Best Small Gym Bags With Shoe Compartments 2021

If you’re looking for the best small gym bags with a shoe compartment, these products listed here are flexible and cheap for your usage. They are also portable and versatile; you could even use them for travel purposes.


Best Small Gym Bags with Shoe Compartment for Men and Females:

The ten best small gym bags with shoe compartments 2021 perfect males and females – big enough to pack in your essentials – lunch, laptops, clothes, shoes, etc.


1. Rocoke Gym Bag

Best Small Gym Bags with Shoe Compartment for Men and FemalesThe Rocoke Gym Bag has a fully waterproof body made of sturdy oxford fabric and metal fasteners gotten from high-quality material.

It is quite a decent-sized gym bag to contain all your kit, and there is a flexible shoe compartment that houses your pair of shoes.

This gym bag can be worn in two different ways; as a portable shoulder bag or an oblique cross, perfect for fitness professional of this time.

Rocoke Gym Bag has some useful/hidden pockets for storing valuables; there is a large pocket to pack your 15-inch laptop just in case you need to take along with you.



  • One shoe compartment available at the side
  • Big space to house all your gym kit
  • Useful pockets available inside
  • Sleek and decent design



  • The shoe compartment is outside, helps to keep out unpleasant smells from spreading to the rest of the bag.
  • Waterproof body and it is wonderful
  • The bag is very flexible; serves for various purposes
  • Best price



  • Beware of the zippers, they look cheap
  • Only available in one color


2. Joystar Gym Bag

Best Small Gym Bags with Shoe CompartmentThis is a professional gym bag with a compact size; it includes a large shoe compartment area that can freely contain any shoe size/type.

Designed with an eco-friendly, solid PVC waterproof lining, this bag is suitable for storing wet towels, dirty clothes, sweaty clothes, and socks after a long time gym workout or other sports activity.

Also, the main compartment of this big is quite large enough to contain all your kits and guided with heavy-duty zippers for maximum protection.

The materials used in making the Joystar gym bag is polyester fabric and eco-friendly PVC lining plus a waterproof finish.



  • A big and dedicated shoe compartment
  • Wet storage compartment
  • Eco-friendly PVC lining
  • Heavy-duty zippers



  • Waterproof body
  • Spacious enough to contain all gym kit and gear
  • Compatible design
  • Light to carry if nothing is inside



  • The handle/carries look cheap
  • Available in one color


3. MIER Sports/Gym Bag

Best Small Gym Bags with Shoe Compartment for Men and FemalesIt looks effortless when sighted, and it supports more than one carriage option; it can be carried using the shoulder strap or held up with convenient handles available.

MIER Sports/Gym Bag is very compatible, and it has a dedicated shoe compartment that is enclosed/secured with a zipper.

Also, there are zippered pockets at the outside and inside of the back for storing up valuables.



  • A compatible size that fits into most gym lockers
  • Big main compartment
  • Zippered pockets outside and inside for storing up valuables
  • One side mesh shoe compartment serves as wet gear, and it is well-ventilated
  • Flexible shoulder strap



  • Compatible design that fits into everywhere and any activity
  • Offers two carrying modes
  • Anti-slip shoulder padding



  • The zipper looks cheap


4. Mouteenoo small gym bag for men

Best Small Gym Bags with Shoe Compartment for Men and FemalesDesigned with the interest sportsmen in mind, the Mouteenoo small gym bag is very tough and can stand any weather condition.

It flaunts a kind of sturdy design and looks durable initially with a separate shoe compartment guided with a sturdy zipper.

This gym bag offers various carrying modes, and it does no bulky feature design, just straightforward the way an athlete would like his pocket to appear.

Comfortably, you can adjust the shoulder strap to any convenient length of your choice for hassle-free carriage.



  • Adjustable shoulder straps
  • Durable and straightforward gym bag with a not-too-bulky design
  • Dedicated and large shoe compartment for any kind of shoes



  • Heavy-duty zippers
  • Waterproof gym bag
  • Mesh pockets and small pockets available for holding up water cans and other little gears



  • The body material may rip off on long usage


5. MarsBro Water Resistant Gym Bag

Best Small Gym Bags with Shoe Compartment for Men and FemalesGain everyone’s attention and be the talk of the day if you hit the gym house with this sleek and sturdy gym bag.

It is very compatible, can contain your full gym kit and shoes; the shoes have a separate compartment where they are meant to be stored.

The MarsBro Water Resistant Gym Bag is a perfect ideal for males.

Built with 100% polyester fabric, featuring a water-resistant PVC finishing, the appearance of this bag alone looks stunning and captivating.



