Air Jordan XXXII Big Kid’s Basketball Shoe Review

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No matter your age group or your size, you need a good quality basketball shoe so that you can have an enjoyable experience on the court. It is not easy to get quality big kid’s basketball shoes with the numerous ones available today. However, this Air Jordan XXXII Big Kid’s Basketball Shoe has made everything easy for you. It is the ideal running basketball shoe which you can buy for your child. Below is some review information that will guide you while buying a running shoe for your big kids. Recently reviewed Jordan Super Fly 2017 Low Men’s Basketball Shoe

Features and Benefits


This Air Jordan XXXII Big Kid’s Basketball Shoe is outstanding when it comes to quality and attributes. The design is light, airy with a Flyknit material that will wrap your feet closely as a sock will do. You don’t need to fear about the shoe coming loose while you are running on the court. In fact, your kid will run like a professional to deliver the super dynamic play. There is also the addition of a powerful and durable cushioning effect that enables your foot to take on a life of its own across the hardwood.

Pros and Cons of Air Jordan XXXII Big Kid’s Basketball Shoe

This specific basketball shoe for big kids is the perfect one that will enable your kid to explode off the court. Let us see why;


  • It has a Flyknit fabric that is stretchable and can conform to accommodate your foot and provide your kid with a comfortable feeling.
  • The forefoot of this shoe provides a lightweight response that will enable your kid to take the first explosive steps thanks to the low-profile air cushioning.
  • There is also solid rubber which comes into the design of this shoe’s sole to deliver excellent traction and longevity.
  • The heel and the collar are filled with foam support to enhance the lightweight comfort.


  • Sometimes, their sizes are too big to fit kids.


The price range for the Air Jordan XXXII Big Kid’s Basketball Shoe is at $140 although it may change depending on the place you are buying it.


Since the Air Jordan XXXII Big Kid’s Basketball Shoe is especially for big kids, the colorway is set to suit them. It comes in metallic gold, white and black respectively.


The Air Jordan XXXII Big Kid’s Basketball Shoe offers a unique design that can stretch and wrap around your foot like a sock to provide a comfortable feeling.

Sizing and Fit

This basketball shoe comes in so many different sizes to make sure that you can find the size that will appropriately fit your kid.


This specific basketball shoe has an airy Flyknit fabric in its design that provides the appropriate ventilation for the shoe.


There is an air sole from Nike which is placed at the forefoot of this basketball shoe to provide a lightweight cushioning effect.


The Air Jordan XXXII Big Kid’s Basketball Shoe integrated Flyknit fabric with laces to provide absolute support. The foam inside the heels and collar of this shoe provides support, also softens the impact of hard cuts and jumps.


The materials that come into the design of this particular shoe are solid rubber which ensures durability, foam for comfort, laces, and fabric for comfort.


After going through this review, there will be no doubt in your mind that this Air Jordan XXXII Low is the perfect basketball shoe for big kids. It provides the lightweight cushioning response and comfort feel to enable kids to take their first explosive steps.


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