily. The padded seat is also very comfortable for your baby.

The jumper features a play tray, so your baby remains engaged for long. The 17 inches wide tray will provide sufficient area for your baby to place his toys or have some fun while jumping.

Overall, it is a budget-friendly option that keeps your baby engaged.



  • Pretty solid and simple construction.
  • Very affordable.
  • Springs that allows bounce.
  • Easy to transport from room to room.
  • Padded seat.



  • It does not come with toys or other activities.



The simple construction of the jumper does not look very sturdy.


7. Creative Baby Activity Jumper: The Best and Safe Jumper for the baby

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This one is a colorful jumper that is designed on the theme of a famous children’s book “The Very Hungry Caterpillar”. The jumper contains activities and toys that will attract the baby and keep him engaged.

The jumper is JPMA certified so you can rest assured all safety measures are taken.

It comes with activities, toys, and sounds to entertain your baby. The display of vibrant colors and sounds stimulates the baby’s senses and promotes early development.

With ten interactive activities, it keeps your baby engaged. The amazing jumper inspires fun, learning, and play.

All toys give a sensory experience to your little one. The soft tactile leaves have to peek a boo mirror that encourages your’s self-recognition.

You can adjust the height of the jumper seat easy to suit the smile and comfort of your little one.

The music tray can play five classic melodies for comforting and entertaining your little one.

The jumper comes with one year of warranty so you can feel assured of its durability and quality.

Overall, the jumper comes at a very reasonable price and features so many activities, fun, and entertainment for your baby. It has sturdy construction with rubber feet that padded feet that keep it in good condition for long.



  • Colorful theme.
  • JPMA certified.
  • Removable music tray.
  • A cushioned seat can spin all around.
  • Sturdy construction.



  • The light color of the seat needs a frequent wash.



The little train is too close to the jumper seat and may strike the baby’s arm.


8. Fisher-Price Jumperoo: The Best Bay Jumper walkers for Learning and Entertainment

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This one is another great option from Fisher-Price. This one is a bit expensive than our previous option from the same company.

The jumper is designed to keep your baby engaged with its two modes.

With one mode, your baby can jump, spin, bounce, and do other activities that develop his motor skills and keep him happy for long.

The other mode is its ‘Musical Fun’.  The mode provides hours of fun as your baby can activate lights and sounds that provide hours of fun for your baby.

With six toy stations and two overhead toys, your baby has too much to play with.

It’s a stand-alone jumper that you don’t need to hang on any door. It comes with a sturdy frame that provides peace of mind to parents. You can easily transport the jumper along with you from room to room.

It features strong steel construction and non-slip feet that keep it stable on the ground.

Its adjustable seat enables the jumper to grow with your baby.

The springs that make the seat bouncy have soft covers, so it feels soft on the baby’s fingers when he touches.

Overall the jumper comes at a very reasonable price. With lights, music, toys, and an easy and bouncy seat, it comes with everything your baby will love to have.


  • Seat adjustable to three height’s
  • Springs are soft in touch.
  • Musical play.
  • Interactive toys and activities.
  • Rubber feet.



  • The construction does not seem very durable.



The seat is difficult to move around. The toys are also bulky as compared to the size of the baby.


9. Skip Hop Baby Jumper: The Best Foldable Baby Jumper and Walker

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Skip Hop baby jumper is another excellent option for your baby. You don’t have to install it in a door as it is a standalone jumper that holds everything you need for your baby’s fun.

The jumper comes with a fun-filled counter to engage your baby. The counter has lights and makes sounds. When your baby jumps, it rewards him with lights and music.

The jumper comes in a compact form. It can be folded so you can store it when not in use. It will fold flat to 6.5 inches, and you can conveniently put it anywhere out of the way.

The bouncy seat of the jumper can rotate 360 degrees that allow your baby to be active and move around freely.

The jumper features more than 20 activities and a lot of movable toys. The toys come with innovative toys attachment clips so you can customize the toys you want to keep or remove according to the choice of your baby.

It also has four springs that display colors when your baby jumps. It also has teether toys attach that your baby can chew when he is teething.

The seat is adjustable to five points so that the jumper remains useful as your baby grows. Overall, it’s the best foldable jumper that keeps your baby happy.



  • Foldable and easy to store.
  • A playing counter with lights.
  • It comes with clip-on toys.
  • The seat can have rotation to all sides.
  • Portable and easy to travel.



  • The seat is hard to detach for cleaning.



The canvas straps are attached with a single row of stitches and may snap with baby’s weight.


10. Combi Baby Activity Walker: The Best Jumper and Walker Combo

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This one is the best choice for those who are looking for a complete activity area for the baby.

It’s mobile entertainment that you can keep with yourself from room to room. When locked inside, your little one can bounce, jump, sit, stand, and play for hours.

The baby activity walker comes with an electronic entertainment system. The removable electronic tray can play music, display lights, and colors that stimulate your baby’s senses.

The play area has mirrors that enhance cognitive development.

The baby walker is easy to assemble. You can adjust the seat to three height points so that it can accommodate the baby when he grows. Its padded seat is soft and comfortable for your little one.

Overall, it’s a great mobile option that keeps your baby happy and secure when you are busy elsewhere.



  • A combination of walker bouncer and jumper.
  • Interactive play area.
  • Offers Musical tones and mirror.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • A complete entertainment package.



  • Not a very sturdy built.



The walker is a little low to the ground. It is only good to be used on the ground and may harm your carpet.


Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose the Best Baby Jumper Walkers:

Here are some things you should consider while selecting the jumper walker.



Baby will be bouncing and jumping a lot. So make sure you choose a durable and quality jumper that stays in good shape for long.



it should be safe and sturdy. The jumper walker should allow maximum security to your little one. There should not be any toys with sharp edges or springs that bounce back and may hurt the baby.



It should come with an activity tray so baby can amuse himself with different activities.



It should have a padded seat that is comfortable and safe for your little one.


Washable Seat

Babies are messy. So the seat will need a frequent wash. Make sure the seat cover is easy to remove and machine-washable.



Look for the best option while staying in budget. You can choose an expensive jumper for the baby if you can afford it. But you may find several good budget-friendly options that are no less useful.


Final Words

All selected jumpers offer wonderful features for your baby. We have selected Fisher-Price Jumperoo is the best baby jumper walkers that combine safety, entertainment, activity and learning for the baby.


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