Best Baby Monitor Under $100 for 2020

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Among the highly-rated baby monitors in the market today, you won’t miss the best baby monitor under $100.

Best Baby Monitor Under $100Did you know that the number one bestseller baby monitor on Amazon is actually under $100? Monitors are an exciting topic for mums and dads. Parents opt to install baby monitors to maintain the interaction with their babies or get information about how their babies are faring on.

It’s true, a baby monitor under $100, isn’t fancy. Most of them do not pack smart technology. Thus, they may not offer what their high-end counterparts provide.

But what I can assure you is that they’ll let you know what is happening around your baby. Just pick the right one.

Remember, the market has thousands of baby monitors.

Question is; how do you fish the best baby monitor under $100 from this sea of monitors, especially if you lack the skills or you are just impatient?


Read our review and buying guide, and you’ll find the right product.

Are you eager to know our best pick? Baby Monitor by Hello Baby-US. We picked it because of its large screen, ease of use, portability, and PTZ feature.

The Top 5 Best Baby Monitors Under $100:


1. Overall BestBaby Monitor by Hello Baby-US

Baby Monitor by Hello Baby-US

The Baby Monitor by Hello Baby-US is, actually, is among amazon’s bestseller baby monitor. It has thousands of positive reviews.

What does that mean for you?

It is sturdy, practical, and accurate. It packs only the necessary features you need to monitor your baby.

The baby monitor is easy to install and operate. It is typically a plug and plays monitor. And because the parent unit uses battery power, it offers you full mobility. It makes it easier to move it from room to the next within your house. Still, you can carry the parent unit in your pocket while outdoors.

It is a Pan-Tilt-Zoom baby monitor, and you can control all these aspects remotely. What we found interesting is the angle of rotation. In the horizontal direction, you can rotate the camera up to 355°. Vertically, the camera moves in a range of 120°.

It is clear; you have a wider field of view of your baby’s room. Besides, you can zoom in to get a closer look at your baby. Remember, it comes with a 3. 2″ LCD. At its price, this size is reasonable.

We also appreciate the clear two-way communication feature. The inbuilt speakers have high sound clarity. So, you can converse with your baby as if it is face-to-face.

Smart features include:

Audio only mode – a necessary feature if you want to save on battery power

Night vision – lets you watch your baby at night

Room temperature monitor – lets you know if the room has the correct temperature for your baby. It comes with an alert feature

Sound level LED indicator – indicates the level of sound from your baby’s room.


  • Easy to use

  • Portable – great for traveling

  • Great signal and motion detectors

  • Perfect visual effect

  • Excellent sound clarity


  • No instruction on how to use the wall mount


2. Best Audio Monitor – VTech DM221 Audio Baby Monitor


Best Audio Monitor - VTech DM221 Audio Baby Monitor


VTech DM221 is an audio monitor. Its light and the cheapest baby monitor on this list, retailing at below $30.

Why did the VTech DM221 make it to this list?

Simplicity. It has a small footprint. What you see is what it offers. In the box, you get a power cable, a parent unit, and one baby unit. Additionally, it comes with clear and easy to follow instruction manual.

The transmission of the sound is fantastic. The sound is very clear compared to other analog baby monitors. It eliminates white noises. Thus, you vividly hear what your baby is up to, thanks to the DUCT 6.0.

Apart from adjusting the sound level, the baby monitor indicates the level of sound. The DM221 Audio baby monitor has a 5-level sound indicator. The parent unit has graphic bars to show the sound level.

For any baby monitor, having a two-way communication feature is invaluable. That is the only way to show your baby you are around. You can sing for them or just talk. The DM221 has a 2-way talk-back intercom system, which allows communication.

You have 2 battery options. You either use the rechargeable battery that lasts up to 18 hours or uses two AAA batteries.

Remember, the parent unit has a belt clip. Thus, it reduces the hassle of holding it. In open space, you get 1000 feet range while within your house, it is 160 ft.


  • Portable thanks to the belt clip and lightweight

  • Decent range of operation

  • Improved sound clarity

  • The talk-back feature allows you to talk to your child


  • You can’t turn off the nightlight


3. Video Baby Monitor by GoodBaby


Video Baby Monitor by GoodBaby


The GoodBaby video baby monitor offers a 2.4-inch LCD display. Though small, it displays high-quality footage, which is a decent thing at its price point.

The display screen connects to the camera via 2.4GHz wireless digital transmission. Again, this is a good thing, as it guarantees stable and no signal interference during transmission.

Even at night, you still can watch out for your baby, thanks to the clear infrared night vision. And I bet this is more satisfactory than anything else.

What’s more, the Goodbaby video monitor comes with multiple ways of installing. You can install it on the wall, table, and baby’s crib or anywhere it will give you a clear picture of your baby’s room.

It is a plug and plays monitor. So, No hassles while installing.

The parent unit is small and portable and is powered by a rechargeable battery. So you got full mobility within your house or in the field. You have a 1000 feet range in open spaces.

But this range reduces in areas with obstructions like buildings.

Sadly, the camera doesn’t pan or tilt.

What else do you get?

