Nike Air Jordan XXXII Review

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If you love playing basketball and you are yet to get a quality basketball shoe, you have no idea what you are missing. One simple reason for picking only the best is that it will provide the cushioning you need for that bounce off the hardwood. However, many brands are competing in the market thereby turning a simple act of selecting a basketball shoe herculean.
The good news is that the Air Jordan 32 is one product that has all you need in a basketball shoe. This Air Jordan 32 review is full of information that will aid your search for the best basketball shoe. You May Also Like: Jordan Fly Lockdown Men’s Basketball Shoes Review


The Air Jordan hit the market on the 23rd of September 2017. The main product that influenced the production of this version was the Air Jordan 2, and it came bearing the Jordan logo in a Rossa Corsa colorway. Since then, other editions like Banned colorway and Russ colorway has been released into the market.
The previous versions; Air Jordan 30 and 31 didn’t exactly give players what they want in traction. However, this version XXXII has rubber for gripping the court and an altered herringbone which was first introduced in version 31.

Features and benefits

If you want to consider the quality of Air Jordan 32, I can assure you that you have no cause for complaints. This basketball shoe features a Flyknit material that is light and breathable. The nature of the material makes it a dream to wear because it will wrap your foot lightly like when you wear socks. Also, it provides that powerful cushioning for that bounce off the hardwood while playing.

Pros and cons of Air Jordan XXXII

Air Jordan 32 is simply awesome and not just that many sports lovers are recommending it because of its quality and incomparable support, basketball players have great things to say about the product. Let’s see what they like and dislike about it.


  • The lace material which is integrated with the Flyknit fabric provides support for players.
  • There is an internal foam added to the collar and inside the heel for adequate comfort.
  • The sole is made from solid rubber to ensure the shoe lasts longer.


  • The layers of materials do not permit for adequate ventilation.
  • The first time you wear Air Jordan 32, it feels tight, but after a few runs, the show loosens.
  • Some players complain that it is bulky and heavy.


The retail price of this basketball shoe is $185, but it may vary depending on where you buy it.


Basketball players around the world can wear the Air Jordan 32, and as a result, it comes in different colorways to ensure that you can pick a color that suits you fine.


The Air Jordan 32 is a product offering a unique design with quality material for comfort and durability.

Sizing and fit

There are many sizes of Air Jordan 32, so it will not be a problem to get the right one. Get the right size, and as the Flyknit materials stretch, the shoe will fit you perfectly.


The Air Jordan 32 allows for ventilation from the breathable Flyknit material and also moves very well with your foot.


The Air Jordan 32 basketball shoe provides adequate cushioning with its Flight Speed system that protects your foot from impact whenever you dunk and the low-profile Zoom Air cushioning added to the forefoot and the heel.


The breathable Flyknit stretches and supports you at any place you require since it wraps around your foot to provide comfort.


The combination of materials used in this version is both unique and effective. The Air Jordan 32 is a combination of rubber, breathable Flyknit material, and synthetic leather.


With what we can see so far, Air Jordan XXXII improved on the features of the previous versions and added more uniqueness for comfort and support. If you want to experience that perfect bounce, grab this version.


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