Air Jordan XXXI Low Men Basketball Shoes Review

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Introducing Air Jordan XXXI Low Men Basketball Shoes


Have you ever seen a basketball player that plays a dynamic game even at the peak of the match? The player will quickly zoom past during the highest explosive moment of the game to deliver his best performance. The mystery behind this brisk performance in the height of the game is the Air Jordan XXXI Low Men’s Basketball Shoes. This shoe carries the upgraded FlightSpeed technology that distributes your foot’s compression force evenly. This action increases the spring-back reaction that produces that explosive move on the court.

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The Air Jordan XXXI Low Men Basketball Shoes is another shoe that carries the Jordan signature. This particular version comes with the introduction of premium quality materials. The inspiration for the materials for the construction of this shoe comes from the highest basketball player in the tracks. They are neat, and the materials personify premium performance. The Jordan XXXI Low Men Basketball Shoes debuted on November 25th, 2016.


Features and benefits

This specific shoe carries the latest FlightSpeed technology coupled with the air cushioning from Nike to add wings to a basketball player. You will see them jumping into the fray during the explosive moments of the game for a dynamic play. The heel carries a synthetic leader design and the Flyweave which is flexible to enable your foot move naturally. There is an internal sleeve that perfect wraps you’re your feet for best fitting. This design comes with a cable Flywire wraps your middle foot to provide the locked-in perfect fit. The durable, sturdy rubber material is the material of the outsole. The elements of this design bring back the original Jordan.


Pros and cons

Long hours and intensive research is put into this product’s review by many different reviewers, and the result is;




  • Majority of the people that wear this shoe agrees that it has a comfortable feel.
  • The reviewers find out that you can wear this shoe every day not only on the tracks since it is suitable for normal wear.
  • The wearers agree that the colorway is outstanding and the shoe has style.
  •  Most people that bought this shoe claim that all love it.
  • The reviewers say that the gripping of this version is better than the former due to the outsole design.
  • The people that wore the shoe agree that the fitting is perfect just like a glove.
  • Most of the reviewers claim that this particular shoe comes from highest-quality materials and it’s durable.
  • A minority say that the shoe is simple to break in and lightweight.
  • The show delivers the cushy and springy feel due to the complete length Zoom.



  • Due to the traction technique, this shoe collects dust very fast.
  • Some of the reviewers find out that this shoe’s gripping in an indoor court is bad.
  • Few of the people that wear the shoe notices a wobbly feeling due to the visible Zoom and needs mastering.



The retail price from the source of this shoe is $104.97 which can also change if you are buying from another source.


Air Jordan XXXI Low Colorways

The colorways are attractive and eye-catching which is shown as Gym Red, Action Red, and Chrome respectively.



The design carries the upgraded FlightSpeed technology and the full-length zoom air unit from Nike to deliver the highest spring back feel.


Sizing and fit

The shoe carries Flywire cables that will wrap you midfoot to provide perfect fitting. Also, the sizes are numerous to enable you to find your particular size.



The full-length Zoom air from Nike provides maximum airflow



The durable solid rubber of the outsole provides excellent cushioning for your foot.



Flexible Flyweave on the forefoot in conjunction with the synthetic leather of the heel provides a perfect support system.



The material in the construction of this shoe is durable solid rubber, cables, and synthetic leather.



This is the best basketball shoe that will add the cushy and springy response to your foot and provide you with better explosive steps. It comes from topnotch materials; durable gives you a lightweight, comfortable feel although the gripping is worst if you are playing on an indoor court.

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