The Best Basketball Shoes for High Arches 2021

5 Best Basketball Shoes for High Arches for 2020

I struggle when shopping for sneakers as not all basketball sneakers are built with arches support in mind, and I believe that you experience this frustration too. If so, then, don’t worry… This article has been put together by someone who has had the same frustration as you.

So, here is what you’re going to learn from this article… A review of the top 5 Best Basketball Shoes for High Arches for 2021, a buyer’s guide, how we pick these sneakers, and what you should be looking for when choosing yours.

Best Basketball Shoes for High ArchesFinding the right basketball shoe necessitates knowing your feet and what structures are going to be the most imperative to you. Comfort should be your first worry.

Once you put on the shoes, they had better feel contented with no pinching or rubbing. Your heels have to stay in place while running or walking.

Any sliding of the heel and you’re likely to get sores on your feet. If you have flat feet or great arches, keep that in mind the sort of cushioning and arch supports when penetrating for shoes.

Support and stability are two other chief features to look for, mainly if you are prone to rolled ankles or other foot injuries.

Before beginning the conversation on best basketball shoes aimed at high arches, it is good to yield a brief view of what really high arches mean.

A high arch is a complaint in which the arch of your foot is raised more than the usual and you experience additional weight.

A person with high arches requires more arch support from their shoes. The basketball shoes aimed for such players have extra arch support, cushioning, control protection, abundant padding, and flexibility.


The 10 Best Basketball Shoes for High Arches for 2021:

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adidas mens Harden Stepback Basketball Shoe,...
  • Regular fit
  • Ergonomic lacing system
  • Textile upper with synthetic toe cap
  • Light and breathable feel
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Under Armour unisex child Grade School...
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Beita High Upper Basketball Shoes Sneakers...
  • ★ Rubber damping sole in net shape provides you with...
  • ★ Breathable, lightweight textile upper and the molded...
  • ★ Durable, wear resistant & and anti-slip material make...
  • ★ The upper with venting holes offers good breathability...
  • ★ If any dirt or damaged product upsets you or for some...
Bestseller No. 5
JMFCHI Boys Basketball Shoes Kids Sneakers...
  • Rubber sole:The kids basketball shoes are durable non-slip...
  • Breathable upper: The basketball shoes for boys with...
  • High top design: The boys basketball sneakers with high top...
  • Occasion: The boys sports shoes is suitable for...
  • The basketball culture shoes with cushion insole and...
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Under Armour mens Charged Assert 8 Running...
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  • Lightweight mesh upper with 3 color digital print delivers...
  • Durable leather overlays for stability & that locks in your...
  • EVA sockliner provides soft, step in comfort
  • Charged Cushioning midsole uses compression molded foam for...
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adidas Men's Hoops 2.0 Mid Basketball Shoe,...
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Below are the five best basketball shoes for individuals with high arches;


1. Adidas Dame 3 Shoe Men’s Basketball

adidas Dame 3 Men's Basketball Shoes
  • Textile upper
  • Lace closure
  • Textile lining
  • Cushioned footbed
  • Rubber outsole

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Adidas Dame 3 is one of the best complete shoes on the market. It performs well in every single category and is so multipurpose that it can be worn by any player irrespective of size or shape.

Traction: The traction used on the Dame 3 ought to have you covered for every move you can think of, and if you have observed Damian Lillard, you know he is creating moves all game long.

It makes use of blade traction which offers multi-directional analysis and it works gorgeously. If you’re coming off curls, creating a lot of cuts, or piercing to the basket, then the Dame 3 traction is whatever you want to make sure your feet aren’t sliding.

As far as traction goes, the Dame 3 is as decent as it gets.

Cushioning: Bounce cushion enhances a spring to your step while still giving you sufficient of court feel.

If you’re looking for that court feel, but still want a slightly more cushion than some other shoe offer (Steph 3 or Kyrie 3), then you ought to seriously deliberate the Dame 3.

