10 Best Baby Activity Tables 2020 [Reviewed and Compared]

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While keeping your baby occupied is a goal deserving the best baby activity tables, your baby’s motor development is a reward worth your investment.

The wrong choice of baby activity tables, however, may imply a myriad of dangers for your kid. Sharp edges may bruise them, unstable tables may topple, and even worse, poor table material may trigger allergies.

With thousands of options in the market, it may prove daunting to find the best baby activity table for your young one.

This guide discusses the best baby activity tables, tips of use, and features to consider when choosing one.

10 Best Baby Activity Tables 2020 [Reviewed and Compared]


ProductAges InfantItem Weight (lb)Dimensions (Inch)PRICE
LeapFrog Learn & Groove6 month - 3 years2.205.30 x 21.00 x 15.50CHECK PRICE
Skip Hop Explore4 Months +1531.00 x 31.00 x 18.50CHECK PRICE
Battat Wooden Activity Cube12 months +1413.4 x 11.8 x 17.7CHECK PRICE
VTech Magic Star6 months to 3 years4.1314.9 x 19.8 x 16.8CHECK PRICE
Minne Baby 3-in-13 Years Old +5.218.5 x 16 x 2.4CHECK PRICE
Little Tikes 3-in-124 months - 5 year6.1521 x 21 x 20CHECK PRICE
Tiny Love Grow 4-in-19 month old+13.1428.50 x 24.50 x 7.63CHECK PRICE
Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn6 month - 3 years6.2217.7 x 17.7 x 15CHECK PRICE
burgkidz Kids 5-in-16 month + 8.717.7 x 17.7 x 17CHECK PRICE
Toyster's ED4352 Years +6.9N/ACHECK PRICE


The article encompasses:

  • The most affordable baby activity tables
  • Wooden baby activity tables
  • Musical baby activity tables
  • Interactive baby activity tables
  • Educational baby activity tables


1. LeapFrog Learn and Groove Musical Table: The Best Musical Activity Table

1. LeapFrog Learn and Groove Musical Table: The Best Musical Activity Table

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The leapfrog baby activity table is a great option to keep your baby entertained. Featuring tunes more than seventy jingles, the table will get your baby accustomed to popular songs like ‘Old McDonald and the Itsy-Bitsy Spider.

As such, your baby will find themselves trying to sing along to these jingles, thus developing their speech. Additionally, the table features an exploration learning station where your baby can explore music, melodies, colorful instruments, and several other learning activities.

Since it comes with removable legs, the baby table is ideal for your baby to grow with and play on the ground.

The striking feature for this baby activity table, however, is the educational theme. The model features alphabets, numbers, shapes, colors, and more cognitive development options to help your baby learn.

Unlike standard baby activity tables, the leapfrog baby offers a wide range of play options. For instance, your baby can pull, slide, spin, and press the colorful instruments to activate a variety of responses.

As a result, your baby learns the cause, effect relationship of the tunes, and can anticipate the tune that would play upon doing a particular action. This table provides for English, and Spanish dialects; hence it is ideal for a wider variety of users.

The set is free of clattered wires, thus protects your baby from tripping.

What makes this a top-pick is its affordable option, which ranks this set among the best baby activity tables for a fixed budget.

  • Spanish and English modes
  • It helps a baby to develop a wide range of abilities.
  • Removable legs.
  • Affordable price.
  • Variety of tunes
  • Great for kids between 6-36 months
  • Lightweight.


The table is lightweight, thus not ideal for pulling by the baby. Also, the legs lack rubber for grip; therefore, may slip if leaned against.


2. Skip Hop 3-Stage Interactive Activity: The Best Interactive Activity Table

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The Skip Hop convertible baby activity table bouncer is a convenient option that serves your baby until they gain 25 pounds.

Unlike typical activity tables for babies, the Skip Hop table caters for all-rounded development needs from a tender age. The quality design is perhaps owing to the production collaboration with pediatricians.

The bouncer features a foot piano and a viewing window to motivate your child’s motor development. When they observe their feet as they trigger various tones, your baby is motivated to repeat the action.

The repeated leg motion, in turn, results in more exercise for your kids, thus boosting their motor development.

Since the bouncy seat can spin to 360-degrees, it allows for a broader range of motions for your baby. In addition to a wide variety of toys, this baby activity table features many engaging options that teach your baby about cause and effect.