  • Unique design, just the way an athlete would love it
  • Left-sided shoe compartment
  • Tear-resistant polyester fabric



  • Nice design and colors
  • Water and tear-resistant fabric
  • Best for the price
  • Comfortable shoe compartment



  • If you need much space, do not buy this
  • Zippers look cheap


Best small gym bags with shoe compartment for women


6. Kuston Gym Bag

Best Small Gym Bags with Shoe Compartment for Men and FemalesLooking at the fancy designs and colors, we believe this gym bag is specially made for the ladies.

The Kuston Gym Bag is a reliable, compatible bag suitable for everyday use. It is built to stand any weather condition or atmosphere plus waterproof fabric for rainy days.

It is a convenient bag with a separate shoe pocket at the side where you can store your sneakers/cans.

Also, there are other little pockets and meshes to store water cans and some valuables too.



  • Mesh pockets
  • It has a fancy/beautiful body design
  • Flexible handle straps
  • Strong zippers



  • The is fancy and looks great.
  • Shoe compartment serves as a wet bag for storing towels and soaked wears.
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Waterproof material



  • We do not trust the buckles and zippers
  • Cheap handle straps


7. INOXTO Fitness Small Gym Bag

Best Small Gym Bags with Shoe Compartment for Men and FemalesHere’s another flexible gym bag for women. It has a dedicated shoe compartment at the side, and it can contain any size of shoes.

The material is waterproof and scratch-resistant, assuring of the maximum durability of the bag.

Also, the company has backed this gym back with lifetime warranty support; so, you buy with full confidence and assurance of quality.



  • One (1) main zipper compartment
  • One (1) outer zipper pocket
  • Two opposite side pockets – one serves as the shoe compartment and the other as a wet/dry separation pocket.



  • Compatible
  • Mesh pockets for holding up water cans
  • Two comfortable carrying modes



  • The handle straps and zippers are cheap


8. Rominetak Gym Bag

Best Small Gym Bags with Shoe Compartment for Men and FemalesThe Rominetak Gym Bag is a small and compatible one indeed with a separate shoe compartment.

You can store your dirty shoes in this compartment.

This bag is made from high-quality water-resistance fabric and secured with infamous zippers; the zippers are sure to last long more than most other cheap zippers.

Since you are looking for a small gym back which would not be bulky, this bag is just right for you; it is convenient and lightweight.

The shoulder straps are guided with anti-slip padding making the bag soft and comfortable on your shoulders.



  • Shoulder straps come with comfortable padding.
  • Convenient shoulder straps
  • Water-resistance fabric



  • The zippers are sturdy and look durable.
  • Best price
  • External shoe compartment



  • There are no much available colors to choose from


9. Oflamn Gym Bag

Best Small Gym Bags with Shoe CompartmentThis compact gym bag is best for ladies due to its design and appearance; it looks pretty and can be carried in two different ways.

It has a capacity of 24L space, which is big enough to contain your gym essentials, and there is an external shoe compartment to pack in your shoes after the gym.

You’ll also meet so many little pockets inside this bag where you can store your valuables (keys, wallet, small gears, etc.).

Also, as expected, the body material is waterproof, which makes the gym suitable for use in any kind of weather or atmosphere.



  • 24L main compartment size
  • Several internal pockets for holding up small pieces of stuff
  • Sturdy and friendly design



  • Sleek design
  • Best for gym purposes
  • The bag can serve for other purposes asides acting as a sports kit bag.



  • The zippers are not to be trusted


10. FocusGear Ultimate Gym Bag

Best Small Gym Bags with Shoe Compartment for Men and FemalesWe can’t conclude this list without mentioning this gym bag; it is a premium gym bag with lots of useful compartments.

Every side/corner of this bag has a compartment or a mesh pocket, providing you with lots of storage options.

There is a convenient shoe compartment at one side an also another flexible compartment at the bottom, which also serves as a wet/dry pocket for storing wet towels and slippers.

A mesh pocket is on one side, and you can put water can to keep you going all day.



  • Side mesh pocket for water cans
  • Two wet pockets; one at the side as shoe compartment and the other is hidden below
  • Durable design



  • It is a flexible gym bag with various pockets and compartments.
  • Best at the price
  • Hidden compartment
  • Lots of pockets on the main compartment



  • The material used is of poor quality
  • Zippers are quite cheap



These are the top-quality small gym bags with a shoe compartment. We have carefully selected all the products on this list, and we are sure they’d last very long, offering great value for your budget spent.

Each of these gym bags can be used by either sex (male or female). However, some appear to be made for a specific gender.

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