12 Best Baby Monitors Under $200 Reviews – Affordable Baby Monitors

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Looking for the best baby monitors under $200? The baby monitor is one of the best investments you will make for your baby, whether as a new parent or even if you are having baby number 2.

Baby monitors help you watch your baby throughout the day from another location. With a baby monitor, you can watch your baby fall asleep from your own bedroom, watch them play while you do house chores, or monitor them from the nursery, so you don’t have to go there physically and wake them up.

To most believe that baby monitor is more or less like a home security system and that if you have invested in a good security system, then there is no need for a baby monitor.

This is wrong at so many levels; one, the security system allows you to prevent burglary in your home, and in most cases emphasizes footage features. This way, the system can records what happened in your home and you can watch it later.

In contrast, a baby monitor’s features emphasize more on providing real-time incidences in your baby’s bedroom.

Thus, other than detecting any movements in your baby’s room, a baby monitor also monitors temperature, humidity, pressure and other environmental conditions in your baby’s room. This way, you can respond appropriately like adding an extra blanket if the temperature suddenly drops.

The most popular function of a baby monitor is to prevent cot death, otherwise known as SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). In the US alone, an estimated 2000 children die of SIDS every year.

The baby monitor prevents this by alerting you when the baby stops breathing. The device consists of a pressure pad and a sensor monitor which is strapped to the baby’s chest.

The sensor monitors the baby’s breathing at all times, and the alarm in the monitor alerts you when the baby stops breathing.

So, far, there are no statistics to show how many SIDS cases have been prevented by the device. But the peace of mind one gets knowing that they have the ability to monitor the child’s movement every second is what most people love about the device.

In this review, we outline the best baby monitors, features to look out for when buying a baby monitor and a recommendation on which is the best baby monitor to buy.

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The Best Baby Monitors Under $200 to buy


1. DXR-8 Infant Optics Video Baby Monitor (Best Baby Monitor Under $170)

Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor

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The interchangeable lens system gives you total vision and control over your baby’s room.

With the innovative lens technology, the interchangeable lens allows you to customize the camera performance, thus you can switch the different lenses on the camera, choose a focal length or the viewing angle of your baby’s room.

The best thing about this baby monitor is that you can adjust the lenses as your baby grows. For instance, for an infant, you can use intimate vision, when the baby starts crawling around you can use the panoramic lens. This way, at every stage of the way, you have control over your baby.

With a temperature reading, you can rest assured that your baby’s room is at a comfortable temperature all the time. The sound activated LED’s also alert when you when the baby is crying, choking, coughing or any voice movement by your baby.

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Extra Lenses enable optical zoom which gives a more clear picture of the baby’s room.✘   This monitor is quite expensive, selling at $164 at Amazon. The extra features although ideal for baby care makes the monitor expensive. However, for the peace of mind, you can get this and it’s totally worth it.
It supports up to 4 cameras therefore if you need more than one room to monitor, it is possible with this baby monitor.✘   Depending on the room’s condition, the night vision can be lacking. Thus before finally placing the camera, you should check the feature.
Camera remote control is a big plus and you can zoom the lenses from anywhere.✘   For someone with a large home, the reception for this unit might not be ideal for you. This ensures you to check optimal placement before using it.
Ability to transmit using a wireless connection is also one of the best features of this monitor. Security is one of the most important features to consider when buying a baby monitor, one that does not force you to upload your baby’s photo to the internet while transmitting is just outstanding.
The monitor has both video and audio combination to enable you to see and hear your baby from a remote location. This way you do cook dinner, do laundry, watch a movie or even catch up with your friends as you monitor your baby.


2. FREDI Baby Monitor: Best Inexpensive Baby Monitor Under $40)


Watching your baby is great, but sometimes it is a challenge to monitor the baby monitor while doing something else on your phone, and this is why the FREDI baby monitor was designed.

With an option to connect to your smartphone, this baby monitor enables you to monitor your baby via the phone. The application is compatible with a range of operating systems including Android, Windows and iPhone devices.

The 185° viewing angle will give you a wide viewing angle to give you a wide view of the baby’s room. With this angle, you can view every corner of the room, and you can adjust the camera to view the obstructed areas like under the bed. The camera motion detectors notify you whenever there is movement in the room.

