Air Jordan XXXII Low Big Kid’s [boys] Basketball Shoe

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Whether your kid is a casual player or a professional champion, his running shoes should be the best quality. It should also have the perfect design so that he can have an enjoyable experience on the court. That is why; the Air Jordan XXXII Low Big Kid’s [boys] Basketball Shoe is the perfect running shoe you can buy for your big boy.

This shoe will allow him to bring to perfection his three-point throw so that all you will be hearing will be swooshes from any net he is playing at. If you are searching for the pair of basketball shoe for your boy that will enable him to perfect his hoopster technique, this review will provide you with guidance.

Features and Benefits

The design for this Air Jordan XXXII Low Big Kid’s [boys] Basketball Shoe is unique and comes from high-quality. It is the perfect running shoe that will enable your boy to hone-in his three-point throw. Also, it comes with a breathable, light Flyknit fabric that can conform to his foot just like a sock. Moreover, there is a powerful cushioning which will enable the foot of your boy to zoom off from the hardwood.

Pros and Cons of Air Jordan XXXII Low Big Kid’s [boys] Basketball Shoe

The Air Jordan XXXII low for big kids is quality and comfort feel personified. One may ask, what is the secret that makes this product a rave amongst big kids? Let us look at the pros;


  • This particular product comes with a Flyknit Fabric which is breathable to stretch for comfortable support.
  • To provide you with a responsive cushioning, this shoe uses an air sole from Nike.
  • Its laces are integrated into the fabric for better comfort and support.
  • Inside the collar and heel are foam to soften the impact and hard cuts.
  • The sole is provided with solid rubber to ensure multi-directional traction and durability.


  • There are no cons yet.


This particular basketball shoe is retailed at $120 although the price can change due to the store you visit.


Since the shoe is for big boys, the colorway is important to them. That is the reason this shoe comes in white, metallic gold black colors respectively.


This basketball shoe has a powerful design coupled with innovative attributes to promote comfort and quality.

Sizing and Fit

The Air Jordan XXXII Low Big Kid’s [boys] Basketball Shoe offers a variety of sizes for big kids. At least from the available sizes, you must get the perfect fit for your boy.


With the help of the breathable, light Flyknit fabric, this shoe can ensure proper ventilation in and out of the shoe.


For cushioning support, the forefoot of this shoe is provided with an air sole from Nike to ensure soft impacts on jumps or hard cuts.


The Flyknit laces are integrated with the laces to provide this basketball shoe with excellent support.


Premium quality materials are used for the construction of this particular shoe. They include; solid rubber which enhances multiple surface traction and durability. There is the foam for the insides for a comfortable feel and the Flyknit fabric that can expand to accommodate your foot.


After going through all the information in this Air Jordan XXXII Low Big Kid’s [boys] Basketball Shoe review, you will no longer make mistakes when buying for your boy. There is no doubt that this is the right shoe that can help your kid to perfect his sprint and shots on the court. With this particular shoe, his basketball career will explode off the track. Check the Air Jordan XXXII Low Men’s Basketball Shoes Review


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