The good news is that this shoe isn’t just appropriate for guards, but also superior players! Sizing for this shoe is accurate to size, but if you want a cozy fit then consider going down half a size. Extensive footers would go up a half size.

The support features in the Dame 3 are what you anticipate in a basketball shoe: TPU midfoot shank, internal heel pawn, countless lockdown, and a fine stable platform to work with on the court.

One of the most pleasant parts of the shoe’s support is the midsole. This part of the shoe cradles the foot, creating it feel as if you and your shoe are one.


2. Under Armour Men’s Curry 3Zero Basketball Shoe

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Steph Curry’s latest shoe puts composed an excellent blend of infinite support and total control. You can’t go wrong with a shoe that provides you a feel for the court while not weighing you down.

The Curry 3 structures a simple herringbone pattern with reedy grooves, a pivot point in the forefoot, and a hard rubber compound.

The traction is boundless and makes for an incredible experience indoors if the court is on more of the clean side.

If the court is a slightly dusty, the outsole does entice a lot of dust that necessitates frequent wiping to get it out of the grooves. Once there’s dust on the outsole, you will experience certain slippage so keep these puppies as clean as promising.

Other than that, if you’re a performer that uses jab steps, v-cuts, stage backs (plays like Steph Curry) then you’re going to love the receptive traction the Curry 3 provides you on the court.

Charged is the sort of cushioning Curry likes in his shoes. It doesn’t have as much receptiveness and cushion as some other types, but Steph has a preference no bounce or pillow in his shoe; he wants a court texture so that he is all set for rapid crosses and releases.

One thing about this kind of cushioning system is that the next off-screen for a quick shot feels ordinary and solid since there’s no bounce feel.

The fit on these shoes is correct to size although narrow, several regular feet, and players like a snug fit may feel improved in a half size down.

Lockdown in the heel is outstanding because of the padding and lacing method the Curry 3 uses. The simple downfall with fit is that it doesn’t conform to your feet.

The Curry 3 offers deliver ultra-lightweight support with structures such as the carbon-fiber wings on the heel.

These wings make available extra security to make sure your ankle isn’t going anyplace.

If you ensure wear ankle braces, the heel area should provide accommodations several braces, but it is solid an adequate amount that some players didn’t feel the need for additional support.


3. Nike Air Visi Pro IV

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Nike Air Visi Pro IV has a very cool style, decent quality with reasonable ease, and boosts performance on the court.

It nails the third position in our upper picks for best basketball for high arches.

These shoes show leather and artificial upper that make them light in weight and also develop your performance. You experience contented and snug-fitting out of them.

The Nike air units are accountable for cushioning and great impact protection. These shoes also show decent ankle support and arch support.

These shoes have come with herringbone traction design incorporated into the shoes’ rubber outsole. This delivers you maximum stability and traction for all kinds of exchanges on almost any surface.

This shoe has the air equipment that Nike is famous for and it is placed in the heel of the shoe to help with pressure.

This shoe also delivers a great deal of stress justification in the forefoot of the shoe.

The arch support is not the supreme in the shoe but I can still vouch for this for someone with high arches.


4. Nike Kyrie 3 GS Basketball Shoes

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The Kyrie 3 is the modern model of Kyrie Irving’s signature line. His shoe doesn’t ensure breathtaking technology, but it certainly gets the job done.

Finally, that’s what you need in a shoe – it isn’t about the frills but what senses right on your feet and fits your game, and if you’re the kind of player looking for a shoe constructed for sharp cuts, then be sure to take a close look at the Kyrie 3.

The traction being used on Kyrie 3 is herringbone, and it’s top-notch. This traction design is used on the whole outsole alongside with two multi-directional pods in the forefoot.

The objective of the pods is to permit the wearer to grip the court while changing ways and the herringbone traction covers the linear activities. The one area you will have to get used to being the “X” to be found between the two pods. It doesn’t feel as hostile as the rest of the outsole; it is strange at first, but the more you play, the fewer you’ll notice that feeling.

The Kyrie 3 merely has a cushion in the heel with a Zoom Air unit. It’s going to be a slight stiff when you first get them, so allow some time to halt them in.