Like most baby monitors in this review, this baby monitor also has a two-way audio talking feature. With this, you can talk to your baby, even when you are away from home.

Being the first smart baby monitor, the FREDI is simply outstanding. Instead of monitoring 2 or 3 screens, at the same time, you can do it with one device. Imagine being in the office and monitoring your baby on your Smartphone while responding to text or emails?✘   As is the case with most technological advancements, the application is quite unstable. Every day, new updates are made to the application, thus forcing users to keep reading and learning to use the application properly.
Other than being a baby monitor, enabling you to monitor your baby, this device can also act as a surveillance camera. Thus, while you are away from home, you can monitor your baby while watching your home.✘   The camera has visual lag, implying that images transmitted are not real-time. Though the visual lag is short about half a second late, it can make a huge difference in your baby’s well-being
The two-way audio smart capabilities give you the ability to talk to your child while doing other things. Baby’s love attention, making them feels your presence all the time is the best way to multi-task.
The motion feature is also a great feature of this company. Whenever there is movement in the baby’s room, the application sends a notification to your phone. Thus, if you have to mute the application first, an important meeting, the application still enables you to keep in touch with the baby, even when you are offline.
Ease of use, the application is easy to set up and use. All you have to do is to download an application and install it on your android or windows phone and start monitoring your baby.
FREDI brand has one of the best after-sales-service. With a one year warranty, 90 days money-back guarantee and a 24 hours support system this baby monitor is guaranteed to give you value for money.



3. Motorolla MBP 365 Wireless Video (Remote) Cheap Best Baby Monitor Under $100 (FREE Shipping + Returns)

Motorolla MBP 365 Wireless Video (Remote) Cheap Best Baby Monitor Under $100 (FREE Shipping + Returns)


This wireless video monitor enables to always keep an eye on things in your baby’s room. With a 3.5 inch diagonal screen, you can view every corner of your baby’s room with utmost clarity. Further, the camera gives you an option to tilt, zoom or change the viewing angle to get a better picture of the room. If you need to add more cameras, this monitor gives you that option to ensure you can keep track of the entire room. Further, the monitor has an expandable feature, meaning you can add more cameras to the parent unit.
With a clear talk-back audio feature, you can talk to the baby as if you are in the same room, thus making the baby feel your presence. Also, with these features, you can interact with the baby by talking back, playing with and laughing with the baby. The best this about this baby monitor is that it comes with a built-in lullaby song, thus if you are not in a position to sing to the baby, you can play them a lullaby and watch them fall asleep.

It also comes with a temperature sensor to monitor the baby’s room temperature. Hence you can take corrective action whenever the baby’s room temperature rises or falls beyond the reasonable temperature.

Being a wireless monitor means you can monitor the baby all the time. No worrying when the cable is disconnected to Wi-Fi is interrupted for some reason.✘   The device is quite unstable, even though it alerts you when you are about to lose signal and sometimes this feature doesn’t work properly and you may lose signal without even knowing.
The soothing in-built lullaby songs can make the baby fall asleep easily.✘   The wireless connection is sometimes weak in some areas.
It can be mounted on the wall hence saving you the much-needed space in the baby’s room.
The LED display and adjustable camera can give you a clear view of the baby’s condition and the surrounding area.
The low light feature is perfect for the baby’s vision especially at night when the baby wants to fall asleep.
The superior wireless connection allows you to keep in touch with the baby up to 599 feet away. In case you move out of this range, the device alerts you and hence you can come closer. Thus with the device, you can concentrate on doing on other stuff without worrying about losing touch with your little one. Also, the device alerts you when you are about to lose the signal.


4. Conico 1080 Wireless Wi-Fi Surveillance (Baby Monitor Under $60)

Conico 1080 Wireless Wi-Fi Surveillance (Baby Monitor Under $60)



This is one of the latest models of smart baby monitors. The 1080 p camera and a 360 degrees pan and a 100 degrees tilt, this camera gives you viewing capabilities that are just out of this world. This viewing capability surpasses the ordinary HD, thus giving you a clear view of the baby’s condition.

If security is what you are looking for, then this camera is just what you need. The transmission is securely done using the monitor’s LED transmitters as opposed to Wi-Fi. Further, the monitor has a two-way audio system to talk to your baby. The audio is super clear, and it is believed it can’t detect audios even far from the baby’s room.

