10 Best Baby Activity Tables 2020 [Reviewed and Compared]

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Are you searching for the best baby activity table for your baby, but not sure which one to buy? With thousands on the market, it can be frustrating to make the right choice, but here, you’re in the right place.

In this article, we will look at some of the best baby activity tables for your convenience.


Whether you’re for the most affordable baby activity table, wooden, musical, Interactive, or an activity table built for your baby’s learning, I make sure that this article covers for all.

10 Best Baby Activity Tables 2020 [Reviewed and Compared]


ProductAges InfantItem Weight (lb)Dimensions (Inch)PRICE
LeapFrog Learn & Groove6 month - 3 years2.205.30 x 21.00 x 15.50CHECK PRICE
Skip Hop Explore4 Months +1531.00 x 31.00 x 18.50CHECK PRICE
Battat Wooden Activity Cube12 months +1413.4 x 11.8 x 17.7CHECK PRICE
VTech Magic Star6 months to 3 years4.1314.9 x 19.8 x 16.8CHECK PRICE
Minne Baby 3-in-13 Years Old +5.218.5 x 16 x 2.4CHECK PRICE
Little Tikes 3-in-124 months - 5 year6.1521 x 21 x 20CHECK PRICE
Tiny Love Grow 4-in-19 month old+13.1428.50 x 24.50 x 7.63CHECK PRICE
Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn6 month - 3 years6.2217.7 x 17.7 x 15CHECK PRICE
burgkidz Kids 5-in-16 month + 8.717.7 x 17.7 x 17CHECK PRICE
Toyster's ED4352 Years +6.9N/ACHECK PRICE


Here is the list of some of the best baby activity table available options. Feel free to choose one that suits your baby’s needs and preferences.

A baby activity table is very useful for the baby. It keeps him engaged, entertains him well, and help him develop his motor skills.

A lot of baby activity tables are available in the market that comes with interesting features.


1. LeapFrog Learn and Groove Musical Table: The Best Musical Activity Table

1. LeapFrog Learn and Groove Musical Table: The Best Musical Activity Table

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This baby activity table is full of fun activities for your baby.

It’s a musical table that is filled with fun and exciting features. It will engage your baby for hours.

The table has an exploration learning station where your baby can explore music, tunes, colorful instruments, and several other learning activities.

The baby activity table comes with removable legs. He may use it as a floor play so that he can make use of its wonderful features.

The table grows with the baby, and you can use it as a table with legs once your baby starts to walk and can stand on his own.

The baby will have sing-along fun. It includes popular songs so your baby can sing and have some fun moments.

It comes with a learning mode, and your baby can learn alphabets, numbers, shapes, colors, and many more.

Your baby can pull, slide, spin, and press the colorful instruments that activate a variety of responses.

In musical mode, your baby will learn tunes, rhymes, and popular songs.

The table allows you to select the language as well. You can select English or Spanish language.

The playing unit comes without any excessive clatter of wires and provides a clean environment for your baby.

An activity table is a colorful option that will develop your baby’s motor skills and learning abilities.

It is a very affordable option. You may call it the best budget-friendly activity table.


  • Two interactive modes.
  • Enhance baby’s learning abilities.
  • Removable legs.
  • Affordable price.
  • Choice of language.



  • The table is very lightweight.



The table is lightweight and may easily be pushed by your baby. The legs are also not very stable.


2. Skip Hop 3-Stage Interactive Activity: The Best Interactive Activity Table

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This is an interactive activity table by Skip Hop. The activity table is designed in collaboration with pediatricians and supports the whole body approach to learning.

The bouncy seat can spin to 360-degrees. It allows the baby to jump and stretch to keep him entertained for long.

The activity table has three stages of use; baby can sit, bounce and play, or swivel.

The activity table has a discovery window so your baby can see his feet and the piano. It promotes special awareness and teaches cause and effect.

The table includes grow-with-me features, and you can remove the seat and turn it into an elegant and sturdy table for coloring, playing and other activities.

It comes with four movable toys that keep your baby engaged. The toys are small and designed to fit in your baby’s hands.

The activity area comes with clips so you can attach your baby’s favorite toys. You can move the clips and position them anywhere for the baby.

You can detach the legs for easy storage. The activity table is a bit expensive as compared to our previous option, but it offers more convenience and entertainment to your baby.


  • Interactive activity table.
  • It comes with colorful toys and activities.
  • The seat can bounce and spin.
  • The detachable legs for easy storage.
  • See-through the window.
  • Piano at feet.



  • Bit expensive option.



The pop-up owl toy can stick your baby’s finger.


3. Battat – Wooden Activity Cube: The Best Ultimate Fun Baby Activity Table

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This one is not just an activity but a cube full of interactive games, colors, and toys to engage your baby.

The cube has engaging activities on all four sides. Your baby will have five sides of fun. There are doors to open on one side. Your baby will discover colorful animals

One side displays the alphabet that your baby can learn. There are zig-zag beads to move up and down and a lot more.

It’s a solid wood construction that is crafted beautifully with a lot of colors and activities.

The activity cube is designed to take maximum care of your baby’s safety. It comes with round corners and a smooth surface that can’t be a chip off easily.