The table includes grow-with-me features as you can remove the seat and turn it into an elegant and sturdy table for coloring, playing, and other activities. Also, toys on this model are small in build, thus easily fit in your baby’s hands.

The activity area comes with clips so you can attach your baby’s favorite toys. This allows for the addition and shuffling of toys.

Also, the stands of this convertible baby bouncer can detach for secure storage. Although this activity table is a bit expensive, it offers more convenience and entertainment for your baby.

  • Interactive activity table.
  • It comes with colorful toys and activities.
  • The seat can bounce and spin.
  • The detachable legs for secure storage.
  • See-through the window.
  • Aids in motor development
  • Phthalate-free
  • Bit expensive option.


Frequently check up on your baby as they can stick their finger in the pop-up owl toy.


3. Battat – Wooden Activity Cube: The Best Ultimate Fun Baby Activity Table

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If you are concerned about allergic reactions with plastic materials, a wooden baby activity table is the way to go. Unlike standard baby tables, however, the Battat wooden activity table boasts a wide range of activity.

Thanks to the interactive games, colors, and toys, this table keeps your baby engaged for longer. Featuring spinners, tractors, zigzag beads, and doors, this wooden activity cube helps your baby to develop their imaginative play, hand-eye coordination, and learn cause-effect relationships.

What makes this a better activity cube is the sturdy build of the station, which promises durable service. The hub features rounded corners and a smooth surface that doesn’t easily chip off to avoid bruising your baby.

The interactive games keep your baby engaged and promote their cognitive development. However, this wooden cube is excellent for 12 month’s baby and up.

It is vital to note that your baby can easily use this as support to stand upright; thus, some supervision is needed. Since it comes assembled, the play cube saves you the hassle of putting it together.

  • Interactive games.
  • Colorful toys.
  • Aids learning abilities.
  • Five sides of fun.
  • Helps boost imaginative play
  • Improves hand-eye coordination.
  • Durable to move down to new infants.
  • Heavier than typical baby activity tables.


 It’s a bit bulky, thus requires a broader space for storage.


4. VTech Magic Star Learning Table: The Best Baby Learning Activity Table

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Children are more than jolly gifts to warm your heart. They are blank minds that crave to be adults. As such, pretend play is a key phase for your baby to pass.

With this understanding, the Vtech table is the best baby learning activity table for pretend play. Featuring a steering wheel, phone, and piano keys is a great option for tuning your baby’s hand-eye coordination and teaching them about cause and effect.

This learning table is specifically designed to help your baby learn new things and improve their motor and cognitive skills. To kickstart your baby’s educational journey, the book pages come with tunes, helping your baby familiarize themself with letters and shapes.

Even better, the table has both English and Spanish modes thus provide for language selection.

Since the stands on this baby activity table are removable, it doubles as a quality play table for use on the ground. Also, the table can be adjusted as your baby grows, which is an excellent boost for all-around baby development.

Overall, this is a quality, affordable option.

  • Lots of learning activities.
  • Play rhymes to engage your baby.
  • Detachable legs.
  • Battery-powered
  • Enhance motor skills.
  • Safe for the baby.
  • Not very durable.


The activity table is a little flimsy and may not last long.


5. Minne Baby 3-in-1 Kids Activity Table: The Best Budget-Friendly Option

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The Minne baby activity table is designed to help your baby refine their motor skills and boost their creativity. Thanks to the lego design, this baby activity table, is bound to pique your child’s attention and improve their hand-eye coordination.

The set comes with 42 building blocks to ensure that your child tests their maximum creativity. You may also consider helping them introduce them to new combinations and patterns and bond more with your kids.

Even better, the table serves as a storage case for conveniently placing your child’s toys, thus protecting them from getting lost.

What makes this a great option is that the block section is removable. As such, you can use this table as a simple activity table for your little one. The activity table is easy to assemble and portable with its removable legs and a suitcase like an appearance when packed everything inside.

It is also fitted with a handle for easy carriage, thus provides for efficient traveling. Overall, it’s an appealing option for your baby and comes at a very reasonable price.

  • Three in one table.
  • Convenient storage and play option.
  • Too many building blocks.
  • It comes with removable legs.
  • You can pack it like a suitcase.
  • Affordable price.
  • Too many little toys to clean.


Your baby may drop the blocks and stub their feet when playing. 


6. Little Tikes 3-in-1 Switcharoo Table: The Best Entertaining Activity Table

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The little 3-in-1 switcharoo table is an excellent option for keeping your baby entertained. Like the top activity tables, this baby table is designed to grow with your baby.