The HD Camera comes with this more not only delivers great visuals but is highly clear.✘   The application is quite unstable, and the fact that the camera can only be controlled by the application of further complicates issues.
The baby monitor can be connected to your Smartphone; hence you don’t have to carry an audio/video receiver to work or around your home as is the case with more monitors.✘   So far, the application is available on Android phones only, thus users with other user software (like windows) might face a challenge while using it.
The HD Camera has no lag period. This monitor overcomes the one challenge that is associated with most cameras whereby videos and images are transmitted within a few seconds after the real images have been taken.
The camera is easy to use and comes with a super easy instructions manual even when a parent who is not a tech-savvy would not face a challenge while using this baby monitor.
The extra feature is great, especially for few mothers or super paranoid mothers. The camera comes with an option for a user to set their own username and passwords, hence ensuring the monitor is highly secure.


5. Serene Life wireless security IP camera

Serene Life wireless security IP camera


The serene life wireless monitor is the next level in terms of wireless baby monitors. With this monitor, you can monitor your home using an IP camera (wireless). The baby monitor comes with a managed server, hence there is no need to configure the complicated settings, which can be a challenge especially for people not conversant with technology. Also, the same account can be used both for mobile access and PC.

The monitor comes with a night vision IR. These light can enable you to monitor the baby at all times, whether it is in low light or at night. The monitor records motions and notifies you through your smartphone when a sound is detected. If you want to adjust the screen, the monitor comes with a digital zoom feature, thus giving you a better view of the baby’s surroundings.

You can log on to the monitor using several devices at the same time. Thus you can use your phone while watching the baby and if it loses charge, you can switch on to PC.✘   The monitor does not save your photos or videos to the device hence you will have to insert an SD card to save.
✓ It comes with a high-quality camera.✘   The monitor is quite expensive as compared to other monitors of the same specifications.
Clear images with no interferences, grainy or pixelated image.
The device is easy to use and no skill is needed during its installation.
Being a wireless device, it allows you to monitor your baby without worrying about the network or cable connection.


6. Owlet Cam Baby Video Monitor: Best baby monitor under $150.00

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When you link the Owlet Cam to your smartphone, you simply convert it to a portable baby camera that can stream live videos and sounds. Just download and install the Owlet App, and you’ll be good to go. The good news is the app is for both iOS and Android.

The angle view is 130-degree wide, and it streams crystal clear videos both at night and during the day. This allows complete visibility into your baby’s room. You can use the background feature to listen to what is happening at home, and when your baby needs attention, you can use the talkback feature to comfort him/her.

An outstanding feature of this cam is its encrypted Wi-Fi making it secure. Actually, it makes it impossible for hackers to access, thanks to AES 128-bit encryption and TLS connection to WIFI. It is only those who you share access with can access the detail.


  • Easy to install –download Owlet App and turn on the Owlet Cam
  • A single app can support multiple cameras so that you can monitor all room from a single device
  • Allows multiple users – you grant access to numerous people to monitor your home
  • The audio function can be set to the background (you still hear the sounds), while you use other apps
  • Excellent picture quality


  • The speed of the camera is slow – it can be a minute or a few seconds behind
  • The camera lacks zooming and panning capabilities


7. Victure 1080P FHD Baby Monitor Pet Camera: Best Baby Monitor Under $30

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Apart from the sleek design, this indoor baby camera features a two way audio with perfect noise cancellation. It has a built-in 48dB microphone and speaker. This clarity makes it easy to use the 2-way communication feature.

The baby camera streams in HD at 1080P both at night and day time. The 120°wide-angle lens gives a clear view of the room while the eight invisible infrared LEDs make you stream explicit videos even in the dark.

Victure 1080P FHD Baby camera can detect motion and sounds and sends the notifications to your smartphone. Also, it can store the videos and pictures in a dedicated SD, or you may opt for cloud storage, which you’ll pay for, after the first month.


  • Setting up the camera is easy
  • The camera has a seal that covers the lens. This prevents the lens from scratching, making it last longer
  • The sound quality is excellent, which makes communication between you and your baby a breeze
  • Though not an HD, the picture quality is near impeccable.


