Air Jordan First Class Little Kid’s Shoe Review

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Introducing Air Jordan First Class Little Kid’s Shoe

If you have a little kid that is aspiring to be a professional runner or basketball player, the best help you can offer to that kid is to get a pair of Air Jordan First Class shoes for him. Just as the name suggests, this shoe is perfectly designed to deliver a first-class comfort. It will provide your child with optimum comfort and cushion for the entire day.


This particular shoe carries the signature of Jordan shoes. It comes with the details and offers premium quality that all Jordan shoes are known for. This first-class model will close the gap between performance and lifestyle. This shoe debuted in four colorways which are Gym red, Black, Matte Silver and White which makes it eye-catching and a rave amongst little kids.

Features and benefits

The Air Jordan First Class Little Kid’s Shoes has a special design that can provide your kid with maximum comfort and exceptional cushioning feel for the whole day. Also, this shoe provides your kid with new first-class support all the time he is playing with the significant air unit that is situated at the heel of this shoe. His foot will remain fresh and properly cushioned at all times. In fact, this shoe will make you a proud parent of a future champion. With this shoe, your kid will play so wonderfully without encountering any problem that the sky will be his limit.

Pros and cons of Air Jordan First Class Little Kid Shoes

This particular product offers outstanding features coupled with a high-end design that makes it deliver the first-class comfort for little kids. You can check them out below;


  • There is a tongue pull unit in the design of this shoe that will enable your kid to put on or pull off the shoe without help conveniently.
  • The significant air unit which is situated at the heels of this shoe ensures responsive support and excellent cushioning feel.
  • Its traction pivot point design comes from the basketball inspiration to provide the best gripping.
  • The foam in the shoe sole performs dual functions. It works as the outsole and midsole to provide your kid with lightweight comfort.


  • Everything about this shoe is beneficial; there are no cons yet.


The retail price for this shoe is $65 which can change according to your source.


Air Jordan First Class Little Kid Shoes Colorways

The colorways of this shoe are interesting and eye-catching to suit the color options of little kids. They come in a black color for convenience, the ceremonial flashy white and matte silver also the all-purpose gym red respectively.


The design of this shoe carries the first class signature from Jordan with premium quality materials to deliver a first-class comfort to little kids.

Sizing and fit

This Air Jordan first class little kids shoes perfectly conform to the foot of kids for perfect fitting with the pull tab that will ensure easy wear or removal. There are so many size options to ensure that you get the appropriate size for your little kid.


At the heel of this shoe is a visible unit that produces the appropriate airflow in and outside this shoe throughout the game.


There is a foam midsole that can also serve as an outsole to produce a lightweight comfort and cushioning response.


This product carries the pivot point that is basketball inspired to offer perfect gripping and the significant air cushioning for responsive support.


The materials for the construction of the Air Jordan shoes are textile, synthetic and leather although it all depends on color.


With this review, there is no doubt that this shoe from Jordan can provide your kid with the first-class comfort. The visible air unit will provide your child with comfort and cushioning feel all day long. Your child can wear the shoe or remove it easily without needing your help, and the shoe provides maximum gripping and support.


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