The cube is designed to support your baby’s early learning abilities.

The interactive games keep your baby engaged and promote his cognitive development.

The wooden cube is excellent for 12 month’s baby and up. The only concern is that this can tip over the baby as it is not very heavy and maybe pulled easily by your baby.

This one comes in complete assembled form. You don’t have to put together anything at all.

The wooden cube is absolutely free of lead and is perfectly safe for your baby.

It’s a very cost-effective option and provides good value for your money.



  • Interactive games.
  • Colorful toys.
  • Aids learning abilities.
  • Five sides of fun.
  • Improves hand and eye coordination.



  • Bit heavy wooden cube.



It’s a bit bulky cube, and you need more space for accommodating it to any corner of the room


4. VTech Magic Star Learning Table: The Best Baby Learning Activity Table

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This learning table is specifically designed to help your baby learn new things and improve his motor and cognitive skills.

The table has 6 fun activities both in English and Spanish, to help your baby explore and learn.

The table features a turning wheel that drives the bear around the table. The table comes with an electronic system that can play nursery rhymes for your baby. It features book pages to help your baby learn different things.

You can press the buttons and listen to music or learn the colors.

Your baby can pick up the toy phone and have some amazing time calling his animal friends.

You can make use of this activity table as a floor play toy. This is useful when the baby is mere on the crawling stage and can’t stand up or walk on his own.

When the baby grows up, you can attach the legs and turn it into a table.

The activities on the table allow your baby to develop his motor skills. The electronic system of rhymes and music works with batteries.

The table is good for babies from six months to three-year-old toddlers so it will remain useful for many years.

Overall, it’s a good option that won’t cost much as well.



  • Lots of learning activities.
  • Play rhymes to engage your baby.
  • Detachable legs.
  •  Enhance motor skills.
  • Safe for the baby.


  • Not very durable.


The activity table is a little flimsy and may not last long.


5. Minne Baby 3-in-1 Kids Activity Table: The Best Budget-Friendly Option

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This Minne baby activity table is designed to help your baby learn, play, and learn without any mess.

It’s a three-in-one convenient table. It can be used as a storage table where you can conveniently place all toys. It’s a flat surface that can be unlocked to display the stored blocks or toys.

It can be used as a block table with too many blocks. It comes with 42 building blocks so your baby can engage himself self-creating different patterns with these blocks.

Or you can remove the block section and make use of it as a simple activity table for your little one.

All blocks and toys can be packed in the storage area, and there is no mess left behind.

The activity table is easy to assemble and portable with its removable legs and a suitcase like an appearance when packed everything inside.

It comes with a handle for easily carrying the table. The table allows your baby to have a good time with a lot of learning activities.

Overall, it’s an engaging option for your baby and comes at a very reasonable price.



  • Three in one table.
  • Convenient option.
  • Too many building blocks.
  • It comes with removable legs.
  • You can pack it like a suitcase.
  • Affordable price.


  • Too many little toys to clean.



The baby may put his feet on blocks while playing and get hurt.


6. Little Tikes 3-in-1 Switcharoo Table: The Best Entertaining Activity Table

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The baby table is designed to grow with your baby. The table comes with three different modes that will engage your baby in his growing years.

The first mode is ideal for babies. With removable legs, you can use it as a floor play toy for the baby who can sit or crawl.

Then there is take along toys that you can carry to keep the baby entertained when you go out.

Another mode is the standing table for the babies who can walk. It becomes a complete activity table full of activities and toys. This stage is perfect for little cruisers and active toddlers.

The activity table comes with tons of exciting activities. There are interesting games, flips, peekaboo, and a lot more.

It features a toy Switcharoo that turns it from a zoo to a school. It will not only surprise your little one but help him learn different things.

The activity table provides good music for your little one. It includes fun-themed and school content for your little one.

The flip through pages flexes your baby’s motor skills. The interesting table includes 75 plus which keeps your baby engaged and entertained.



  • 75 plus activities.
  • Three engaging modes.
  • Grows with your baby.
  • Lots of music.



  • The table is a bit smaller.



The table is very light and not very stable for early walkers.


7. Tiny Love Black & White Here: The Best Convenient Activity Table

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The Tiny Love activity table that keeps your baby engaged and help him learn a lot of new things. It’s a new world of discoveries and offers a complete sensory experience to your baby.

It’s a complete activity package. You can make use of it as a walker, jumper, activity table, and a push-along. The four-in-one design is all you need to entertain your baby. He can bounce, swivel, walk or push.

The activity table comes with many interactive activities for engaging your little one.

A wide number of activities enhance your baby’s cognitive skills and develop his motor skills, language abilities, and a lot more.

The activity center is easy to store. You can nest everything inside, and it turns into a compact form.

It comes with a washable seat cover. You can remove it and dump in a washer conveniently.

The baby activity table is JPM-certified and features all safety measures to ensure the safety of your little one



  • 4-in-1 design.
  • Adjustable height option.
  • Six development toys.
  • Convenient to store.
  • Grows with the baby.
  • Easy to assemble.



  •  The jumper is not very functional.