  • The night vision is not very clear
  • Images on the sides are blurry


8. Taococo IP Baby Monitor Camera: Best Baby Monitor Under $50

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Apart from just keeping eyes on your baby, this hi-tech product from Taococo allows you to keep an eye on your baby’s nanny too. The ability to access the camera through your iOS/Android Smartphone, PC and Apple Mac Software, makes it easier to use the camera.

The camera is a dual-rotation type allowing you an impressive 355° on the horizontal plane and 100°on the vertical plane. With such a wide-angle view, you can see everything going on in your home. All videos are delivered in HD. The incredible part is that you can remotely control the camera rotation for easy watching of all corners of the house.

With this camera, you get two-way audio. You can soothe your baby whenever they get fussy thorough your smartphone. Even at night, you get notifications when sound or motion is detected, thanks to the sensitive sensors and IR LED night vision. The night vision works up to 2 feet.

Like other cameras, it is easy to use. Just download and application then connect it with your smartphone. Keep in mind that it works well with 2.4G Wi-Fi Connection, but it does not support the 5G network. The best point I that it can record videos for long, thanks to its Micro SD card slot that supports up to 64GB.


  • The camera sensors can detect baby cry and motions. Still, they can lock motion and keep track of it.
  • Setting up is pretty straightforward. You just need to download the app, sign up and log in to your Wi-Fi. It will show a QR code on your phone – place it in front of the camera.
  • Picture and video quality is high quality, thanks to the 1080P Full HD Video Camera
  • The camera allows shared access – you can share it with your family member to monitor your home/baby


  • The speaker is not loud and clear, so your baby may not hear you well
  • Some camera cameras find it difficult reading the QR code


9. KODAK Cherish C525 Video Baby Monitor with Mobile App: Best Baby Camera Monitor under $200

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The KODAK Cherish C525 Video Baby Monitor comes in a wall-mountable design, allowing you to get a clear view of your whole room. The camera has a large 5″ HD screen that is crystal clear. Still, you can zoom the images, tilt them as well a pan.

The camera is smartphone compatible; just download the KODAK Smart Home App and install it on your phone. The app enables you to receive a notification whenever there is a motion or a sound within your home. Nevertheless, you need to connect your smartphone and the camera to a Wi-Fi.

The inbuilt battery has a long life. With up to 5 hours of continuous streaming, you can stay in the know even when there is a power outage. Infrared technology makes it possible for you to receive videos during the night while the two-way talk allows you to soothe your baby when you hear her crying.

Still, you get a temperature function that monitors your baby’s room temperature. Whenever it hits extremes, you get a notification.


  • The monitor has a large screen that makes it easier for you to watch your baby’s activities. Moreover, the screen is clearer.
  • The camera has a full view angle allowing you to see what’s happening in the whole room
  • The pan and tilt features lead to incredible performance. Both elements are essential in capturing moments in the entire room.
  • Long-lasting camera battery – the battery lasts for between 5 and 6 hours
  • The monitor option makes it convenient for home monitoring


  • Infra-red technology is not strong enough to give incredible night the videos
  • The app, at times, disconnects from the camera which requires you to restart or reinstall the app


10. Bosma Video Baby Monitor with the Phone app

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What makes this baby monitor amazing is its wide-angle view. 145° Super Wide Angle makes it one of the widest viewing angles of baby cameras. Typically, the camera has no blind spot, and it covers everything in a baby room, but you have to mount it at the right place, maybe on the wall around your baby’s crib.

Both daytime and night videos are explicit, and it automatically shifts between the day and night mode depending on the light intensity. When darkness hits in, the camera turns to the night vision but still delivers a 1080p HD video on your phone app.

The WDR technology significantly improves the quality of the video for both recorded and live streams. Simply put, you get excellent details and clarity. The camera has a stable connection with its internet, usually working correctly with the 2.4GHz Wi-Fi networks.

The camera as two-way audio, allowing you to communicate with your baby through the smartphone app. You can hear what your baby is doing, and your baby can listen to you because it features the latest noise reduction technology that cancels background noises resulting in uninterrupted audio.

Still, the camera can detect motions and sounds and send them to your smartphone or email. It sends the notifications to your phone in real-time whenever it detects the cry of your baby or any motions. With this, you do not miss any moment of your baby’s day.

