Best Gym Leggings That Don’t Fall Down 2020

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Whatever sports you are in, whether you are sprinting on soccer, joining yoga classes, or running on the field, all types of athletes can definitely relate to the problem of some gym leggings falling down.

When your athletic gear doesn’t fit properly, it can be a distraction and can make us feel uncomfortable restricting us to give our best performance. We have some useful tips that will help you in your search for the best gym leggings that don’t fall down.

What do we suggest? High-waisted leggings. These types of leggings can answer every legging issue you’ve experienced during a workout routine.

The wide coverage, smooth fabric, high-rise waistband can hide all in without a muffin-top feeling and it keeps them from rolling down your waist. It also makes your legs long and accentuates your waist, which feels flattering on basically any body shape.

Here in this article, we show you our favorite high-waisted leggings—you should definitely give them a try!


The 10 Best Gym Leggings That Don’t Fall Down

1. Women’s Elastic High Waist Sports Gym Leggings


Women's Elastic High Waist Sports Gym Leggings


These body-flattering leggings with a no-slip waistband can easily help you switch from workout to athleisure wear.

For just under $40, these popular leggings comfortably slim your flabby tummy, accentuate hips, and thighs! I personally love these pants.

The seam down the front is very flattering. The fabric is also in good quality and the elastic waist is about is wide enough so it doesn’t cut into my skin.

I already had a pair and definitely wanted another. There are variations of colors to choose from. highly recommend these gym leggings!


2. Satori Stylez Women White Gym Leggings


Women White Activewear Gym Leggings


If you are looking for a classy chic kind of leggings, your search is over! These gym leggings can either be dressed up or down and have flattering center seams that hold it all together. This features tonal seaming, convenient high waist length, and a wide tummy tuck elastic waistband, these leggings are sure to accentuate every part of your lower body.

Definitely a must-have in your workout wardrobe.


3. Women’s Harajuku Sexy Print Sports Leggings

Meilidress Womens Ruched Butt Lifting Leggings amazon


Their ultra-soft fabric based on reviews is the crowd’s favorite feature. This is probably the most comfortable leggings available in tracksuits store today. This is a literal can’t-live-without wardrobe essential.


4. Dragon Fit High Waist Yoga Leggings with 3 Pockets


Dragon Fit High Waist Yoga Leggings with 3 Pockets


These leggings are comfortable and light. You surely won’t be ashamed of wearing this on your yoga classes because it is not see-through.

Really super flattering, basic leggings. I’m a size 6 and ordered a Medium since I don’t like my bottoms to be too right.

They fit perfectly! It is surely worth the price to have a pair of leggings that don’t look like athletic. You can dress these up or down.

We recommend that you size down if you are in between.


5 Yubb7E Women’s High Waist Christmas Yoga Pants


5 Yubb7E Women's High Waist Christmas Yoga Pants


Are you always on the hunt for the most flattering ones that’ll hold us in and smooth us out while we’re always on the go? I think it’s safe to say these leggings with back seams that run from the waist to hem are definitely what you are looking for!

The design is super edgy and is super comfortable in our skin.


6. DFTH Black White High Waisted Yoga Pants


DFTH Black White High Waisted Yoga Pants


This legging does it all! It lifts, holds, creates smoother lines, and is perfectly designed and angled to create the illusion of a waist while flattening the tummy.

I personally like this one because it flatters my figure and makes you look tall.


7. CRZ YOGA Women’s High Waisted Black Sports Leggings


CRZ YOGA Women's High Waisted Black Sports Leggings


These pair of black gym leggings have enough support to smooth minor lumps and bumps and are comfy enough while not feeling constricted.

It is very easy to clean and wash. I got them in black and they are still darker black than any of my other leggings.

Thumbs up for not fading even after many uses. I wear leggings a lot and almost every day- if these are clean I would always pick them first!


8. CRZ YOGA High Waisted Sports Leggings


CRZ YOGA High Waisted Sports Leggings

At a very affordable price, these leggings are available in a variety of colors that are specifically designed for tummy-control.

The quality that you can get for the price at only $32 is extraordinary. You won’t really feel cheap in these. Tracksuits leggings win for reviews and value!