The first mode of this baby table is ideal for toddlers. With removable legs, you can use it as a floor play toy for the baby who can sit or crawl.

The set also features toys that you can carry to keep the baby entertained when you go out.

Another mode is the standing table for the babies who can walk. It becomes a complete activity table full of activities and toys. The table comes with tons of exciting activities among these activities include games, a pop-up giraffe peekaboo, and a lot more.

It features a toy Switcharoo that turns it from a zoo to a school. Besides the exciting surprise for your baby, the Switcharoo motivates hand-eye coordination by evoking their interest with the sliding school bus to play melodies.

Besides providing a range of good music for your little one, it includes fun themes and school content for your little one. The flip through pages flexes your baby’s motor skills.

Overall, this ranks among the best activity baby table for entertainment as it includes 75 plus tunes for your baby.

  • 75 plus tunes.
  • Three engaging modes.
  • Grows with your baby.
  • Lots of music.
  • Surprise giraffe pop-up Peekaboo
  • The table is smaller than its counterparts.


The table is very light and not very stable for early walkers.


7. Tiny Love Black & White Here: The Best Convenient Activity Table

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Tiny Love is the best baby activity table for convenience. Unlike standard baby activity tables, this is a new world of discoveries and offers a complete sensory experience to your baby.

What makes this a convenient set is its function as a walker, jumper, activity table, and a push-along. The four-in-one design is all you need for your baby’s development as they can bounce, swivel, walk, or push.

The activity table comes with many interactive activities for engaging your little one. A vast number of activities enhance your baby’s cognitive skills and develop their motor skills, language abilities, and a lot more.

Even better, this activity center is easy to store. For storage, you can nest everything inside, and turns it into a compact form.

The walker also comes with a washable seat cover, thus makes cleaning as easy as should be. When washing the material, you can easily remove it and dump it in a washer.

The baby activity table is JPM-certified and features all safety measures to ensure the safety of your little one.

  • 4-in-1 design.
  • Adjustable height option.
  • Six development toys.
  • Convenient to store.
  • Grows with the baby.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • JPM certified
  • 360-degree swiveling seat
  • Easy assembly
  • The jumper option is not par with the best baby jumpers.


The spring-loaded owl can bounce back and injure your baby when pulled.


8. Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn: The Best Learning Activity Table


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The fisher-price table is a station geared towards boosting your baby’s cognitive development. By infusing surprises, sweet tunes, a variety of colors and an organized alphabet, it is an excellent reference for your child’s developmental education.

Unlike typical baby activity tables, this table features four themes: The puppy’s home, farm, zoo, and the market. Each theme features engaging features like Peekaboo’s, buttons, and a middle phone press.

Unlike typical peekaboo options, the ones on this table change the image every time you open the door thus keeping your baby yearning for the surprise “host.”

The interactive phone plays fun phrases that your baby eventually picks as they develop their language. The activity table features 9 lights that keep your baby entertained and surprised when using the table.

It also offers about 120 songs and fun tunes to entertain your baby. The activity table comes with removable legs thus is great for crawling babies and those who have already mastered their motor skills.

Overall, this is the best baby activity table to keep your child engaged and improved their hand-eye coordination.

  • Four themes in one
  • Engaging
  • Excellent for motor and lingual development
  • Play music and phrases.
  • Lights and color display.
  • Smart-stages and levels of play.
  • Paint may peel off after a while.


Make sure your baby starts holding up things when you buy this activity table for them.


9. Kids Multi-Activity Table Set By Burgkidz: The Best Multi-Activity Table

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The more, the better. A law that applies best in the baby table by Burgkidz. Featuring 128 Lego Duplo pieces, this proves a great option to unleash your baby’s creativity.

Even better, the table serves as a five-in-one pack, thus allows for a diverse range of activities for your baby. Also, the table features removable stands; therefore is great for crawling babies and those who have already learned to walk.

The table is made of double-sided boards and displays many activities for engaging your little one. It is specifically designed to stimulate and excite the tiny mind of your little one.

The basket used as the storage unit allows your child to play with water and sand and double as a table when covered. Since the table has a smooth surface, it provides optimal drawing, coloring, reading, and writing, thus a great study table for your baby.

Even better, the seat for this table is made to support your baby’s back thus saving them from backpain after extended study/ play sessions.

Even better, this is a durable unit as all parts are made of high-quality plastic. It’s safe and rounded design ensures that your baby is not nicked or bruised while playing.