Remember, the camera has internal storage supported by an SD card up to 64GB, but you still get free cloud storage for your videos for 30 days.


  • The camera has a wide-angle lens – 145°, which covers every corner of your baby rooms
  • Easy setup procedure – just download the ‘Bosma Sight’ app on your smartphone and follow the necessary steps
  • Shared access – you can allow other people to share with you the camera regardless of their location
  • The camera works well both during day and night streaming high-quality videos


  • The camera can be laggy at times


11. AMICCOM-US Baby Monitor

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The versatility of the AMICCOM-US Baby Monitor is what makes it worth your money. The baby camera is not only compatible with your smartphone, but you can use it to monitor your baby through your PC and tablets, provided the Wi-Fi strength is high.

Remember, this is still an intelligent baby camera. The camera can detect motion around your baby’s room, and send the alerts to your smartphone so that you are aware of what is going on in your baby’s room. What is interesting is that this Wi-Fi camera keeps track of the moving target automatically, as it locks it.

Moreover, the camera has in-built speakers and a microphone that allow you to hear what is going on at home clearly. It delivers incredible sounds between the app on your smartphone and the wireless camera.

Another incredible feature is high-quality video streaming both at night and during the day. The camera packs in-built 9400nm IR LEDs with an impressive 48 feet night vision. That means even at night, you can still get a clear view of your baby’s room. What gives this security camera more clarity is its 1920*1080P video quality. Be informed that the camera is intelligent enough to switch automatically to day and night modes depending on the intensity of light, allowing you 24-hour surveillance on your baby.

Communication is usually clear between you and the baby because the camera is built with anti-noise technology. To make communication easier, you can choose between the intercom mode and the hand-free mode. The hand-free mode allows you to communicate fluently, just like in a phone call.


  • The pictures and videos are incredibly clear both during the day and night. You can watch your baby. With a strong Wi-Fi connection, you experience no lag or video blurriness
  • The price of the camera is very affordable for the features it packs. In fact, it works like cameras costing more than $200
  • Setting up the camera is easy it picks up the Wi-Fi connection very quickly (connectivity is easy)
  • The small footprint makes the camera fit in small places


  • The camera tends to be laggy. It keeps on disconnecting after a few minutes, especially if the connectivity is not very strong.
  • The camera app doesn’t run in the background – it won’t stream audio, which makes it impossible to use the monitor.


12.Invidyo Wi-Fi Baby Monitor

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Invidyo is, indeed, an innovative baby monitor. Unlike other baby cameras, this innovatively built camera packs a host of features that ensures that you know everything going on around your baby. Best of all, it stores all the days highlight so that when you come around, you can view a summary of your baby’s activities.

A face recognition feature is what clearly defines this monitor. Such a feature makes this Invidyo baby monitor, the only one of its kind. With the face detection technology, you can let the monitor store the facial information about all the members of your family. This way, the monitor can differentiate between a stranger and a family member.

Typically, the camera can detect, identify, and verify who is in the house. If it detects someone who is not a usual household member/stranger, the camera is well equipped with a stranger alarm that will send you a push notification as well as an email.

The notifications you receive from this monitor are instant. As soon as it detects something, it sends you a notification. It has highly sensitive sensors that can detect motions, temperature, and sounds. Apart from just sending the alerts, the monitor can store this information so that you can review it later. You can select the type of notification you want to receive – audio, crying of baby, or face recognition.

Missed an alert? No problem. You can conveniently view the photo and the videos from the history timeline in the Invidyo app. And, if you want to see all the smiles your baby makes, the camera can take snapshots whenever your baby smiles, and you can get the latest smilies to form the app. Moreover, you get a smile album, which is stored in the cloud, but you can access it any time.


  • It features artificial intelligence – facial recognition, cries detection and smile detection, monitors your child, captures all moments, and the instant notification allows to know how your child is.
  • Two-way communication allows you to be always in touch with your baby, regardless of where you are. The inbuilt speakers allow you to hear what’s happening
  • Setting up your Invidyo baby camera is easy – download the app on your smartphone and connect
  • Video quality is excellent as you get clear pictures of what is happening – 1080P Full HD Camera
  • You can use one app to monitor all cameras located in different rooms
  • The application works for both Android and iOS.


  • None reported by customers yet


Frequently Asked Questions:


Do I really need a baby monitor?