9. Women Athleisure Push Up Sports Leggings


Women Athleisure Push Up Sports Leggings


This is the perfect gym leggings all bum girls look for! It is surely thick enough, durable, and comfortable for your daily exercise routine.

It doesn’t feel cheap at all! The winning feature for this pair is the side panel mesh that makes it look exquisite.

Who says gym leggings can’t be fashionable? Tracksuits gym leggings are indeed serious in not just giving you the most comfortable pair but also keeps you updated with the latest trends in athletic gear.


10. Rankei Athleisure Leggings


Rankei Athleisure Leggings



These tracksuit gym leggings fit like a dream. The fabric is so smooth and nice. Plus, the design makes you stand out and look more athletic.

It is heavy enough to give you the coverage you need but not so thick that it is hot. A must-have pair proved best for providing tummy support and accentuating the leg.


3 Basic Tips for Finding Great Gym Leggings


Practice sitting down while wearing them

Always think about your gym leggings the same way you do when you buy your shoes. Try them on and fit it well. And not only try them on, you can try to sit down in them or try your yoga positions. Evaluate how the fabric feels on your skin, stomach, and legs when you move around. You don’t want your leggings to make you feel uncomfortable by being too restrictive.


Look for a compression waistband feature

It is always a problem during a run or exercise than having to grab the fabric on your thighs in an effort to pull your tights back up. The solution is the next time you buy your gym leggings, find something with a bonded contour waistband that will help keep your pants where they should be while you’re jogging or moving around.


Material always matters

Gym leggings that are made up of heavy fabrics, like cotton, should be crashed out in your choices. They can cause friction that can result in awkward movement. And cotton absorbs water so when you are sweating during your workout, it makes the fabric even heavier. You should be looking for the legging that has breathable material which offers moisture-wicking features and are made with cool fabrics like spandex, polyester, or nylon.


10 Most Common Reasons Why Your Gym Leggings Fall Down!gym-leggings-that-don't-fall-down-reasons-why


#1 Design Material

The main reasons why your leggings fall down is because of its poor design and disproportionate measurements which all fall down to the design material- the blend of material used to make the leggings. Specifically, the component of stretchy material vs the non-stretchy material in the gym leggings.

One of the common stretchy material used to make leggings is the Spandex and Lycra or which is a synthetic fiber popular for its exceptional elasticity.

Spandex material is responsible for the leggings to recover from constant stretching during squats and normal running or jogging. If gym leggings contain a high amount of Spandex this means that they are a stretchier, stud, and can hold faster.

Make sure next time that when you buy leggings check if they have a high percentage of Spandex (above 10%). This does not apply to all but it would be a great criterion for choosing.

The only question is does the percentage of Spandex that the manufacturer is claiming is real and accurate? So it can be misleading that leggings are a stud based on their component materials because not all manufacturers are true to what they print on the tags or labels. This makes finding the best running leggings that don’t fall down a nightmare. Choose the brand that has proven their names. You can search the product online before purchasing or look for review sites to get real feedback.

The only way to ensure that leggings stay up no matter what material has been used is to buy leggings with drawstrings. This will make sure that the size of the leggings is adjustable.


#2 Incorrect Sizing

With all the variety of sizes around the world, choosing the right size for you might be confusing when you are used to US sizes and you buy products in US sizes.

Some women pick on the wrong size of leggings because it’s either they didn’t know their exact size or they are being misled by the customer reviews especially when someone mentions it runs small or it runs big.

I have worked on Amazon before and 80% of the returns were because of the wrong size. This is why some companies or manufacturers choose to have one size fit all leggings but will also discuss how unproportioned body parts can cause leggings to fall in one of the sections below.

It is really important to read the confirmed buyer’s reviews about any particular legging. Do not be afraid to ask too. It is more convenient than considering the opinions of anyone who decides to post feedback on a product that they never actually bought. Some may be just the competitors of the products trying to destroy their reputation from first-time customers. We just need to research.

As what most experts say, it is advisable to pick a size down when you choose running leggings that don’t fall down. There are some women who pick on bigger sizes than what their bodies can hold up too. Always be careful with your choices and make sure you have thought about it well.


#3 Loss of weight

Congratulations! your hard work out and strict diet is working and you are losing weight! Hurray! But wait, it is one of the very reasons why your leggings are now falling right? Huge changes can be subtle and can happen over time.