One of the toys the spring-loaded owl can bounce back when your child pulls it and may injure your baby.


8. Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn: The Best Learning Activity Table


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This one is a great option for learning and entertaining. The baby has four places to go to. There is a puppy’s home, farm, zoo, and the market.

All sides have special features that educate the baby about different things in a very fun way.

There is an interactive phone that plays fun phrases that add the fun of role play. The activity table features 9 lights that keep your baby entertained and surprised him from time to time. It also offers about 120 songs and fun tunes to entertain your baby.

The activity table comes with removable legs so your baby can play these funny tunes and have some fun on the floor.

The table offers smart stages activity with so it remains useful and fun for the baby when he is growing.

Overall, these hands-on activities develop your baby’s motor skills and improve his hands and eye coordination.

The music, phrases, activities, and textures are important for developing his senses.



  • Four fun places for baby to visit.
  • Lots of sensory experience.
  • Play music and phrases.
  • Lights and color display.
  • Smart stages and levels of play.



  • Paint may peel off after a while.



Make sure your baby starts holding up things when you buy this activity table for him.


9. Kids Multi-Activity Table Set By Burgkidz: The Best Multi-Activity Table

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This one is a sturdy table that packs in five-in-one activity stages for your baby and stays relevant as he grows.

The table is made of double-sided boards and displays many activities for engaging your little one.

It is specifically designed to stimulate and excite the little mind of your little one.

Your child can play with the blocks and build multi-story buildings. Flip over the table, and there is a smooth side for the baby’s coloring activities.

He can draw, color, read, write and make use of it as a simple study table.

Remove the playing board, and it will reveal a brick table or a sand and water table. The activities are fun and so educational for your toddler.

It comes with a sturdy and stable chair as well for your baby to sit on. Though the chair is small, its load-bearing capacity is strong. It allows your baby to sit straight and comfortably.

The activity chair needs to be assembled when you bring it home. However, it comes with clear instructions on how to assemble different parts.

All parts are made of high-quality plastic. Its safe and rounded design has no edges that may harm your baby while playing.



  • Five-in-one activity table.
  • A complete package of table and chair.
  • Smooth edges.
  • Comfortable chair.
  • Durable construction.
  • Storage boxes for holding blocks.



  • A bit tricky to assemble.
  • Not suitable for small babies.



The storage boxes are not usable and fall off easily.


10. Wooden Activity Table for Toddlers: The Best Wooden Activity Table


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This one is for those who think plastic tables are too light, and there is a tip-over hazard.

This wooden table is loaded with interactive activities for your little one. The adventure table comes with five fun-filled activities to engage your little one.

The board offers a lot of sensory experience for your little one. The display of colors, the different textures all these things will improve his hand and eye coordination, shape recognition, and his critical thinking.

The premium table is made with excellent craftsmanship. It has an ultra-smooth surface and is made of splinter-free wood.

The table has non-toxic paint that is safe for the baby even when he tries to explore its different parts with his mouth. Though it will be hard on touch as it is made of wood.

The wooden table does not require much assembling. Only screw its three legs, and it is ready to use. It’s a durable option that will remain with your baby for many years to come.



  • Durable table.
  • Smooth surface.
  • Stable and secure.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Offers good activities.



  • Not sturdy enough.



The table is not very heavy and may easily be pulled by the weight of your toddler.


Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose the Best Baby Activity Tables?

Let’s take a look at things you should consider while selecting a Baby activity Table


Type of Tables

Many different types of tables are available in the market. They all come with different activities to engage your baby.

Most of the tables have plastic construction. Some wooden tables are also available. Then there are some exclusive shapes of tables like a tree, a cube, and many others that are designed to attract your little one’s attention.


Recommended Age

Mostly you can think of buying an activity table for the baby when he at least can sit unassisted. That too only in case it comes with the removable legs.

You can use it first few months as a floor play toy and make it a table when baby can walk on his own.


Grow with the baby

Babies grow very fast. Make sure you invest in a toy that grows with the baby. The activity tables with removable legs or with other modes of play can stay relevant even when your baby grows up.



It should be rightly sized. Too big will cover your space and too little may be easily topple over by the baby. So choose the appropriate size as per your baby’s age and the size of his room.



It should be stable. The problem with plastic built activity tables is that they are too light weighted and the baby can easily move it around. So make sure the table is sturdy enough and won’t tip over the baby when he is playing.


Language Selection

If your baby is bilingual, make sure you choose an activity table that allows you to select your desired language.


Activities and Music

It should have different activities to keep your baby busy for long. The music, rhymes, toys, and activities help your baby learn many things and encourage his cognitive learning.


Safety Measures

The first requirement. The table should be safe for the baby. It should have smooth corners and stable. The plastic or wooden material should be safe for the baby even when he tries to chew apart.



Select your budget first and then look for the option in that range. There are some budget-friendly options with great features. You don’t have to buy an expensive activity table for your baby.


Final Words

All options in our list of the best baby activity tables are useful and come with a lot of engaging activities for your baby.

Overall, we choose the VTech Magic Star Learning Table. It grows with your baby and offers a great feature for engaging and entertaining your little one.


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