Air Jordan XXXII Little Kid’s Shoes Review

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Introducing Air Jordan XXXII Little Kid’s Shoe

The advent of this particular shoe model is showing that running and basketball shoes are no longer for adult men or women. Little kids are now partakers of the game. The Air Jordan XXXII, Little Kid’s Shoe, is specially made to enable little kids to feel at home on the court or track whether they are beginners or aspiring champions. Before you know it, your kid will be hopping onto the court for a home-run comfortably and confidently with this shoe.


After the production of so many successful basketball shoes for adult players which were named after the basketball legend Michael Jordan, the brand decided to produce for little kids since most of them start off at a tender age. Much thought was put into the construction which today represents the Air Jordan XXXII Little Kid’s Shoes and interesting colorways that appropriately suit kids color options. Check out Air Jordan XXXII Big Kid’s Basketball Shoe Review.

Features and benefits

This shoe delivers a lightweight comfort for little kids on every step of their playing with the foam cushioning. The rubber sole that is part of the design produces excellent traction and durability. The material usage of this shoe which is synthetic leather and textile thoroughly wraps around the foot of the kids for a long lasting comfortable support. It carries the lightweight design that allows kids to explode on the tracks.

Pros and cons of Air Jordan XXXII Little Kid’s Shoe

This product is simply great and a dream for your kids. Check the things you gain:


  • The kids who wore this particular shoe recommend its lightweight cushioning comfort.
  • The little reviewers are happy with the rubber sole that offers them maximum traction and durability.
  • The choice of synthetic leather and textile ensures that the shoe wraps comfortably around their foot throughout the day.


  • The rubber material of the sole makes the shoe to have a cheap look.


The retail price of this Air Jordan XXXII is offered at $75 which may change depending on the place you buy it.

Air Jordan XXXII Little Kid’s Shoe Colorways

Outstanding colorways that little kids are all raving about since it catches their eye and showcases their performance. The shoe comes in attractive metallic silver, all-purpose photo blue and team orange respectively.


This particular product comes with an excellent design that utilizes modern innovations to deliver lightweight comfort and responsive support. It also allows the kids to main stability and speed which will prepare them for their future dynamic play.

Sizing and fit

The synthetic leather and textile material ensure that the shoe will wrap comfortably around the foot of kids just like a sock to produce the perfect fitting. There are also various size options that will enable you to get the correct size for your kid’s foot. You can even get half of the sizes.


There is always Jordan’s signature underfoot air cushioning that provides the right amount of ventilation in and out of the shoe.


This shoe has a foam cushioning that ensures lightweight cushioning support on each step that your kid takes.


The material part of this shoe that wraps around the foot provides adequate support and responsive feel.


Premium quality materials are used to construct this specific shoe for kids. The best qualities of rubber, synthetic leather, and textile materials are utilized in this shoe’s product for comfort and durability.


The Air Jordan XXXII Little Kid’s Shoes is perfectly good in introducing kids to the numerous tasks of the tracks. Whether your kid is playing basketball or running the tracks, this particular shoe is the answer for you. The synthetic leather and textile make sure that the shoe fits perfectly and provides comfortable support since the kid will be standing for a long time. He even runs around the court comfortably with a rubber sole that ensures excellent traction.


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