That depends on your status. If your baby is always close to you, you have a small apartment, or your baby sleeps in a bedside bassinet, you may not need a baby monitor. The importance of having a baby monitor is to monitor your baby while you are away.


Do baby monitors need Wi-Fi?

A good number of modern baby monitors use Wi-Fi. Such monitors offer clear connections; you can watch or hear what your baby is doing clearly. But, this type of baby monitors come with the risk of being hacked if the connection is not secure.


How can you stop baby monitor interference?

Interference usually occurs when a digital baby monitor comes across another device using a similar frequency band and channel. Similarly, radiofrequency can cause interference.


Can a baby monitor pick up another device’s communication?

Baby monitors can pick other signals. Keep in mind that most baby monitors broadcast on a similar frequency, which makes it possible to pick other people’s conversations or radios.


What’s the Best Baby Monitor to Buy?

All the baby monitors reviewed above are amazing products, but if you have a choice to pick one product only, then the best one is DXR-8 Infant optics baby monitor. The best thing about this monitor is the fact that it combines both audio and video transmitters thus enabling you to not only see the baby but get to hear them.

The audio and video transmission are done in real-time, meaning there is no lag. Unlike most baby monitors which have up to one-minute lag, the DXR transmitter gives you the real-time videos, hence if your baby is having a problem like falling off the bed, you can rush to the bedroom immediately and pick them up.
This baby monitor uses the wireless transmitter, unlike most monitors that use the internet preferably Wi-Fi transmission. Privacy should be a priority while monitoring your baby. As much as you want to keep in touch with your baby, you should be the only one seeing the videos and audios of your baby. Further, cases of internet hacking are on the rise. You should pick a baby monitor that is not vulnerable to hacking, and this baby monitor is just the device.

The device gives you clear videos and audios to make you the feel and sound of your baby, even if you are miles away. The baby monitor is meant to transmit videos and images of your baby.
Also, the device comes with adjustable lenses. As the baby grows, their vision changes and thus there is a need to adjust the lenses of the camera to cope with this change. Rather than spending money to buy a new baby monitor when as the baby gets older, with this device you just need to adjust the lenses.

Further, the DXR-8 Infant optics baby monitor comes with a temperature regulator. With the rapidly changing weather condition, it is hard to keep track of the changing temperature. Fluctuating temperature can negatively impact your baby’s health. Hence, with this device, you can know the baby’s room temperature at all the time and take corrective action as soon as the temperature changes.

Although it is quite expensive, this baby monitor is worth every cent. If you are looking for a monitor that gives you the feel, sound, and even weather conditions of the baby’s room, this device is just the ideal one.

How to Choose the best baby monitor – Buying guide:



To most people, the price is one of the most important considerations when buying a baby monitor. While some are quite affordable, others are quite expensive. The trick to deal wiry cost of baby monitor is to start by understanding your baby’s monitoring needs.

What is most important to the toy? Do you want to see the baby? Feel their voice? Get the weather condition of the surrounding area or any other element.

Once you understand this, you can pick the device that meets your needs. The rule of thumb is that the more the features the more expensive the baby monitor tends to be.

Thus, instead of buying for features that you don’t need, clearly define your needs and pay for a baby monitor that has just what you need.



So what do you expect from a baby monitor? Do you want to monitor the baby alone or with your spouse? Is security important to you?

Remember, every feature comes with a unique function designed to meet your needs, hence like price, you need to clearly understand your needs for you to pick a baby monitor that meets your unique needs.

For instance, do you prefer an audio-only baby monitor or both audio and video? For some people, you can get an opportunity to watch your baby the whole day, hence a video baby monitor is ideal for you. However, other people might not have the privilege.

For instance, if you work in an office, and are required to stay glued to your computer the whole day, then you might get an opportunity to watch the baby, hence the audio version is best for you.

Also, if you live in a big house, you might want to add additional cameras to the baby monitor to be able to watch the baby as they move around the house. Thus, you should pick a baby monitor with the ability to accommodate more cameras.



Clarity of sound and video is an importer when choosing a baby monitor. If you are using a video monitor, you want to get the clearest pictures possible, the same case with the audio baby monitor.

