Nike Air Jordan XXXII Infant/ Toddler shoes Review

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Basketball shoes are not just meant for adults, but infants and toddlers can wear them too. When you want to dress your little one to look sporty and cute, the Air Jordan XXXII infant/ Toddler shoes should be your number one choice.
This shoe offers all the support and cushioning your child needs to gallivant without sustaining injuries. Who knows, he might grow up to play more than Michael Jordan on the basketball court. As you read this review, you will get detailed information about this dream-come-through for your infant or toddler.
Air Jordan XXXII hit the market on 23rd of September 2017. When it came out, it first carried the Rossa Corsa but have since evolved to include other like the Russ colorway.
It was disappointing when the previous versions 30 and 31 came out because the traction was not as expected. The good news is that the entrance of 32 wiped the sadness off the face of the wearers.
Features and benefits
This unique product from Jordan is loaded with amazing features for wearer’s benefit which in fact is your child. On this shoe, you can notice the textile and synthetic leather which wraps around the foot of your child for comfortable support. The leather material also ensures that your infant can wear this shoe for a very long time. There is also the foam cushioning that makes the shoe a lightweight for comfortable movement. It has a sole which enhances traction and durability.
Pros and cons of Jordan XXXII infant/ Toddler shoes
There are many advantages to buying this shoe for your infant or toddler. Check out some of them:
• One of the interesting things about this basketball shoe is that if you wipe or clean it, it allows more traction.
• It gives an amazing foam cushioning which make it a lightweight dream.
• The fitting is great as it will wrap around your child’s foot and make him comfortable.
• The shoe has high-quality materials that make it last for a very long time.
• It performs very impressively on every part.
The outsole picks dust easily thereby necessitating a thorough cleaning from time to time.
The arch support is very pronounced and may always be an issue till you get used to it.
The price of Air Jordan XXXII is official $55, but you may spend more when you buy it from other sites or shoe stores.
There are many colors available in this brand. You may get the Black for everyday use, or the White for that sparkling look on your baby. You can also go for the Grey or University red to add more shine to your child.
The Jordan XXXII infant/ Toddler shoes are designed with unique and high-quality materials for durability, traction, and support.
Sizing and fit
This version comes in different sizes to ensure a good fit for your child. All you have to do is get the best size that will match the leg of the toddler. Also, to ensure a good fit, make sure that your infant wears it for some time so that it can break in nicely.
The breathable FlyKnit material promotes the passage of air in and out of the shoes.
This Jordan XXXII ensures a foam cushioning that provides lightweight comfort as your child moves around. With the Flight Speed cushioning technology, you don’t have to worry.

This shoe pulls your baby’s ankle back and there also a semi-rigid heel counter that ensures adequate support to make him feel safe and secure.
This shoe is a combination of premium grade materials which include synthetic leader, rubber at the sole and a nice Flyknit fabric.
Jordan XXXII infant/ Toddler shoes is one good offer from Jordan which you can put on your child’s feet without worries. The cushioning, support, fitting and materials are all commendable. However, you may need to wipe it from time to time to remove dust. Also, it feels stiff the first time, but if your child wears it for few hours, it will break in nicely.

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