  • Five-in-one activity table.
  • The package includes a table and a chair.
  • Smooth edges.
  • Comfortable chair.
  • Durable construction.
  • 128 Duplo pieces
  • Storage boxes for holding blocks.
  • Not suitable for toddlers.


The storage boxes are not as convenient as they fall off easily.


10. Wooden Activity Table for Toddlers: The Best Wooden Activity Table


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This one is a great wooden baby activity table for those that consider plastic tables flimsy.  for those who think plastic tables are too light, and there is a tip-over hazard.

This wooden table is loaded with interactive activities for your little one. The board offers a variety of activities to boost your baby’s development.

The display of colors, the different textures, and myriad activities will improve hand and eye coordination, shape recognition, problem-solving and critical thinking.

The premium table is made with excellent craftsmanship. It has an ultra-smooth surface and is made of splinter-free wood. The table has non-toxic paint that is safe for your baby even when he tries to explore its different parts with his mouth. Even better, this wooden table is designed for a no-tool assembly.

It’s a durable option that will remain with your baby for many years to come.

  • Durable
  • Surface free of splinters
  • Stable and secure.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Five fun activities.
  • Not sturdy enough.


The table is not very heavy and may easily be pulled by the weight of your toddler.



Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose the Best Baby Activity Tables?

Not every baby activity table is good enough for your needs. The best baby activity table is one that satisfies your requirements as per the factors listed below.

Type of Tables

There are different types of tables are available in the market that come with various activities for your baby.

While most of the tables are of plastic construction, some quality wooden options are also available. Additionally, tables vary in shape as some come in shapes of trees, a cube, and many forms designed to win your child’s attention.

Recommended Age

Buying an activity table is often recommended for the baby when they can sit unassisted. Before the baby can sit down, you can use the table as a floor play toy and use the stands once your baby can walk unassisted.

Grow with the baby

For your baby to use the table as they grow, ensure to invest in a table that can be increased in height to accommodate your baby. For this, we recommend that you invest in activity tables with removable legs.


The size of the baby activity table is solely dependent on your needs and floor space. A big table will cover your area while a tiny one may easily topple over.


A good baby activity table is one which is stable for various baby activity without toppling. Often the problem with plastic built activity tables is that they are lightweight, thus the baby can quickly move it around.

To avoid any harm, make sure the table is sturdy enough and won’t tip over when the baby I playing.

Language Selection

If your baby is bilingual, make sure you choose an activity table that allows you to select your desired language. However, avoid shifting between languages as this may slow your baby’s language skills.

Activities and Music

For maximum engagement, your baby activity table should have different activities. The music, rhymes, toys, and activities help your baby learn and promote their cognitive learning.


When buying baby products, safety always comes first. As such, settle for a stable table with smooth corners. Also, the material should not charr even when he tries to chew apart.


By limiting your cost, you reduce the confusion of choices and focus on vetting the best baby activity table without surpassing your budget.

Also, the price does not reflect on the quality of the table you get. As such, you can settle for a lower-priced table and enjoy quality features for your child’s development.

Frequently asked questions

When can a baby start using an activity table?

As soon as your baby can sit down unassisted. However, invest in a baby activity table with detachable stands thus lowering the play counter to their level.

By doing this, you motivate your kid to stay seated and expose them to elements that help them realize their hand-eye coordination, problem-solving skills, and learn the cause-effect principle.

Are walkers suitable for babies?

No. Unlike jumpers, walkers allow babies to cruise around the house, which may expose them to many dangers. E.g., falling down the staircase. Also, baby walkers carry a substantial amount of your kids’ weight, limiting the development of their leg muscles.

When buying an aid for your child’s leg muscles, I would advise you to invest in a quality baby jumper. Besides ensuring that your kids exercise their legs while at one spot, baby jumpers provide that your kids carry their full body weight, thus properly developing their leg muscles.

Can you sit a three-month baby?

This depends on your baby’s development rate. However, many babies between three and five months can sit by themselves or with little assistance from their parents. However, be keen in the initial stage, not to overdo sitting as your child is not used to it.

In the initial days, start with limited sitting sessions, thus strengthening their muscles for long durations of sitting.

Final Words

While all options in our list of the best baby activity tables are useful and come with a lot of engaging activities for your baby, our top pick is the Vtech Magic Star Learning table.

The VTech Magic Star Learning Table can be used even as your baby grows and offers a variety of features for engaging and entertaining your little one.

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