For audio-only monitor particular, clarity is highly important. This is because you rely on the audio to know the ongoing in your baby’s room, hence unclear images can give you a different perception of what is actually happening.

Alongside, clarity, a good baby monitor should be able to block as much external noise as possible, so that the only sound or voice you can concentrate on is your baby’s.



With technological advancements, most baby monitors are transmitting using in build-features as opposed to the internet. A good baby monitor should not transmit video and photos via the internet.

Other than risking being hacked by hackers, transmitting through the internet can leak your baby’s photos or audios to the social media networks, even if that’s not your intention. Hence, ensure that the transmission is done securely and safely.


Ease of use

You want a baby monitor that is easy to install and use as much as possible. Remember, most companies offer the manual only and though some promise to give you a 24-hour support system, there is no guarantee.

Thus, pick a baby monitor that is easy to use, even if you have to let your nanny do it, they should be able to install or set it up without much hustle. The introduction of baby monitors designed as the application has really improved the use of such applications. In most cases, one simply needs to download the application, install and start using it.

Hence making them the most simplified baby monitors. Alongside ease of use, look for a baby monitor that is compatible with most devices.

If you can access your baby monitor using your phone desktop or laptop that can be better. Watch out for applications that have an android only version.

The best should be baby monitor is the one that can be installed on an android, windows or even iPhone.


Temperature sensors

The best baby monitor should be able to sense the temperature of your baby’s surrounding area to enable you to take corrective action.

As weather conditions fluctuate, this can adversely affect your baby, hence there is a need to monitor the temperature closely.

If there is a high temperature, the baby can be sweaty and if you do remove a few blankets the baby can get skin rashes due to excessive sweat.

Similarly, if the temperature drops to extremely low, the baby can get a cough if you don’t take corrective action to keep them warm. Hence, the best way to deal with babies is to keep track of temperature changes and take corrective action as soon as possible.


Battery life

The best baby monitor should have long-lasting battery life. The best reviewed in this article has 18 hours battery life which is quite good.

Having a good battery life means that you don’t have to plug your baby monitor all the time. Further, if you planning on traveling, or taking a flight, a good baby monitor for such a condition is the one that has a longer battery life.

Other than having a good battery life, the best baby monitor should have an interchangeable battery. Some baby monitors have a feature that notifies you when the battery is low, this is also a good feature as you can plug in and continue monitoring your baby.


Compact and portable

Remember you need a baby monitor that you can carry around the house so that you can monitor the baby as you do your house chores.

Thus, you need a baby monitor that is highly compact and portable. A good baby monitor should be light and highly portable, especially if you love traveling and would love to bring it on your trips.

The receiver should be quiet during the movements, so it doesn’t distract you while moving around. Further, the receiver should not be noisy, it should emit as low sound as possible so that you can monitor the baby while watching your favorite TV program.


Visual stimulus

Some baby monitors have a feature that can alert you when there is movement in the baby’s room. The best ones are the ones that sent you a notification on your mobile phone.

The notification can be quite useful, especially if you work in a noisy place or you can’t stay glued to the baby monitor. Another good visual stimulus is the one that alerts you when the battery is low, this way, you can plug in and continue monitoring your baby.

Some baby monitors, especially those that don’t transmit using Wi-Fi can also alert you when you start moving away from the signal. This is also a good feature to look out for in a baby monitor.


Number of parent units

While some baby monitors come with only one parent unit, others come with two. The number of parent units is important, especially if you and your spouse want to monitor the baby.



Basically, the range of the baby monitor depends on the size of your house. If you live in a small house like an apartment, then the ideal baby monitor is the one with a short-range.

However, if you stay in the big house, then the best baby monitor for you is the one with a long-range.


Final thoughts

The security of your baby is the most important thing for you, especially new mothers. Shopping for a baby monitor can be an overwhelming experience. With the many models, designs, brands, and types, it is hard to pick the best baby monitor.

Thus, to ease your anxiety, simply focus on three things:

  • Find out what your baby’s needs are and consider the baby monitor you want, whether it is audio, video or motion.
  • Write down the exact features that you feel will meet these needs, be as specific and as detailed as possible. For instance, to watch the baby, you need a video baby monitor.
  • Lastly, pick the best baby monitor that has the features described above and is within your budget. If you do this, you are guaranteed to find the baby monitor that you not only want but need.


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