Feeding alarm reminding

Screen off mode

Two-way audio conversations

VOX wake-up mode



  • Small, lightweight; hence portable

  • Easy installation process

  • The receiver has a kickstand which allows you to have hands-free watching

  • Quality of pictures is acceptable

  • Good range


  • The sensitivity for ECO mode doesn’t work well


4. Video Baby Monitor by vmai


Video Baby Monitor by vmai


The Vmai video baby monitor offers a 4.3’’ LCD display screen, which is pretty large.

What made up rate it among the best baby monitor under $100 is that it can pair with 4 cameras at the same time. Using four cameras at the same time allows you to monitor other babies or even pets simultaneously.

And it saves you money – which you would’ve spent buying another monitor.

The baby monitor utilizes the 2.4GHz FHSS Wireless transmission. Typically, this is one of the latest wireless transmission modes.

The signals are stable, meaning footage remains stable and without interference. Like other monitors, you get a signal up to 1000 feet in open ground.

The Vmai video baby monitor has night vision capabilities. But unlike other monitors on this list, it has a night auto-switch IR night vision. You need not change the setting to get into night mode.

Another interesting feature is the 2x zoom and 360 degrees rotation. Such functions let you have a clear view of the baby’s room.

You also get:

A talk-back system

Motion detection alarm

VOX to tell if your baby is crying

In-built lullabies


  • The picture quality is decent

  • Sound is loud enough

  • Clear user instruction

  • Decent battery life


  • Intermittent signal loss, but it isn’t that bad


5. Video Baby Monitor by ANMEATE


Video Baby Monitor by ANMEATE


The Anmeate video baby monitor boasts of a high-resolution display on its 2.4” screen. The images are vibrant and color-rich. Thus stands out as the best baby monitor under $100.

At night, image quality is still acceptable considering that it packs 8 infrared LED Lights. So whether day or night, you’ll know how your baby is doing.

Notice that, this baby monitor is also a plug and play kind. No hassles while installing it.

You have the option to expand up to 4 cameras if you need it. But, what we found interesting is that you can zoom (2x), pan (360 degrees) and tilt (60 degrees). However, panning and tilting can only be achieved manually.

Other notable features are:

Tabletop or wall mounting options

Sound activated LED indicators

Timer settings

Transmission range of up to 960 feet

4 soothing lullaby songs

Two-way talk-back intercom function


  • The remote monitor is so small, and you can easily stack it in your pocket

  • You have an option to listen to the audio-only

  • Great picture quality

  • Decent battery life

  • Easy to use


  • The screen changes brightness on its own


Buyers Guide: How to Pick the Best Baby Monitor Under $100

One thing should be clear.

A good number of baby monitor under $100 does not have fancy features.

It doesn’t mean you should settle for any baby monitor you come across. Remember, you need value for your money, even if it is $10.

Parents, what should we do?

Simple. Follow the guide below.

Audio or video baby monitors?

An audio baby monitor transmits only sound. It will alert you when your baby is in distress but you won’t be able to see what is happening.

By contrast, a video baby monitor will show you what is happening, in addition to transmitting audio.

The audio monitor is, of course, cheaper than the video baby monitor. So apart from price, you can consider other factors like portability and your preference.

Installation process

By now, it is clear that even the best baby monitor under $100 doesn’t have complicated features. That should make it easy to install, right?

Well, that isn’t entirely true.

Some budget baby monitors have proved complicated for customers to install. And, worse, the instruction manuals aren’t of any help.

In this case, you are forced to email or call customer service.

You’ll realize that all the baby monitors we have reviewed here are easy to install. All are plug and play type. That is what you must look for.

Again, mounting options vary. Some come with mounts to allow you to mount anywhere you like. Others are specific; mount on the wall or table. Here, choose what pleases you.

Range of operation

Whether it is a video or audio baby monitor, the range of a signal is vital. The majority of monitors offer up to 1000 feet. That is decent; no doubt about it.

Note that, signal transmission mechanism affects the range. It should be strong enough to sustain the range. Most video monitors use 2.4GHz FHSS Wireless transmission, which is effective.

Again, 1000 feet range only works in open spaces. You’ll find out that for some monitors it is much less when you are areas with buildings including your own house.

What’s more, you need to know the factors that can interfere with the signal. Avoiding such factors gives you flawless transmission.

Additional baby monitor features

Some companies offer additional features on their monitors. Get such features, provided they are helpful.

For instance, talk-back communication is one of the best features to consider. The speakers must be clear and loud enough. The feature allows you to stay in touch with your baby.

Again, night vision is essential, especially if you sleep in a separate room from your baby, or you spent time in a different room. And if it is automatic, then the better.

Others include motion detectors, sound level indicators, temperature monitors and pan, tilt, and zoom.


Nothing is convenient for a parent than getting the right baby monitor, whether an audio or video type. It usually gives peace of mind hence a sense of calmness throughout the day.

On the other hand, babies have an opportunity to be with their parents whenever they want. Features like talk-back communication keep parent and baby in contact. Such a connection creates a stronger bond, and hence proper growth for the baby.

It is excellent news to parents that with less than $100, you can get a baby monitor that will help you take great care of your baby.

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