For folks of you who want cushion or if you have knee or back issues, this perhaps isn’t right shoe for you since the cushion is minimal.


5. Nike Men’s Lebron XIII Basketball Shoes

Nike Men's Lebron Soldier 13 SFG Basketball...
109 Reviews
Nike Men's Lebron Soldier 13 SFG Basketball...
  • Style#: AR4225-005
  • Zoom Air units compress into the midsole foam when you step,...
  • The laceless closure system uses two durable straps, each...
  • A flexible inner sleeve allows the collar to expand for...
  • The ripstop upper stretches in targeted areas, then locks...

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Like Lebron, this shoe does the whole thing well. It was prepared to fit the King and his game; you can see and feel that in the expertise and features the Lebron XIII offers.

The traction used on Lebron XIII is hex pods during the outsole with large bars that acted like herringbone. The large bars are applied in multiple directions for exposure no matter which way you’re moving. On clean or frivolously dusted courts, these shoes were very reliable with no issues.

Zoom Air Hexagon cushions make the Lebron XIII feel pleasant on your feet.

It has hexagonal take off pads – three pods in the forefoot and one in the heel. These two regions cover a big amount of space, they’re 13mm thick which is thick.

You will feel that additional bounce, explosiveness, and influence protection while you’re out on the court.

The fit on these shoes is exact to size, but as at all times make certain you get the right size for you.

For basketball players with tall arches, you will most certainly want to try these shoes on first because the layer of shoe that assembles on top of the midfoot has zero elasticity and could be the downside for some. The

shoes will feel stroppy when you get them on your feet but once they are wrecked in be ready for a great basketball familiarity.


What Are The Benefits Of Basketball Shoes for High Arches?

Basketball is one of today’s most widespread recreational sports. Most towns deliver their residents with plenty of chances to play basketball, whether in the street or drive, play on a native YMCA team, or shoot a small number of hoops at the park with friends.

Shoe companies have been creating an absolute fortune from basketball shoes due to publicizing claims that you can move just like Shaq, run just like Kobe Bryant, and hurdle just like Michael Jordan.

B-ball footwear has aided some shoe companies to sort a name for themselves such as Adidas and Nike.

The promises made ensure people rushing into their local malls to buying the finest basketball footwear that can be bought.

There is nothing normal about B-ball shoes. They come with numerous special features that help to fund such basketball skills as balance and jumping.

People will expend more than one hundred dollars on the ideal basketball shoe that potentials to advance their skills and overall game.


Buyer’s Guide: How to Pick the Best Basketball Shoes for High Arches:



Choosing a basketball shoe that delivers your foot with support is crucial. Basketball is a game of cutting and jumping which entails maximum support, particularly for your ankles.

If you’re a basketball player with olden times of weak ankles or in general, want to keep your ankles sustained to prevent a future injury then move this set to the top of your priority list.

Ankle injuries are one of the most mutual injuries in basketball. For the finest support, you ought to avoid low-cut and mid-cut basketball shoes; this may be diminishing your selections when it comes to finding great shoes, but it is for a decent reason.

You will still be able to find a boundless basketball shoe that meets your needs – and you really need a high-cut style. This type of style will limit ankle movement which should upsurge ankle support and inferior risk of injury.

No one shoe can avoid an injury, but the extra support does reduce the amount of stress on your ankle and the wear and tear on the joint.



Cushioning is vital for all types of players – it doesn’t matter if you’re a better player, a player that logs forty minutes a game, or an older player that necessities something easy on the joints.

When it comes to placing your foot into a basketball shoe, it’s all about what kind of cushion your foot is going to have while you go all out on the court.

Because there is so much variety among basketball players, you’ll find diversity in cushioning as well. With so many varieties to consider, it’s decent to know what sort of cushioning system is in their shoes.



It’s another countless feature of most of the basketball shoes to increase comfort. The higher portion of the shoes must be made with breathable materials; if not then your foot might sweat and smell very weird. So eventually you lose your attentiveness.


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