Air Jordan 1 Low Kid’s Shoes Review

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Introducing Air Jordan 1 Low Kid’s Basketball Shoes

This specific shoe is the perfect companion for your kid whether he is playing to become the future professional player or just a casual runner. It is the best shoe that can provide the much needed plush comfort that will enable your child to stay on the court comfortably.


This shoe comes from the Jordan 1 Low series with their signature style which is inspired by the court to provide plush comfort for your kid. The Air Jordan 1 Low Kid’s Shoe debuted with fantastic colorways with the combination of Nike signature style of underfoot air cushioning.

Features and benefits

This shoe for kids carries the latest design from Jordan with the combination of premium materials of Nike at the top to create a timeless comfort. With the court friendly design of this shoe, your kid will have the assurance of breathable comfort while playing on the court with a durable shoe. Moreover, the rubber sole which is combined with the flex grooves ensures excellent flexibility and traction in the main areas needed.

Pros and cons of Air Jordan 1 Low Kid’s Shoe

This product uses the signature style of Nike that produces air cushioning on the heel in conjunction with the premium quality materials on the top from Jordan to deliver a timeless comfort feel. Let us see how;


  • The air-sole section produces a lightweight cushioning that supports your kid throughout the whole day.
  • This shoe carries a rubber outside sole that has flex grooves to provide flexibility and traction to the vital areas.
  • The premium materials for the construction of this shoe provide breathable comfort and durability.


  • This Air Jordan 1 Low Kid’s Shoe has a limited supply and scarce to find.


This particular affordable to secure for your kid since the retail price is $80 each. The price can also change depending on your source.

You may get a cheaper deal here: Price: $66.99 – $129.95

Air Jordan 1 Low Kid’s Shoes Colorways:

The colorways of this shoe are interesting and come in three different colors. It comes in the explosive white, black for convenience and the all-purpose university red colors respectively.


The design of this shoe is court-inspired with premium construction to provide your kid with a plush comfort on the court.

Sizing and fit:

The rubber outsole together with the flex grooves provides the flexibility that makes this shoe to have a proper fitting on your kid’s foot. It also comes in various sizes so that you can surely get the size that will perfectly suit your kid’s leg.


The air section that is located at the heels of this shoe coupled with the high-quality materials for the construction provides adequate ventilation in and out of the shoe.


The underfoot air-sole cushioning from Nike provides absolute lightweight cushioning and comfort response.


The court inspired signature style, and premium quality materials of this shoe provide enough support for your kid while wearing this product.


The material usage of this particular product comes from premium quality to ensure its long lifespan and breathable comfort.


This review proves that the Air Jordan 1 Low Kid’s Shoe is the best running shoe that can provide your kid with the much needed plush comfort. It can deliver breathable comfort for your child throughout the whole day of playing, and the premium materials ensure that the shoe will last for a long time. Your kid can move freely in every direction on the court since the flex grooves on the shoe provides perfect traction and flexibility. Even the attractive colorways make this specific shoe from Jordan a rave amongst kids everywhere. To be precise, this shoe is unique in design, and a must-have for every child that needs to perform exceptionally on the court. No wonder it is a bit scarce and not easy to get ahold.



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