The happiest and difficult part is downsizing your clothing including your gym leggings. Replacing all your athletic leggings after losing some weight can be very expensive.

But we are here to help! There are actually a few solutions that you can try at home. Time to DIY! 1- Add a long shoelace inside the seam which you can use as a drawstring. Make knots at each end of the shoelace so it doesn’t sink into the seam.

You can also open a small part of the seam and just shorten the elastic to the desired length. You consider just tying the elastic into a knot in case you regain some weight.

A simple hair bobble can save the day! Pull part of the legging waist and use the bobble to tie it.


#4 How you wear your leggings

This is tough to admit, however, most of the people placed on their leggings incorrectly. It is how you pull up your leggings from the ankle to the waist that will cause them to fall. If you do not consistently pull them up to your leg, you try having your knees the one pulling down the waistband as they bend, and then tension increases. Even the snuggest fitting leggings won’t stand up to the strain created by the knees on the waistband.

The legging’s physical phenomenon should be distributed throughout the leg up to the waist. Always make it sure you pinch and pull up your leggings from the knees, thighs, and up the hips.

#5 Tummy support

If you have that flabby belly just like mine and you bought low-waist leggings which waistbands are only up to below the belly button, it can definitely cause your stomach to rise up above the waistband. Once the weight above the waistband will start pushing down, it will cause the leggings to fall.

You can use jogging belts which can help with tummy support while holding the leggings waistband in place. This jogging belt allows you to tuck in your items in small pockets around the belt. It is indeed a stylish and comfortable way to prevent your leggings from falling down. Just make sure it is made of a breathable material or it will only cause excessive sweating around your waist which can be very uncomfortable.


#6 Disproportionate body parts

Pardon me for the term but let me use this time to explain well. There is no standard body size. All sizes are beautiful but when talking about why some women experience leggings that are falling down this answer might explain some cases that some women experienced. If you have that big thigh, wide hip area, and bee waist this can really cause leggings to fall because you will be constantly overstretching the waistband over your hips and which in the end causes snagging. Although the leggings may not fall below the hips or thighs it becomes uncomfortable.

This can present some challenges when you select your leggings because a size up can be too big and a size down might be too small. Your best bet would be to buy leggings with drawstrings or you can send a message to the manufacturer about which size perfectly fits your body.


#7 Buying the wrong type of leggings

Why do my gym leggings fall down? Each product is made for a particular use and purpose. Use the leggings recommended by a trusted manufacturer and when buying online please do take time to read real reviews by women who actually bought and used the items. Do not choose the wrong leggings and wonder why it is falling down.

You need compression or activewear leggings for sports. These are the types that are stretchier and breathable without compromising your comfort. They are also snug fit which will prevent them from falling.

#8 Low waisted leggings

These type of leggings reduces the surface area in contact with the body leading to low tension. This will eventually cause your gym leggings to fall. These types of leggings are known for causing muffin tops and exposing bum cracks.

And if you pull them over you will expose your camel toe. Believe me when I say some camels do have big toes! Geez. Unless, you will wear these with long tops, skirts or shorts, do not wear them.

Maintain your modesty, buy the right type of leggings suited to your body alignment and size.


#9 How to wash your leggings?

Though we have been provided the instructions in the manufacturer’s directions, I know some of you do not follow it and it can often lead to fabric shrinkage and can cause them to snag.

How often do we neglect the reading specifications on tags? Some leggings are recommended for hand wash in cold water only’ and ‘no tumble drying’ and there are also “DO NOT ADD FABRIC SOFTENER”.

Our minds are set that even if we read the instructions, our minds choose to disregard the helpful advice. The only way to keep the quality of your leggings is to take care of it. Follow the instructions given because it is meant to help us take care of our clothing so they will last for years or can withstand multiple uses. Handle it with care, as they say.


#10 Loose or falling knickers

The confusing part is when you end up not knowing which one is going down- your leggings or your knickers? Even if your leggings are tight it still doesn’t feel good when you have loos undergarments. Don’t make your gym leggings the one who is holding it. Make sure both are fitted well, snug fit so you’ll feel comfortable no matter how much you move.


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